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It's seiz de Mayo. I still don't have my past blog coments available for viewing.

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I liked Limp Bizket back in the days of "Significant Other" and "3 Dollar Bill Y'all" the hidden track on the 1st Cd I mentioned is great. Matt Pinfield at his best-and possibly most angriest! he got fired from MTV for that tirade if anyone remembers.

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I have lived the large majority of my life without it and I seem to be doing fine. So I guess it would not make that much of a difference to me.

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I would imagine that a lot of men suffer from this but are too embarrassed to spek to their doctor about it. Buting the product, discretly, ecn if the offer is legit, leaves the man a sense beinganonomous.

But I would imagine that most offers are junk offers by someone trying to "capture"your email address for marketing purposes.

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Usually a Breakfast Burrito with Sausage. Or an Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast with Egds, Hash Brown, and Sausage. (I love sausage and Bacon!). And Starbucks coffee!

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Three of the emblems I had went missing overnight. Hello Old School was one. two others. Why does this keep happening? Can't they be secured to a peerson's axxount in some way. Much like trophies/achievements are via Sony. Steam and MS?

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OT will bring the game to SW! Believe It!

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I was thinking that also but I wonder if it would be more a cost than what the unit's worth.But I do need a 2000 or 3000 unit as I do not want to buy my games again.

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I have a 2000 series model that came with the daxter game, so it's a few years old. I've always kept it stored in a plastic case when not using it. But lately I've started to have image tear. It matters not if I am playing a game ot surfing the internet. At approx 1/3 from the left part of the screen it starts to tear. Can this be fixed. Or is the system toast?

I know Vita is right around the corner but it doesn't support UMD's a I have a lot of them. So I need this system to work. I 'll listen to all advise.Thanks!

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What ever happened to the "...and I'll form the head" emblem? I had tha one for a while but lost it 3 or 4 months ago? I don't see where many do have it. And the Tageer emblem I am missing is not flirt but the one above it.Monday will be 3 weeks since I lost the 3 I spoke of in my previous post.