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HALO Legends

This is the movie you've been waiting for!

For all HALO Fans!

You should watch this epic anime!

Best XBOX 1st person shooter!8)


I just watched the AVATAR The Movie on Blu-ray and it's fantastic!

The story is about the human race try to taking all the resources at Na'vi home at Hometree.

But as always greed got nothing out of it.

This film is breath-taking! I mean, look at all the scenery and its inhabitants. So vibrant.

I'm not surprise when I see the people who making the film look so great when I see the credits roll on...LUCASFILM and WETA WORKSHOP who's done a great movie like The Lord Of The Ring Trilogy and of course James Cameron who's behind this epic movie.

Is the game is as good as the movie? I wonder.

Gaming nuts

So much great games to buy and game systems to own but I currently only have Gamecube, XBOX and Playstation 3. For those of you who want to ask me anything about the game I recently rated feel free to ask me about guide and walkthrough. Game on!