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Bioshock Infinite Review

I know Bioshock Infinite has been out a while, but I only recently got the chance to play it and ley me tell you, It was AMAZING. I know rate this game in my top 3 games of all time.The gameplay is so smooth, and to not have to look after Elizabeth is a huge weight off your shoulder when playing. It only really gets hard towards the end but it is still so fun. It has a GREAT ending just like Bioshock1, Although there is not really a final boss the ending scenes make you forget about all that it will have your brain melt. There is not a lot wrong with this game except that it is a bit too easy for most of the game, and the bosses weren't that hard either. The story line has to be one of the best in video games with a floating city and ideas of religion. The first time you see Columbia took my breath away with the music and the stunning visuals of that whole scene. For me this is such a great game i will definitely be playing the Burial at sea DLC.