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I just loaded up the vanilla game for the first time, and I noticed that the characters and some objects have a goofy sheen to them, like they weren't fully rendered or something. My system meets all recommended requirements, so does anyone know how to address this issue? It seems to be happening at night, or in the dark, when characters are out of the light (they're fine when they step into the light).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to post here, but AC2 forums are dead. Regarding finding the glyphs...I jsut finished the first assassination (Umberto, for those that remember), and while escaping, I encountered 3 different buildings with glyphs (as indicated by my Databse info). Being sorta busy escaping the gaurds, I kept moving. Now I can't find the buildings again.

Is there anyway to transfer to the map from the Database? The buildings are clearly listed, but I don't see anyway to determine their location. So do I just have to wander around till I find them again?


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Thanks for the reply. I actually already found that link. My concern right now has more to do with wanting to change my account to the free one, rather than canceling it altogether and starting a new one. (I have some contributions, etc. associated with my account, and I'd lke to keep them up.)

Is that possible, or do I basically have to cancel the old account and set up a new one?

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...my account just renewed automatically, without even the courtesy of an email to inform me it was pending. I don't want to pay $40 for my membership anymore...the free subscription will be fine. How do I go about changing my membership and reversing the charges? (Didn't know where else to look/ask other than here. GS seems to be pretty good at hiding that whole process.)

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You miss the point. Thumbs up or down...who cares? The main issue is the fact that I now have to jump thru hoops to access an active game board. And for what? Some whiners complained about getting moderated too much? I used to get violations...usually when I was swearing or insulting some one. So I quit doing that, and guess what? I haven't had a moderation in 2 years! But now, I have to make a choice between GS-only boards that are totally dead, or double-pump my log-in info to actually be able to communicate with other gamers on GF.

Bad move on GS's part....they lost me as a member (after 8 years of paying out real dollars). Be interesting to see where the site is in another year.

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So, this is the "new" GS-only Fallout New Vegas forum? I post my questions here and hope someone answers them? Or is there some way to start a new thread that I'm not aware of.

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Just check the main forum list...scroll down.[QUOTE="ziegd"]

...er...by the way....where exactly do I find these "new" GS Forums? Call me stupid, but I just spent 20 minutes trying to rebuild my Favorites list, and every game forum I got to was locked-down (i.e. read only).


Check the main forum list--scroll down to genres.

Are you kidding? Unless I'm doing something really wrong, there aren't any forums listed for specific games. Just random threads about all kinds of different games. Like, I want to find the new GS-only forum for Fallout: New Vegas on the PC. Where is it? Doing a forum search just gives me massive lists of the ones that are now read-only.

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...er...by the way....where exactly do I find these "new" GS Forums? Call me stupid, but I just spent 20 minutes trying to rebuild my Favorites list, and every game forum I got to was locked-down (i.e. read only).

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I agree. Not only is that a great line, it's the summation of (arguably) one of the greatest scenes in film. Daniel Day-Lewis made that movie what it is.

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^^I agree...but that's exactly WHY I think a movie is perfect for that. You sit with someone for a couple of hours, just kind of getting 'comfortable' with them, then after the film, you go someplace where you can talk. And you now have at least one thing in common...the film you just watched. So it's a great jumping-off point for finding out what likes and dislikes you may have in common with the lady.