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ME2: The Characters, Reviewed. Part 2

Part one of this blog already discussed Miranda, Jacob, Mordin, and Garrus. Click here to read it.

Now, on to the next group.

Jack (Subject Zero):

If Jack were being reviewed by Gamespot she would recieve the "Serious Baditude" emblem. I really wanted to like Jack but she just makes it so difficult. Given her backstory, you can understand why she is what she is, but that really doesn't make her more likable. Its good that she is so usefull in combat. Her Warp Ammo is perticularly nice and her biotics just send people flying. She is also the most touching romance option in the game, however, I doubt anyone sees it. She will only romance with male Shepard and only if he refuses to have casual s*x with her first. With FemShep she will say she likes you, but refuses to be a part of any "girls club". Its too bad... I would have thought she would be into that sort of thing.

Grade C-


Grunt probably gets a pass from many players because he is The Krogan on this game. My brother would constantly refer to him as "Wrex" while playing (I'm not sure if he did it intentionally). Anyway, Wrex was/is a great character, but Grunt really is not. He doesn't have any history to draw from and while it is fun fighting the thresher maw with him, his personality never really does improve. Its actually slightly frightening to hear him giggle with delight upon the revalation that he "hates turians". I'm not sure what his prueblood actually means, but he is a little to aggressive... even for me. In combat, his fortification is a usefull ability to steal, but ultimately he doesn't live up to expectations there either.

Grade C-

Thane Krios:

There must be something special about Thane, because a lot of people really like him. Personally, I don't get it. His "Tall Dark and Mysterious" act doesn't get very far with me and I'm not really enthused with his spiritual mysticism either. Clearly the marketing people thought they had something because he is on almost every promotional piece for the game. Also, the writers even introduced a whole new alien race just so they could get his character in there.... Thane is obviously not my type. In combat, I still don't like him. His shredder ammo would be powerful if there were more organic enemies who didn't always have shields. He has warp, so I guess that helps... he is kind of like a weak Miranda. I hardly ever use him.

Grade D+

Samara and Morinth:

While these are two completely seperate characters, they are tied together. Samara is an Asari Justicare sworn to your service who wants you to kill her murderous daughter. However, if your paragon or renegade is high enough, you can turn the tables and recruit her daughter instead. When I roleplay my Shepard, she isn't scared of Krogan or Geth, but she has a healthy fear of Morinth. Imagine that one lonely night where in weakness you give into temptation and BAM!... you end up being s*exed to death on your own ship. It would be horrible... and kind of awesome. If you stick with Samara, she obviously has a lot of guilt over killing her "strongest and smartest" child. It isn't the most drawn out story, but I still think it is one of the more interesting. Combat wise both Samara and Morinth are pretty awesome. Morinth has my favorite ability in the game, "Dominate Mind", which always you to force an organic, including the collectors, to fight their own team. Samara has the very useful Reave ability which cuts through barriers and armor AND steals health. Neat.

Grade B

Give me your comments on these and I will post more ME2 characters tomorrow.