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is anyone still alive?

i haven't actively used this site but felt like asking this question.

Got Me A Wii U, Yo

I return to GameSpot to tell you all that I have acquired the mythical Wii U game system and you should add me.

My ID is ZmanRwks. I will totes add you.

That is all.

Dear 2DS Critics

To all the critics of the 2DS, take a moment and realize that the point of the 2DS is not to have a 3DS without 3D, but to have something a bit more affordable and sturdier compared to the 3DS/XL.


...But in the end, it doesn't even matter (Unions)

When I joined GameSpot back in June of '10, I was just wanted to write some reviews. Nothing too special, just write my opinion for everyone to not really care about. But then I discovered unions, and I found that they were pretty cool and I met some great people who are great. I came to GameSpot for the unions, man. The unions.

So, they're going away. Truly, this is sad. Since unions were my main reason for coming to this site, this might be the end of my GameSpot adventures for me. I will be leaving this site once unions are gone forever. Unless they are replaced with something equal or better than unions, I will remain gone and missing from this place.

I don't regret my time here, and I'll make a more serious blog about the people here and the cool friends I've made. You're all good people though.

For those that don't already have these things, I'm putting my Skype and Steam in this blog and any future, so the right people can add me and be my homies.

My Skype is... ZmanRwks

Steam is also Zmanrwks, although in the case of changing my name on Steam for whatever reason, my url is:

Feel free to add me on either, just lemme know who you are on GS.


Blaziken is Best Pokemon

For years my favorite Pokemon was Umbreon. It looked cool and was dark and a badass. Blaziken was up there, maybe my second favorite, but still amazing and stuff.

But then Mega Blaziken. It was like... amazing and increased my love for this Pokemon by like 7.

Blaziken is now the best Pokemon ever. I'm making a GS theme of Mega Blaziken and for the first time in forever making my GS theme not music related.

Sorry Umbreon. You're still #2.

Phil Fish Cancels FEZ II During Temper Tantrum

Let's talk about Phil Fish. He's one of the biggest pretentious douchebags in the video game industry. I absolutely despise this man and refuse to play his games because of it. Now, on GameTrailer's show "Invisible Walls," a man named Marcus Beer calls out him and Jonathan Blow (another pretentious dick I hate and refuse to play games by him) and calls them "super pretentious pricks," which I'm ecstatic someone finally said it in front of a large audience.

Phil Fish got mad. How mad?


He began whining and complaining and got angry. He was mad someone called his glorious person a pretentious prick with an ego that compares to Kanye West - except West is more mature.

So... he biitches, throws a temper tantrum, and all that shit. What does he do after?


He just quits making FEZ II. One guy on an internet show called him out and he just gives up. While I can't say this makes me happy or sad - I wouldn't have supported him or played his game regardless of release - I will say this is pretty freaking hilarious. This guy gets more attention than he needs, anyway. He's incredibly rude too. If I recall, he made a tweet about people who recreate things in MineCraft and told them "stop posting it, we know you can make things in MineCraft, congratulations" or something along those lines (and then someone recreated that tweet in MC).

But yea, Phil is a douchebag, a terrible person, an asshole, whatever you want to call him. That fact that he got so mad about someone finally calling him that he cancelled a game is ridiculously funny.

Zman Blogs About Stuff He Did

This is a once-in-a-while blog about all the junk I think you guys should know about my recent doings that you really don't care about.

Vidya games are most important, considering this is GameSpot, right? I didn't take a wrong turn at MetaCritic again, did I? WELL with video games, I bought things on the STEEEEAAAM SAAAAALE. Not many things; I bought a lot of Team Fortress 2 keys though, and I have cool things from TF2 key and crate opening. I mean, I got a GRILL to wear on my Pyro's back. A FUUCKING GRILL! PORTABLE BURGER MAKING WOO! I've been playing TF2 so much since I got it when it first went Free to Play, and never really got tired of it. That's a good game, folks. Speaking of time consuming games (and before we get into Steam sale games), I did, in fact, get...

...Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Haven't played it in a few days though, since I played it non-stop when I first got it, and completely ruined it for me, but I'll return to it soon, hopefully. Probably when August rolls around. It's a great game, so many things about it; the peacefulness, the endless possibilities, the addiction. I mean, even Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation enjoys it! Recommended for every 3DS owner, especially fans of previous AC games, since it improves on and adds a LOT.

BEFORE STEAM GAMES, Pikmin 3 comes out in America soon. I'm ridiculously excited for it, and I'm getting a Wii U before the summer is out. I'M HYPE. Don't care about reviews, what GS gives it, I'm convinced this'll be dabess.

OK STEAM GAMES. First one I'll discuss is Castle Crashers, which I didn't actually buy. My friend did, because he's a nice guy. NOW, IT'S TIME FOR ZMAN'S UNPOPULAR OPINION OF THE DAY! I don't like Castle Crashers. I dislike it. I don't enjoy it. I'm sorry. I don't. I can't. It's impossible. I won't go into much, but a few problems truly bug me. First off, connection with online is horrid. It took me and 3 friends OVER AN HOUR just to play the game without any kind of connection issue. Second, the game is way too busy. I find myself going into a battle against some enemies to find they take a good chunk of my health, and I don't notice it. Hell, I find myself not knowing if I'm attacking them or they're attacking me sometimes, and it's really easy to get lost in a crowd of enemies and allies, leading to easy confusion. I'm not a fan of the experience system either, and fighting bosses sucks because I find myself stuck behind them.

Conclusion: I don't like Castle Crashers.

Next is Left 4 Dead 2. I like this game and I play it with friends and that's it. I bought DLC Quest, which is an indie Greenlight game that was a dollar, and it's fun and satirical. Good little game. I bought Saints Row: The Third for 5 dollars, and it is also enjoyable, but I haven't played too much yet. And I bought Wrath of the Lamb DLC for Binding of Isaac.

Speaking of BoI, I've been playing that game a lot recently also. It's really frustrating, but so addicting. I have a love-hate relationship with it because of this, but ultimately love this game for what it is and how fun it is. I also noticed, with thanks to Game Grumps who were playing this game and made me realize this, that BoI has a LOT in common witht he first Legend of Zelda game, on NES. It's cool, and retro, and fun. Randomly generated fun with more replay than MineCra... OK, that's a bit of a stretch, but there's so much replay.

A game I bought for a Steam sale back in December of '11, Garry's Mod, has also been an often-played game of the moment; more specifically, the ever-popular Trouble in Terrorist Town. I find it fun to find out who the traitors are, or being a traitor and defeating all the innocents. I'm pretty boss at the game too, especially as traitor. I can spend an hour or more, and lose track of time with it. Chimera Hunt, another Gmod game based off of the Mother/Earthbound series, is another fun game, and, of course, Sandbox is always enjoyable.

Let's talk about non-video game things:

My new GameSpot theme is based off of Five Finger Death Punch, a heavy metal band who, in less than a week, release their new album, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, which is the first volume in a two-part series, the second of which comes out in the fall. I listened to the album, because of leaks, and man, it is freaking awesome. I love it. I tell you, this is the year of metal; we got Bullet for My Valentine, Black Sabbath, 2 Five Finger Death Punch releases, a Metallica concert movie experience, Black Sabbath, Volbeat, Avenged Sevenfold, A Day to Remember, and BLACK SABBATH (I'm seriously thinking that's the best album this year that cannot be topped).

Another upcoming music release is Tech N9ne, who's album comes out the same day as FFDP, and is rap. Oh, and Tech N9ne has a guest verse on FFDP's new album doing a cover of LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out." Also a great album.

OK that's all fuuck you all kthxnbai.