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I made my Gamespot account long before I joined Facebook and I've started connecting Facebook to multiple websites I frequent. I know that I can start a new account for Gamestop using Facebook, but I don't want to lose all my friends and progress. What I would like to do is merge my accounts. I have seen other websites where this is possible. Please correct me if I'm missing something, however, if this is not availible I'd like to request it be added ASAP. Thanks!

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While I don't necessarily agree with the decision, I don't see this becoming a big deal. Corporations are best to stay impartial or risk turning off possible customers. Sure politicians are going to be worried about reelection, and ad dollars, but the people who have power over these rich organizations carry more clout regardless because of their substantial personal wealth. If anything, this might change the way a few already powerful individuals do their accounting. Also, I still don't see how it is any company's benefit to stick their corporate logo on a negative campaign ad. It seems like an open invitation for some bad PR.
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PC World

I think thats taken.
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I'm planing a computer repair retail store and wanted some ideas on the name. Please do not post anything you really want to keep for yourself. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Did you double check to make sure they're plugged in all the way inside the computer?
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If you're running 32 bit, you'll have that problem. Also, if they're individual sticks, one or two of them could not be locked in the board properly.

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I have 2 monitors and am really picky about where my icons and sidebar gadgets go. Every time I log off, or shut down the computer, Windows seems to forget my setup and just trow everything on one monitor (the one that the BIOS splash screen shows on, which isn't my "main monitor" in windows). Is there an easy way to fix this? I'm running Windows Vista 64 bit Ultimate Service pack 1 with Nvidea 9800 GT graphics card and 2 19" CRT monitors (one Sony Brand and one Dell Brand).

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The dirt 2 video that launches on the main bage blocks me from loggin into my profile. I had to try clicking on the close button 3 times before it actually closed and the 2 times I missed it took me to the Dirt 2 website. Remove that ad video or I will discontinue use of this website.

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Yeah you have to hold R2 because it uses a push-to-talk thing. You can test if your mic is working though by going to Settings > Accessory Settings > Voice Changer. If it's working you will see the levels go up and down and it will echo whatever it is you are saying through the headset.OrangeCrowbar
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I figured that out yesterday while messing with it, but I still think it isn't working. Is there any notification on screen that you're talking?