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Advice that's been extremely helpful to me

A while ago, I remember reading a post that had a piece of advice that I think is one of the best I've ever heard. While I don't remember the exact phrasing, the concept stuck with me. It was something like "don't pick a fight over something you won't remember in five years".

Seriously, I think that's fantastic advice. I don't know who posted it, but it's come to mind in a few situations and saved me a couple petty fights. So, thank you.

PSN Maintenance

Honestly, I hope I never get to the point where I can't live without online for two days. Personally, I can't sign in at all but I'm not being a little b!tch about it. The only part that does annoy me is that I can't play any free PS+ games because it thinks my subscription is expired.

At least you're being told in advance. It's not like you try to sign on and they're like "whoops, sorry, we're doing maintenance today. Surprise!". Maybe plan to do something other than complain about how you can't play online? I do realise that it's gone over their estimated time frame, but it's not the end of the world.

(On a side note, I can't wait to see The World's End.)

Anyways, at least get off Twitter, I'm tired of seeing your angry tweets because you can't "shoot some [insert word that I'm too white to say]" and that you're now going to buy an Xbox. No one really cares. Not I, in any case.

"How hard could it be to find a job?"...

...I foolishly asked.

Part time, weekdays, no prob, right? Gotta be somewhere that wants me.

No. I'd have to make my schedule work around my classes and I'm going back to Toronto at the end of July, so I can't exactly get a job that wants me around until the end of august. I can't do full time either because I'm taking four courses and I'm barely keeping up already.

Sadly, I'm running out of money, so just not getting a job is out of the question. And if I don't get one soon, I have to cut out some of the unnecessary costs. Like food :(

(yes, bus fare is actually more important than eating right now)

Journey is a phenomenal game

And I don't care if you disagree. I loved it. Here's why I think that.

Journey is probably one of the only games that can evoke so much emotion from me. I would not call myself an exceptionally emotional person. I would even say slightly below average. But this game...I almost cried at a few points. It was just too beautiful, both the visuals and audio.

The multiplayer was a fantastic and unique experience. Since the only form of communication is the chimes, and you don't even know who the other person is, you wouldn't really expect to care about them. But I did, maybe more than if I had been playing with someone I know. It's bonding with a complete stranger and I loved it.

My favourite part of the game is easy to pick:


It literally took my breath away. I thought it was so beautiful.

Another part that was just fantastic:


I don't even know how to explain what going through this game was like. It was amazing. Some people are complaining about the fact that it was so expensive forthat. I've played through it four times, completed it, and I still think I'm going to go back soon and play it again. The journey is different with each partner in my opinion. Plus, the soundtrack for it is incredible and I'm listening to it right now.

So, paying $14.99?


Guys, why are you so silly?

I was single for 18 years. Yeah ok, a lot of those were not years I could have been dating, but still. Never, towards the end of middle school or any of high school, had anyone expressed ANY interest in me. Even in grade 4 when everyone was getting married at recess, it was never me.

And now that I have a boyfriend, I seem to be a bit more interesting. Two guys have said they liked me back in high school, and another just made me a stuffed bear FROM SCRATCH and I'm being told that he likes me too.

The thing is, two of those guys were complete asshats towards me. Winning a girl's affections: you're doing it wrong. I take that as you really don't like me and I'll stay away from you guys. I don't like mean people, why would I be attracted to you?

I'm not upset about this, just exasperated. Although I amgrateful that none of them ever said anything, because I could have been dating one of them and never would have met my boyfriend. And that, would seriously suck.

Moving Out!

First year of university is DONE! WOOOO!

So that means tomorrow morning I'm moving out. Not so happy about that. Living in residence has been one of the best experiences of my life, and since all the people I've known for years are at least 4 and a half hours away, I've only had the people at school to talk to for eight months.

When I left for school, I was mostly just excited. Really nervous, but excited. I was happy I was living pretty far from home, and didn't exactly mind that I wasn't going to see my friends often. I thought there was maybe something wrong with me, since I wasn't feeling upset about leaving. Yeah, going to miss my friends, but whatever. They'll be there when I get back.

Not the case now. My boyfriend left a week and a half ago, I was pretty upset. One of my favourite people on my floor also left last week, was pretty upset. Now all my good friends from my floor are leaving and just thinking about not seeing them for four months is pretty hard (yes even my roommate-that-I-hate-lol-jk-don't-actually-hate). All of them live 4-10 hours away, so it's not like I can see them often, especially since I'll be going back to school during the summer as well.

So basically, I'm feeling less robot-y with the emotions and everything. I love my new people. I think living with them and seeing them day and night for 8 months has really turned them into my second family, and I'm going to miss them so much.

Roommate Issues

I'm so pissed off.

I think it's just little things that have been building up and usually I'm like "whatever, idc" but now I'm just sick of it and need to punch somebody. Preferably my roommate.

I can't wait to live in a single room next year. Let's make a list of all the things I can do:

  • keep the curtains open whenever I want
  • play music when I feel like it
  • play video games with sound (and without having to read subtitles)
  • watch a movie without headphones
  • KEEP THE GODDAMN ROOM CLEAN. I like the messily clean look, but she throws her sh!t EVERYWHERE. My side too.
  • not have to worry about being locked out - even if I'm 15 feet away in the common room.
  • maybe get some private time with my boyfriend

That last point bothers me most. If she's working, I wouldn't throw her out. But she's not. She's watching a f*cking movie. She never leaves the goddamn room, which means I always have to go over to his apartment, which is a pain in the ass sometimes. Everyone else on my floor is respectful of their roommate's boyfriend/girlfriend and at least ventures out of the room once in a while.

Not to mention that she wants me to leave so her brother and his friend can sleep in our room. I'M GETTING KICKED OUT? So someone that I've never even met can sleep in my bed? Yes, I have another place to sleep, but what if I didn't? Would I be asked to share my f*cking bed? I don't ask her not to sleep in our room (ever), but she can?

I honestly don't think it would be so bad if we were more similar. Everyone else on my floor seems to get along with their roommate REALLY well, and tbh I'm jealous of all of them. People are paired up on my floor either by area code or program, and really I think they had two left over - my roommate and I. Programs are completely different, interests are completely different, languages are completely different, habits are almost completely different. Res life messed up with us I think.

Roommates suck.

Hate on Gamestop all you want, but...

I've never had a problem with them. Never.

In fact, I just won a free copy of SW:TOR from Gamestop.(I know it's subscription based and I'm not really a pc gamer, but still. I'm not complaining :))

Gamestop ftw!

inFamous & real life karmic choices

First off, just gotta say inFamous is a phenomenal game. It reminds me a lot of The World Ends With You with less teenage angst and more real dilemmas. Maybe a cross between TWEWY and No More Heroes...or Assassin's creed might fit better.

Anyways, really enjoyed it. I'm currently replaying as Good Cole, which sucks. I really miss being evil. And bio-leeching the sh!t out of everything. And my cluster grenades! Oh how I miss my cluster grenades. I should have listened when I was told to play good first.

I do realize I've probably played too much inFamous this week though, since I keep seeing/thinking things from the game in real life. And most recently was that one of my friends would probably be on the evil side of the karmic scale. Two f*cking weeks in a row, she's considered drunk driving.

The first week was slightly more unavoidable. She thought she was in a no parking zone and was going to move her car. I knew that I was in no condition to drive, and considering our night, I didn't think she was either. There were main roads involved and I was just not comfortable with that at all. Still, I was thinking that a fine was much better than an accident, yes? Then tonight, we drive 25 minutes out of the city on a highwayand then she cracks open a bottle of mailbu when we get there. It's almost like I saw the moment pause and the choice presented. "Don't drink and get my people home safely or screw them and have some fun?"

Yes, it's only 20% or something and yes, it's wasn't really that much. But that sh!t don't fly with me. She's not even fully licensed which means zero tolerance, plus I'm already nervous about being in a vehicle with her driving (sober). Here you don't get more power. You just get dead. I've already lost someone in a car accident this year and I want to keep it at one, especially when this would be so avoidable.

I love my friends. Really. But I can't wait to go back to school tomorrow where my new people don't pull crap like this.

Skyward Sword final opinion

I beat Skyward Sword in 2011, and I wanted to wait on giving my final opinion to get some perspective. I can confidently say that it was not the best Zelda game I've ever played. Not to say that it wasn't fantastic, but I think it was exaggerated a little.

First of all, I reserved judgement on the whole Gamespot 7.5 thing because I hadn't played it. Now that I've read the review and played the game, all I can really think is that Tom and I were not playing the same game, at least not control wise. Other than having to recalibrate the wiimote every once in a while, the controls worked wonderfully. I much prefer the one to one style rather than giving my wrist a few flicks. I didn't joyfully anticipate moving the nunchuck to raise and use the shield, but I actually think it worked quite well.

Some of the other things I appreciated in the game are:

> The bosses took some actual effort. Some of them really do cause you to question if you're doing this right.
> New puzzles! See a torch, light a torch really doesn't use a lot of brainpower. Puzzles that can stump you for a good little while are the best, because you feel freaking fantastic when you figure it out.
> Fi only gives little hints, while if you're really stuck the Sheikah stone in Skyloft shows you what to do.
> Dungeons and temples aren't quite so obvious. And don't have seven floors of madness, thankfully. Sometimes I wouldn't even realize I was about to start another temple, save for the brief cutscene and title that appears. Most of them are also one or two floors- I assume they were cut down a little because it takes a fair amount of time to get from one temple to another. Keeping each temple at a normal length would have added another 10 hours.
> The upgrade system. Awesome. You can bypass it completely and not notice too much of a difference I guess, but with all that treasure, why wouldn't you want to give your beetle a speed boost, or increase the damage and distance of your bow? (I can understand not wanting to upgrade the shields, those first monster claws take FOREVER to get)

One of the things I really loved in Majora's Mask was that you could spend so much time just following people around and determining their schedule. You really got to know the people. In my opinion, Skyward Sword revisits that. The gratitude crystal side quests take you all over the map and you need to interact with several people. It never felt too tedious and the rewards were actually pretty decent. Not to mention you can turn a ghost into a stalker, given that you make the right choice.

I do wish that the game had made it a little more obvious on where and when to get the hylian shield, because the last battle is a b!tch without it. However, the music was beautiful, the ending was beautiful, the dialog was simlutaneously funny and serious and I couldn't put it down. I'm pretty sure I got through 70 hours in 6 days.