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Goodbye for now...

Well it's been a fun 3 years coming here to talk about video games and other stuff and being part of the GS unions. College is going to start for me soon and I have lost my desire to come here anymore :( I'll pop in every once in a while so I will see you guys around. It was fun talking to a lot of you :)

By the way, my Xbox Live gamertag is Zemonstar in case any of you want it.

It's been one week since you look at me :P

What a week :o Prom on thursday was awesome. I have never dance so much in my life xD. Of course i had a prom date, but that didn't stop me from going wild on the dance floor :) so many good looking ladies that night :o some of them surprised me because i'm not used to them looking so nice.

The downside of prom? It was probably our last dance :( there is one week left of school, which means one week of us being together :( This week will be full of finals, so once again, you guys won't be seeing me much. But once this week is over, i will be here more often :)

On a lighter note, I went to the movies today. I saw Night at the Museum 2 and most of Angels and Demons. Night at the Museum was awesome, while Angels and Demons was boring -_- There was one of those crane machines which a bunch of Naruto Plush dolls. I spent almost 5 dollars trying to get one of those damn things, but the crappy crane thing made it impossible for anyone to get anything :( some day I will get you plush Kakashi...some day...

Hybernation Time

Alright there is a lot going down during the next two weeks for me and chances are that i'll be hybernating during that time period. Finals are coming up and I have my prom on thursday and i won't have the time to post here much. sorry guys, but I promise you this: I will be back. *salute*

18th Birthday, Shamwow!

So today is my 18th birthday (yay?)and I get the feeling that from now on I won't feel the same excitement i used to feel on my earlier birthdays as a child, even a teenager. However, now that I'm 18, i get to do quite a few cool things like ordering those cool things they sell on tv that probably don't function as well as they are advertised (Shamwow?!). I guess counting my birthdays from now on will be less and less fun :P

Spring Break! *takes off shirt*, Orange Box, Stitches

So this week i was on my spring break, and it has been the most boring sprink break i have ever had to go through so far...I think i might be looking forward to school -_-

Yesterday i bought the Orange Box for 18 dollars. Probably the best 18 dollars i have ever spent on anything so far. When the Orange Box first came out i did not believe the hype that was floating around it. I actually thought i would never ever want to play the game(s)...boy was I wrong :P

I reached level 35 without knowing :o yay?

Pitchforks, Goombella, Slumdogs, Girl's Locker Room, Star Ocean?

Well Katsuri has a pitchfork to my face now that she has a new blog so i have to do this :lol: :P

I reached level 33 :) Not that i care anymore >.>

At school i have an awkward program, starting second period with math, followedby lunch, then i get a cl a s swith my ex gf, and to end the day, I get a cl a s s in the girl's locker room (again) :lol: Not that i mind...or do i? :lol: I can't even go inside now that the girl's are changing so i just go home. Not that i would wanna go inside *coughresearchcough* :P

Also Star Ocean comes out tommorow for the Xbox 360 and i have my fingers crossed hoping it doesn't disappoint. Who's also getting it?

Lastly thanks to Nyjeo i watched Slumdog Millionaire last night :o awesome movie, no wonder it won so many awards :lol: I think it's a must see movie if you like those rags-to-riches type of stories :P

Gamertag, Snake Eater, H.A.A.R.P.

So this christmas i got an xbox 360 and it took me five days to find out that i had a free month of xbox live membership -_- my gamertag is Zemonstar in case some of you guys want to add me.

I also got the H.A.A.R.P. DVD by Muse, which is awesome.

Lastly, i reached level 32 a while back but i didn't really pay attention to it :lol:

I wish you guys a happy new year :D seems like 2008 was a little too long :P

Give me thy Gamertags...

I will soon be born into the new generation of gaming, so i will need your gamertags if you have them :) I have to wait til the 25th tobe born though :roll: