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ME2: the Characters, Reviewed. Part 1

With the release of ME3 only one week away, I'm working to get that perfect save file to import as soon as the game is released. Since I'm working on ME2, now I'm in the middle of being reintroduced to the extra large cast that makes up your ME2 squad. Obviously, I need them all to survive so I can see how their plot plays into 3, but some of them I care more for than others. Following are my opinions on the individuals collected in ME2. I will give each team member a grade based on their overall contribution. Please be aware that my opinions are likely to be scewed as I typically play as a female renegade version of Shepard and I usually play as the Soldier.

Miranda Lawson:

Miss Lawson is one of the first team members to join you. She is one of your most capable team members when used in combat. I especially enjoy that her Cerberus Officer ability adds to the Team's weapon damage. The problem I have is Miranda never truely lines up behind Shepard. She is loyal to Cerberus and the Illusive Man and regularly reports you actions. Her internal struggles revolve around the fact that she is geneticly engeniered and has trouble accepting even the slightest failure. Its pretty clear that she is jealous of Shepard's innate leadership ability. Dialog with Miranda is limited as FemShep, because there is no romance option. Its sad though, because with a few more conversations, I feel like Shepard and Miranda would become very close friends. Overall, I slight her for her initial b*tchyness, but think she earns her way back by her character growth and combat prowess.

Grade B-

Jacob Taylor:

Jacob is your second starter team member and I have to be honest, I don't like him. To me he always comes off as a bit nieve. On the plus side, he almost always supports Shepard's decision, but I feel like it is because he lacks the intelligence to come up with a better option. Its almost like he's the opposite of Miranda. She's too capable and he's mostly inept. His combat abilities don't help much either. His biotic pull can not be used on Shields or Barriers and his Incendiary Ammo hurts Shields less... and a lot of enemies have shields. The worst offense though, to me, is how FemShep seems to just throw herself at him. She is overly flirtatious from the first conversation. Its kind of gross.

Grade D

Mordin Solus:

I think Mordin might be the love/hate type with players. He is a doctor and a scientist, but he's not afraid of getting his hands dirty if he feels it is helping the greater good. As a team-member, he more than pulls his weight. Without him, your team would never make it past horizon. He's also very useful in combat thanks to his helpful Incenerate ability. The big controversy will revolve around the genophage, which Mordin himself worked on in an effort to keep the Krogan population in check. Mordin insists it is/was the right thing to do. If you disagree, I could see a lot of conversations with him turning bad. I agree with him, in the big picture he likely saved lives and possibly saved the Krogan species. Regardless, Mordin is worth talking to. He is a well developed character and if you catch him at the right time he might treat you to a song or give you s*x advise. I'm really happy with his inclusion.

Grade B+

Garrus Vakarian:

Since ME1, Garrus has gotten more extreme. I think some players might not be happy with the change, but I think its appropriate. My personal interpretation is that the Council is getting in the way, so I like that Garrus left their oversight to opperate independantly in Omega. Opperating as a vigilante, he is able to form a team and obstruct underhanded dealings of all the major mercenary groups. He joins your squad wanting revenge on the merc who betrayed him and got his squad killed. I am happy to help. He is also a romance option, and it is fun to persue because he is really awkward about it. The downside is that male versions of Shepard end up having much less to talk to him about. In combat he is usefull for the combination of Armor Piercin Ammo, Overload, and using the Sniper Rifle. He also suggest improving the weapons on the Normandy, which helps save your life in the end.

Grade A-

There are more characters, and I have an opinion on all of them. I will do 4 more in my next blog.