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Time to take a stand

Ok so I'm getting sick of hearing how used games are killing game companies or how M$ is wantiing to make next console to not play used games. We are gamers and we are paying these companies to make entertament for all of us. Now they want to tell us how we're going to pay and play?? No!! Games I own are about 25% newly bought and 75% bought used and it's b/c first $60 for a game that could suck is not worth it and even more so when the trade in value drops since it sucks, Second I'm not some big rich guy. I'm an everyday hard worker just as 75% or more of gamers, the rest being kids/teenagers that have hard working parents that buy the games (mostly used). We have to get together as gamers (PC, Playstation, and xbox) And stand up for our own rights. Lets do something There's millions of us. Time to form our own group and show these devs they work for us!! Who's with me???

Been awhile

WOW!! So it's been sometime since i've posted. Guess I see how things can change. But yes alot has changed don't want to go into alot of it but yes I did some work with activision up untill sept. '09 when they sent just about everyone packing. I got to work on 3 or 4 games so it was something new. Now back home in NC and taking it easy for a little longer till i move back to Cali. dont ask why or even why i moved away if only to move back its a very longgg story. Anyways I'm putting this down time into catching up on some games so hopefully will be able to be back here a bit more.. So as always have a great day/night and maybe will see some of you on the Halo:Reach beta...

Crazy week...

Ok so here's whats new since last time i posted. My son is 6 weeks old, I'm working overtime at Activision and the game is good and for anyone that wants to know its GH4 but thats all i can say and also i got married over the weekend in Vegas so yea it's been crazy. Also i got Lost Odessey and pre-ordered Gears 2 and Too human so now i just need time to play oh well thats the way it is. Have a good one all.

New gamer enters world!!!!!

A new gamer has come and yes thats's right my son was born today May 23rd and all i can say is wow its a great feeling and now i can watch as a whole new generation of gamers comes to be. But ok thats it just thought i'd share that....

So what's up all

Ok i haven't been on in a few weeks working 2 jobs is taking all my time. My job with Activision is going great i really enjoy it there and my baby boy should be here any day now so i have been all over the place with things to do but if any of the unions i am with have any real cool things going on please let me know so i can do my best to be a part of it and give my contributions to it. Ok so hope all is well with all of you feel free to say what's up with you.

Made up my mind

So ok i have made up my mind about activison so here's what i did i amd working there and at my retail job they have reworked my days with them and are more than happy to work with me so yea thats what i'm doing i started today and please dont ask for any info about what i'm doing b/c if any of you have done QA testing you know that i cant talk about it so thanks.

Big choice

Ok so to all that read this and have read my past post i had a interview for Activison about a week ago and guess what i got THE CALL today from them and i got the job. Now i have to really think about it because i have another job now but the pay is a few dollars less than Activison but being a QA tester is a temp job that could be hard to get put with them permanent so now i have to see if i can either do both jobs or let the cool one go. So feel free to let me know what you think. Have a good Day...

Beta key

Ok so here's the deal that i am offering to my gamespot friends i was lucky enough to get a beta key for age of conan and i havent used it yet and so its waiting but i ended up get a really bad burn on my right hand and now i cant use it for a few days so i dont want this key to go to waste so the first to speak up can have the key and i will send the whole email with all the info to you. have a good one guys..

Good day..

Ok so I have started my new job and now getting calls from everone else and still waiting for Activison to call and i even got the beta key for "Age of Conan" which i know many on gamespot have gotten and i'm not trying to brag. Also for the guys out there that have a kid(s) i had a scare at home when i heard that my wife was in the hospital but ended up being pre term labor pains she and the baby are ok its our first and a boy so i cant wait to teach him the joys of gaming. Thanks for takeing a look have a good day..

I hate waiting...

So ok today i had a interview with Activison in L.A. along with many other people and I felt it went great but all the others all said the same and none of us will know how great it was for at least a week.So now its just the wait that sucks but either way i enjoyed getting the chance to be there and getting to see a bit of what goes on behind their closed doors.
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