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I've been playing games for a long time and had many game systems. I got involved back in the super nintendo days and have continued since, owning almost every console system to date. Some of my favorite systems were the Super Nintendo, the N64 and the PS2. I currently have an Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, and PC. I spend most of my time on the Xbox 360. I don't own a PS3 and don't plan on getting one until it become more affordable. I have nothing against the PS3, I just don't have the money.

Some of my favorite games are RPGs, but I've broadened my spectrum recently. I now also really enjoy shooters and sports titles. Also, since I have a very large immediate family I play local multiplayer a lot. I used to be a hardcore gamer, devoting eight hours a day to gameplay, but now I'm married and have a job and a family so I am more of a casual gamer. Still, I enjoy playing competitively online and am always trying to win. I tend to play more on the weekends.