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Recurring Iron Man dream? AWESOME!

So... last night I dreamt I was Iron Man. For the second time in a little over a month.:D The 1st time I dreamt I was Iron Man I was sitting in a really fancy jet flying through the air. I looked down and saw that illuminating through my shirt was the glowing chest piece. I was shocked so I pressed it slightly inward. Next thing I knew, half of the Iron Man suit materialized over my feet and legs. Their jets powered up and I was floating around inside the jet. I glided over to the jet doorway and pressed the chest piece again. The suit covered up everything except for my face. I turn around and the flight attendant opens the door to the plane, the Iron Man mask covers my face, I jump out of the plane and take off. It was fantastic! I flew all over the place doing barrel rolls and flips and speeding all over the place....Then I woke up :(

Getting back to the second dream I had last night...

There were differences between the two. For starters, instead of being in a fancy jet liner like the 1st dream, I was in a army carrier that was all black. The door opens immediately and I hesitate because I was still trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I felt someone or something kicks me hard in the back causing me to plummet out of the plane. I tumble through the air falling for about 10 or 15 seconds, then I rip my shirt open and see the chest plate again. I press it and just like before, the suit covers my body and the jets power up and do their thing. I fly around having a blast as usual and I wake up.

I'm not sure what the first dream means, but I think the second means that even if things seem bad I'll always recover in the end.

Just thought I'd share! :D