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Sooo many great looking games this year at E3.

Sooooooo many great looking games this year at E3.

Crysis 3,


Divinity: Original Sin,

Far Cry3 (loving the co-op),

Medal of Honor: Warfighter,

Metro: Last Light,

Quantum Conundrum,

Sleeping Dogs (but how many times has undercover cop been used in a story?),

South Park: The Stick of Truth,

Splinter Cell: Blacklist,

Star Trek (2013),

The Last of Us,

Tomb Raider (seems to have gone more Uncharted),

Watch Dogs.

End of a floppy era!

It is a sad day for the computer industry, Sony has decided to stop making floppy disk drives. :(
I suppose it won't be long before floppy disk manufacturer's follow suit.

How i'm I going to update the BIOS on old PCs, use an AHCI driver during XP setup, or play a game on my old Atari ST? Hmmm.... I guess it's time to stock up.

Game industry New Year Resolutions

I found a funny article on Destructoid.com and thought i'd share it with everybody.

1: I will give up saying the word "innovation" and its variants in the new year. I recognize that the word has lost all meaning now and that being "innovative" does not automatically get me a ******* from the gaming press.

10: I will be confident when promoting my game, but I will not be arrogant. I will not make wild claims about the capabilities of my game, I will not insinuate that people "don't get" it if they hate it, and I most certainly will not enter into bets with online message boards over the game's success.

20: I promise to stop whining about used games as if trade-ins only affect the videogames industry and aren't another cog in the very same capitalist machine that lets me get away with half of the **** I get away with.

Click the link for the full list.


XBox 360 games

Thanks to everyone who commenting on my last blog, you were all a big help.

So my list of games for 360 is small but will grow:

Halo 3 (Well at least the ending was better than Halo 2),
COD3 (complete with Treyarch's signature invisible walls),
Ace Combat 6,
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (it worked first time unlike the PC version :P),
Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts,
Eternal Sonata,
Army of Two,
Infinite Undiscovery,
Lost Odyssey,
Gears of War,
Gears of War 2,
Ninety Nine Knights.

ATI 4870 X2 madness!

I was struck with a bout of madness when I was buying my new graphics card because I got a 2GB ATI Radeon 4870x2.

The difference in frame rate between my old Geforce 8800GTX and this new 4870x2 in some games is astounding.

Stalker Clear Sky - between 90 and 140 fps maxed out,
COD4 - between 110 and 150 fps maxed out,
Painkiller - Between 200 and 300 fps maxed out,
Half life 2 - maxed out reflect world 6xAA 16xAF Outside 140 to 240 fps, inside 250 to 300 fps,
Sin episodes Emergence - maxed out reflect world 4AA 16AF between 130 to 280 fps,
Crysis - maxed out on high, 8xAA 40fps
Oblivion - maxed out with 8xAA between 40 and 100 fps outside.

On the whole i'm quite impressed with it but one thing that isn't so rosy is the fan noise. When the fan is on half speed it's not that much louder than the fan on my 8800GTX but when it hits full speed it's really loud, so much so that I had to turn up the volume on Crysis to be able to hear what they were saying.


Rainbow Six Vegas 2 doesn't work and tech support say it's my PC causing the problem but I know darn well that's it their crappy copyright protection doing it.
After over a month of going backwards and forwards Noobisoft (aka UBISoft) have finally admitted there's nothing they can do to help me fix my problem. I sorta figured as much but i'm kinda glad that they've finally admitted it instead of ignoring me like they did for two weeks.
I managed to get a 1.03 crack for it and i'm now playing the game again. I even uploaded it to them with my response so hopefully they can use it to help other people with the same problem. Cheeky maybe but worth it! :P

Six UK ISPs sign up to help combat piracy

It now appears that six of the biggest ISPs in the UK have sign deals with the music industry to help combat piracy. BT, Virgin, Orange, Tiscali, BSkyB and Carphone Warehouse have all signed up for it. I might be mistaken but didn't Carphone Warehouse say they wouldn't ever do anything like this? How times and minds change (maybe with help from a little bit of money from the music industry).

The new deal with ISPs would see persistent file sharers having their connection capped at slower speeds. Possible legality issues there maybe? How can an ISP cap your connection when you're paying for a higher speed? Anyway there doesn't seem to be any mention of the three strikes and you're disconnected measure they wanted to bring in.

In my opinion the music and film industries have both sleep walked in to the current state of affairs by not embracing the boom of the internet or mp3 players. They decided to simply ignore them and continue with an out of date business model.

We know that CDs are still expensive (in the UK) and cheaper in Europe but it's not all the industries fault. There are people out there that illegally download music for free just because they can and have no intention of buying any music, it's those that need to be stopped.

What are you thoughts?