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Its easter, and for some reason i logged back on.

Its been a whole year since i made my last blog post.


Im back

Its been a few months, but im back. And happy to be here.


Happy Easter everyone, Jesus conquered death today...

A little thing called runescape.

If you know what im talking about, you probably know that its addicting. I have recently joined and its very fun, but addicting also. I dont really know when ill be back, but im not deleting my account in case i come back, anyhow, if you play runescape, and wanna play with me, add me to your friends- rob920323

Anywaysm if anyone of my friends would like to email me or just chat im at iskatealot00@aol.com and iskatealot00 on aim. I also have been checking my inbox here periodically, so im not completely gone. Just on vacation.

I think im on break...

Lately i havent had the interest to be here as much, but i will be back sometime soon. This has happened to me a couple of times. Probably right now because of drivers education, it sucks. If you want to im me im at iskatealot00

Ok two things...NYC

Ok first of all im going to nyc for the thankisgiving holidays, ill be back online next tuesday. Second my stupid sig wont change but i made this sig for it, im leaving later today so maybe itll work...

Wont be here a whole lot

Well i just bought a new game and you know what that means. I spend more of my free time on it than here. But only for like a week. What game you ask? Well i decided to start the .hack series, so i got part 1. its really fun, anyways, just tellin ya, ttyl

Sorry guys

Alright well i havent been on lately because the internet at my house has really been lagging and i can hardly do anything, im at my friends house right now, hopefully i will be back on real soon.
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