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Happy 2013 Halloween

hey everyone Happy Halloween and a safe on this year, and also my brother is coming home in two weeks so excited it's coming up really fast, uhm I will post my new games soon I just want to get everything straight ok till next time stay safe, stay gaming. HH2013

I beat Bioshock Infinite

wow that was an awesome game I really didn't see the ending going down like it did. I also today got a few more games I got the latest Humblebundle Weekly deal and I got The Stanley Parable oh also got Retro City Rampage, my brother will be home in 29 more days I can't wait till he comes home I miss him.

35 more days to go

hey everyone wow I think I dig the new gamespot, ok now on to new games and content I got the Weekly Humble bundle this week so I got the 5 games I didn't want the 2 games you get for $6 dollars so I only paid $1, also I got Foul Play, Scribblenaughts Unmasked, Volgarr the Viking, Dark Void Zero, DMC (Reboot), Magic 2014, Assassin Creed 3 Digital Deluxe, State of Decay, those Humble Bundle games, I also purchase some DLC I got the latest Borderlands 2 DLC , The expansion to Magic 2014, and Brave New World for Civ. 5, also I been playing Warlock which is kinda like Civ 5, so I got all the dlc last week that was only $3 dollars, DMC Virgil Downfall. Finally my brother will back home in 35 days .

My Doggie past away

R,I.P Max 18 years (126 in doggie years) I see you in the after life. you were a great companian when I needed it the most, such a sad day today berserker


but I got 


Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity  |  Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes

I got a couble of new games

lol it's bad I can't remember what they are I think its Rayman Legends (I got Origins for free since pre-order it on Steam), Metro 2033, Defense Grid all DLC included, Garys Mod (doesn't work at all **** that game) 

My last vacation week

here to me and my last vacation week that was a good/okay vacation. I actually excited to get things back to normal after this Saturday when my brother comes back