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Top 20 Bands 5-10 [UPDATED]

Sorry it took so long. I haven't had time.

Anyway, if you didn't, be sure to read the UPDATED version of 1-5.

Wihtout further bullcrap, let's get to this.


Muse is so full of sex. All of their songs have amazing sound and great lyrics. From their Queen esque "United States of Eurasia" to the booming "Hysteria", they are awesome. Their songs are really quite unique. Their songs don't differ much from each other, but differ greatly from other artists. Of course, who hasn't heard their massive single "Uprising"? They played it live at the Grammy awards 2011, where they won the award for best rock album with "The Resistance". Despite some off-sounding vocals at times, there's nothing to really complain about with them. They're a fantastic band, always worth a listen.

Guiding Light


Dragonforce is a pretty popular power metal (or whatever metal fans call it) band, known of course for "Through the Fire and Flames". As it happens, that's one of my least favorite songs by them. They have a generic metal song instrumentally. Their lyrics involve war and more war. It's easy to admit that they can be very repetitive, but I can't say I am ever disappointed with the 5-minute solos. I rarely listen to them, but my favorite songs are their most epic ones. Particularly, I love "Heroes of Our Time", "Reasons to Live", and "Prepare for War".

Dawn Over a New World


One of the biggest rock bands today has changed a lot over the years. They started off with a slightly grungey styIe with a more basic rock sound. Then their second album delivered huge hits "Helena (So Long & Goodnight)" and "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)". Now facing some real success, they released The Black Parade, taking on a slightly more mainstream styIe but still very unique to them. Of course, that brought about their massive, epic hit "Welcome to the Black Parade" as well as the less popular, yet still well-known, "Teenagers". Recently, they released Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. It carries the popular songs "Na Na Na" and "Sing". They've been a great band throughout this whole time. Laying down fantastic and complex beats, with great variety between songs. You can't disregard them as an amazing band.

The Only Hope For Me Is You


There are always moments for me to enjoy rock hits from the 80's and 70's. In this era, Boston dominates. Their debut album holds the record for the fastest selling debut album of all time, and rightfully so. All of their songs have a truly epic feel to them. Using great guitar tunes, drum beats, and voice synchronizing the 80's is so full of, they've had huge success. Mostly they are recognizable for the huge song "More Than a Feeling". There's not really much else to say about them. So...yeah.

Hitch a Ride


Modest Mouse is an extremely off-sounding band at many times. That really creates a very unique and charming sound I can't not like. They're biggest hit is the relazing "Float On". My favorite album from them is definitely "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank". They have astounding diversity in their songs, ranging from slow sensitive songs like "Little Motel" to quick crazy songs like "Florida". Lyrics frrom them usually relate to very common and simple things, yet have great meanings matching the atomsphere of the song. They rarely ever disappoint, and always provide an interesting and engaging experience. They've done some pretty weird stuff, like recording an entire album into an answering machine, and using horn instruments to create fly sounds. The instruments give nice flow to their songs. Vocals can be from very soft, to some messed up singing that I can't even describe. In the end, though, they're a fantastic band, and like to stick to whatever they want to do.

Missed the Boat

Top 20 Bands 1-5 [UPDATED!]

If you thought I would do them in an order you were wrong. I'm just going to pick five random ones from the list I made and post a link to a song. I made a playlist on iTunes to guide me through it.:P

So, let's get started.:)


Muscially, probably my favorite band. This seven-member Irish punk band never disappoints with its intstumental rythms. Lyrics in their songs deal with things such as death, oppresion, government, revolution, and family. All their songs have a nearly equally epic sound. You can't not like at least one of their songs. And if you really like any of their songs, you're bound to like almost all of their work. They never cease to be great. Clcik on the link for their new single.

Don't Shut 'Em Down


Something I have really forgotten until recently is that The Killers is what first inspired my musical taste. I used to really not listen to music, and had no specific tastes. Hearing their huge single "Mr. Brightside" made me want to check out more rock. This lead to all of the music I listen to today. The Killers have a somewhat off-sound on many of their songs, but this uniqueness is what I love. Through the synth of Hot Fuss, the epicness of Sam's Town, and the, for lack of a better word, greatness of Day & Age, they have delivered multiple huge hits, as well as lesser songs that I listen to even more than the others. Oh, and Brandon Flowers "Spaceman" video costume is a mega win.:P

On Top


Anyone from the good ol' active days who knew me back then knows just how much I can rant about AFI. The Killers introduced me to music, and AFI was all I listened to for over a year. AFI are pretty much in the middle of what I listen to. Mainstream, some heavy songs, and a very straightforward rock feel. The popular singles "Miss Murder", "Girl's Not Grey", and "Medicate" mean nothing to me. Truthfully, they don't even compare to the booming sound of "Kiss and Control", the ripping chords of "This Celluloid Dream", and the epic composition of "Too Late For Gods". Their lyrics will pretty much cover anything you want, and I promise you you've never heard of something as insane as the year-long Five Flowers mystery.

Okay, I Feel Better Now


Coldplay is a band I'm sure everyone has heard of, even though people have probably heard of the other bands, too. Their songs are always beautiful, with deep lyrics and great rythms. The only real problem is that sometimes songs feel too short. This is a serious problem in the amazing-sounding Don't Panic, which could use a lot more words. Their songs have a truly epic feel, and recently have had some fantastic contrast, from slow piano tunes to fast paced drum-run songs. Coldplay is always a good listen, really.

Rainy Day


The pure definition of epic is "the album This Is War by 30 Seconds to Mars". In their first album, they laid down some straightforward rock songs, with some nice touches of epicness in them. In their second album, they went for a more rock sound, with some heavier songs. At this point, they are a notably good band, with a few essentials to every big rock fan. Now, they come out with This Is War. It's one of my favorite albums, because every song is a huge, epic piece. Every war song on the album will have you lovin it by the end. They're all truly masterpieces.

Vox Populi (means voice of the people in Latin)

Okay I didn't edit the last one. I want to get to blog 50!:)

Yes! My next blog will finally be the blog 50 I've been planning. I've gotten quite a few new friends and commenters recently, so I think it's a perfect time to share my top 20 favorite bands.:)

I'm personally excited about this, because I want to write short bios about them, as well as my favorite songs and links and everything. It's just gonna be awesome.

And, Flogging Molly, one of my all-time favorite bands, has released a new single. It's really different from their other stuff in some ways, yet not totally different. It's a truly amazing song.:D

What I love about Flogging Molly is that all of their songs are fantastic. They all have an amzing part and charm to them.^_^

Again, there's nothing to really talk aobut.

So I'll talk about South Park.:P

Now I have mentioned the show a lot, but am yet to really talk about my thoughts on it.

The bottom line is obvious.

It's a really good show. Morals that they stick in episodes may be stupidly vague, obvious, and pointless, but that's really the weakest thing about it. And they do have just a few possible eye-openers for people. There are some interesting points here and there.:)

Of course, the show is always hilarious. Obviously it has some running jokes and gags that are just stupid, but that is always made up for with hilarious parodies and pop culture references. Their best jokes are centered around things happening in the real world.

As for story, you may be surprised, if you're not a fan, how good they can actually be. They generally do a good job of connecting points and actually making plot details not obvious, unlike other shows.

So we were the kings of it all, the day that we were born! We were the kings of the Kilburn High!

Sorry, listening to some awesome Flogging Molly.:P

Anyway, I recently watched the South Park movie. I still love it. Jokes are weaker than other times in the show, and some plot details are awfully underused, and some times the cursing is really just overused.

Where was I going with that? Oh yeah. It's good.:P

The story really connected well and was pretty uniformed and good. In my opinion, they should have incorporated Gregory, the new kid, more into the story. He seemed underused to me.


Gregory freaking pisses me off.:lol:

Seriously, he just annoys me. He's got an awful attitude, and the plot with he, Wendy, and Stan was so underused it almost seems pointless to me. It could have been much more significant throughout the movie. As well as that, it ended in a really horrendus way. It literally made no sense.

it was basically saying "Oh yeah forget about this guy he doesn't matter" and leaving his role pretty much pointless.

That plot really had bad writing on Stan's part. I think the worst instance of writing was the scene at the Le Revolutionmeeting. In my opinion, what really should have happened was Stan getting really pissed off. Just going rage mode on Kyle, Wendy, and Gregory after Kyle calls Gregory smart. It would have made so much sense. Yet he just stood there like he was helpless.

But that was my favorite song from the movie. The only one I really liked, and I actually liked it a lot. I love that type of music.:P

Reminds me of Flogging Molly.

Sad days, kissing the cheeks of the families, who are walking away.

God, that new Flogging Molly single is so freaking awesome!:o

I serisouly think it's one the best songs I've ever heard. Flogging Molly has my favorite beats ever. The tune he sings (when words are said, how long they are stretched out, stuff like that, the beat) is so amazing to me.:P

Don't worry, I'll post a link next blog.;)

Well, sorry all you got was a rant, sitll better than last blog.:P

See ya all! Tune in next blog for my top 20 bands! Bye!:)

The things that got real in the last blog just got fake again.

Not sure what those things were, but they got real, and now they're fake.:P

Anyway, I got something I have to do, which I think is really funny.

My friend knows I'm a designer, and he doesn't really care, but he keeps it in mind. He and his girlfriend thought it would be funny, so now I have to use a South Park avatar maker to make South Park versions of them.:lol:

It's actually one of the weirdest things I've ever done. I'll edit this blog later when I'm finished and post it.

I'm gonna add a lot to this blog later. So it's really short right now.

In terms of music, I've been seriously loving Finger Eleven recently. For once, I actually think the most popular song by them deserved it. I've never before had a band's most popular song be my favorite, but Paralyzer is my favorite.:)

I'm gonna work on my South Park crap, so I'll make this much longer later.:P


Well nevermind. I sent him a text saying "you serious" and he said "wow seriously no". So that ended like that.:P

So, uh, I'll edit this later once something interesting happens.:P

Things Just Got Serious

By that I mean I couldn't think of a blog name.:P

Okay, I'm so close to blog 50, yet it's taking so long.:P

I've got plenty of stuff to blog about today.:)

For starters, I'm still in the MDL tournament. I like my entry, but I'm not sure if I'll make it.:(

Actually I feel better than I did at first. I managed to pull something together and I really think it worked.:D

The Grammys are almost here!:o

I'm covering it all in my union, The Music Lounge. You can visit it and check it out.

Seriously I need more members, since I can't send invites.

Ah, and that's where the next topic comes into play. Glitches.:P

Yes, Glitchspot is glitchier than usual. And it really sucks.:x

It's impossible to send invites to unions. It just doesn't work.I've tried over and over again.:|

It just comes up with an error page.

...I hate these glitches so freaking much.:P

Especially the other one. Yes, this is the one that everyone on GS is experiencing.

EVERY TIME you post in a union, it sends you to either an error page or a blank page.

People have had different requirements to get their posts to show up. Personally, I have to go back to the thread and refresh.

It doesn't sound like much but it is insanely annoying!:x

The worst part in my opinion, is that if you post in a topic you haven't posted in before, it won't say you've posted in it. That sucks for me in the MDL, where that actually matters.

Oh, and I just wanted to say this.

I just realized how blatantly obvious the use of the dodge tool it on the render in my banner.:P

Seriously just look at it. It's haunting me now.:P

Also the text sucks, but I was aware of that before.:|

Anyway, glitches suck still. Yes, it hasn't changed.:P

I also have a new facebook profile picture. I've been using a super-old picture. I'm not talking months, or a year. It's like 4 years old.:P

Anyway, I'm still using the same picture, but I made an adjustment.

Man...I used to be really fat.:|

Seriously. I can't believe I was that fat. I'm actually as skinny as everyone else now (skinner than about 1/3 of them). Look at me.:lol:

God. I'm going to be obsessing over this for days now.:P

Ya know what, looking at how big my shoulders are, I bet I was sucking in too.:lol:

Also, WTF with the absolutely no muscle whatsoever?:lol:

I'm glad I got skinny. I can make fun of this now.

Anyway, on facebook one friend liked the photo, and another said "you really are retarded".

So I got the effect I wanted.:P

In terms of music, I'm switching between artists a lot. Mostly it's Coldplay, Blaqk Audio, and Modest Mouse.



I'm out of gum! Who the f*** was it! WHO TOOK THE LAST THREE PIECES!?:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x

I wish football season would start already. I'm bored.

Whatever. South Park is good enough until then.

See ya!:)

Yes, I am good enough to make a blog about Outback Steakhouse.

Actually, only one part will be about it.:P

I just went there recently, and I do not remember their steaks being so good. For real, they were awesome.:shock:

And right before we left, my cousin and her friends walked in, so we said hi.

She told us that right when they were leaving, my sister came in with her friend's family.

Anyway, that's enough about Outback.:|

I use :| as a filler smiley when I feel as though there hasn't been one recently enough.:P

Recently I've been getting into Rise Against, and My Chemical Romance again a bit.

My favorite song right now is definitely "The Dirt Whispered" by Rise Against.

Today in school, we had a day of "recollection.">__________>

As I'm sure you know, it's the worst idea ever.

Anyway me and my friend Sofia are working on a collaborative effort to stalk my friend Brendon.

It's been working out so far. Sofia just told him who she is, but he doesn't know her.

He knows me, but he doesn't know it's me texting him.

Other than that, I'm making a point to show up where he is a lot.:P

Yes, I know I'm not that creative.:|

Just thought I'd post a link to thisvideo, since my friend Mason can do the voice perfectly, or 3X funnier (so that it's actually funny).

I realized that my 50th blog will be coming up soon. I've probably posted about 70-85 but I used to delete them all.

I think I'm gonna do my top 20 bands. Either then or before, because I've been wanting to for a while.:)

A while ago I recorded a vlog for my top 20 bands, but trying to record videos with a crappy-camera phone has side effects.:(

Oh yeah, I forgot I was gonna talk about the "day of recollection".

Basically we spent a few hours saying we should be nice to each other. Actually nobody knows what was said, because everyone was asleep.:P

The worst idea was having a school mass right after it. It was freaking horrible. Can't really explain why, but it was just the exact time none of us wanted to have a mass.:P

For some reason, I've been playing no video games but Pokemon (:P) and Rock Band 2.

I wish I had Rock Band 3, 'cause now I can't get any new songs, just ones that were released before Rock Band 3 came out.

Jeez, I really need to find something to blog about.

So, uh, yeah.




Uh...yeah. That's it.

No! I was tagged!

Yes, I have been tagged. How dare you, Berto!:x

Whatever. I have to name five games I've had most trouble with.

Donkey Kong Country 2-just freaking frustrating

Donkey Kong Country 3-also very frustrating

Metroid Prime 3: Forces of Corruption-there were some times when I just didn't know what to do:?

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess-a couple puzzles or areas that I could not get for a while

Fallout New Vegas-frustrating as hell! There's so much crap going around everywhere! I can barely get anywhere without dying.:x

So anyway, I have now started using Photoshop, instead of GIMP.

My last GIMP piece (unless I come back to it at some point, which is possible)
Dark Samus

My first PS piece (evah!)

I'm currently still working on both of those, so there may be other future versions.

God I was about to sneeze but then didn't!:x

That's the worst feeling ever to me. I love sneezing. Seriously I will do it on purpose.:P

It's like nose masturbation.:shock:

*Please no ban hammer*:P

I'm currently trying to revive my unionThe Music Lounge. So please go there and check it out if you want.:)

Since my music is always shifting, I'm now back into 30 Seconds to Mars and Disturbed. So that's what I like right now.

I'm still glad Kanye West is in Hurricane.:P

Speaking of which, this photo might be my favorite thing ever!:o

Kanye West, Jared Leto, Brandon Flowers

That's (from left to right) Kanye West, Jared Leto (30STM lead singer), and Brandon Flowers (The Killers lead singer).

Pretty awesome.;)

I'm not sure why Brandon was there, though. He was just sort of, there. Jared and Kanye were working on Hurricane. Brandon was in the neighborhood.:P

I don't really have anything to talk about.:P

Seriously, nothing exciting.:|

BUT WAIT! One more thing!:o

I'm actually getting back into Pokemon (...the f***?).:P

Yes, I randomly felt like playing Platinum, then I started looking for the other games I liked better.

Unfortunately, I actually forgot them when I moved somehow. So I went over to vizzed.com, where I can play all of them.:)

And my favorite Pokemon game was Sapphire.

Really, it was just always the most memorable to me.

Besides, Pokemon weren't too stupid and uncreative yet.:P

So, that is all I can think of.




From beyond the void, ZF comes to you.

Don't question the title. I don't get it either.:P

I'm getting back to having good designs. Or at least, good for me.

I've never posted my works in a blog before for some reason. Here are my recent sigs.:)

Street Fighter


Star Wars

I also made it to the second round of the MDL Tourney.:D

The theme for Round 2 is vector, and I think I'll make it with what I've made.:)

If for some reason you checked, I'm using Photobucket now.Don't really know why, just started. Maybe because ImageShack was logging me out for no reason.:?

Anyway, if you want to vote in the tourney, go to the Mass Designers Lounge. There are other unions where you can vote (I'm pretty sure), but it's the only one I'm in. Besides, the MDL is the host. Please vote. It's always better to have more votes.:)

In terms of music, I'm enjoying Modest Mouse. Epic.8)

My life's been going swellfully lately. Yes swellfully is now a real word.;)

I can't believe it's already Friday!:o

Short weeks are awesome. Means I can get some sleep. Which I don't usually get much of during the weekdays.:P

Weird. For a second my room smelled like air freshener.

Oh noez! It must be the Air Freshenerer!:o

I thought I killed him in Rio! I guess he's back now. Time for him to die for good.:x

Oh wait, it's not him. My room just smelled like air freshener for no reason. That's disappointing. I was getting excited.:P

Blog over!


Actually, no. It's not.

There, I just saved 60 peoples' lives. Yes 60 people do read my blogs and they do kill themselves when I leave.

Actually they don't.

Reminds me, how do people get others to read their blogs?:x

Maybe if I put some effort into mine and didn't make them suck...Could be a plan to remember.


In one of my cIasses we have Will.

He's not normal. Let's just say he's really...enthusiastic.

He read prayer this morning with such...passion. You get the point.:P

Oh, but something interesting did happen in cIass today.

I found two pills under my desk!:o

Relax. It was just ibuprofen.:P

But that means either somebody didn't take pills he was supposed to, or he was OD'ing and dropped some.

Both seem pretty stupid.:P

And I didn't take them. I gave them to the teacher. Wouldn't surprise me if she took them though.

I don't even think she has a teacher's degree. Easily the worst teacher I've ever had. Not by far, but definitely worst.

Listening to this really weird song by Modest Mouse. Fly Trapped in a Jar.

"One wing wasn't even enough to leave."

They're lyrics really are pathetic at times.:P

That's just because they're drugged up. They probably are. How do you think they came up with "Float On"?

Anyway, I'm bored of blogging and only three people will read this anyway. So goodbye to all!:)

The Blog of No Name

Yes I couldn't think of a name.:P

Hope everyone's been having a good year so far.:)

I had this epic problem with school. A bunch of my teachers entered my grades wrong for some reason.

My GPA was 2.00 and my grade in English was 20.:lol:

They had reported things as missing when they weren't.:P

Parents got pissed.:|

In terms of music, I'm listening to more Arctic Monkeys, as well as getting back into Disturbed and getting more into Linkin Park.

Really I like all of Linkin Park's stuff. They're really diverse but I love it. At leas they aren't artists with every song being the same.

Still loving Chuggaaconroy. It makes me want to actually update my YouTube account, or maybe do something other than lyric videos.:P

Still it's pretty cool that if you search on YouTube "Beautiful Thieves AFI" my video is the third result.:D

I'm not watching anything but Comedy Central. I don't know why. I just love Comedy Central so much now.:P

I don't care how stupid it is.:P

I really haven't cared about Futurama. I think I lost interest in it. Even during the most recent season, I didn't really care. I missed most episodes and didn't watch until I was bored like a week later.

I haven't been doing too much designing recently. I've been working on some stuff, but nothing much.:|

I did, however, make my first vertical sig. It's not so good.:(

That's why nobody will probably ever see it.:P

I've been trying to make a nice dark sig that would fit the name "The Catalyst".

Yes that's mostly because of Linkin Park.:P

But also catalyst is one of my favorite words.

My favorite word ever is definitely...

[spoiler] Vendetta [/spoiler]

I don't know why at all. I just freaking love that word so much.:o

I really think Fallout: New Vegas is a major disappointment. It's very boring to me. The story isn't nearly as interesting as Fallout 3. The gameplay is almost exactly the same. It's just not appealing and nothing really new.:(

I'm mostly playing Call of Duty Black Ops.

Yes...after I made a blog about why I refused to play it...I love it.:P

Somehow, I expected this exact thing to happen.:P

Mostly I like doing wager matches. They're fun to me. And I could really care less about ranking up.:|

I've actually been playing Rock Band 2 recently. I still love that game. It's freaking fun.:P

On New Years day, my brother, Ryan Howe, and I stayed up to 5 AM playing it.:P

We made a 30 song setlist, and took breaks in between songs to text for like 10 minutes.:P

It was fun.:)








New Years Blog (not very special)

Happy new years and such.Indeed

I hope you all enjoyed your champagne!:)

Remember everyone, it's 2011. Our LAST FULL YEAR ALIVE. We will all die late next year...:|

Funny enough that people of Mayan descent have been interviewed about the theory and they didn't even know what it was.:lol:

It's been a while since I last blogged. I was going to make a vlog. That did not go well at all.:P

The games I'm currently playing are Fallout: New Vegas and Fable III. Both fantastic games in my opinion.^_^

However, New Vegas is a bit boring. It's nearly exactly like Fallout 3, but more of the game is taken up with fighting. The fighting mechanics just aren't fun enough for that I believe. Fable II on the other hand is amazing. I love everything they've done with it that I've seen so far.:D

For Christmas I basically just got some money. And an iHome-esque thing.

Very cool though.:)

I've recently been really getting into a user's videos on YouTube. They might be useful to some people, but I just like the person. His name is Chuggaaconroy. He does Nintendo Let's Plays. A Let's Play is basically just a walkthrough, but usually more entertaining.

I've been away from my YouTube account for a while now. I've gotten a few more subscribers. I need to post a new video soon.

I'm just sitting here right now, watching Comedy Central. I got bored so I thought I'd finally make a new blog.

I actually made a 30 minute vlog, but it was god awful. plus the sound was all messed up. Recording with my phone was not a good idea.:P

June 21 will be my 3-year GS anniversary. I'm not a very old GSer.:P

I also haven't been designing much lately. I've started but then I didn't fell it coming together right so I stopped. I really want to get a good one done. It's been a long time since I've really felt good about one.:(

Oh yes this is amazing.

On New Years day, my friend Ryan Howe was over at my house. We took 5 bottle rockets and tied the fuses together. After we did a bunch of bundles, we tied two of the bundle fuses together for bundles of 10. We carried them over to glasses of coffee that me and Ryan had been drinking all day.:P

We placed the rockets so that all the fuses faces the center. Ryan, my brother, and I each took a lighter and lit one of the bottles.

Five seconds later, 150 bottle rockets went off at once.8)

It looked truly awesome. There was just smoke and trails of fire and smoke flying everywhere.:D

Before that we did 50 at once. Afterwards we tried 210 at once but we only got 100 of them to light the first time. Then we just did two rounds of 55. And we were out.:P

But it was seriously fun.^_^

Anyway, hope everyone has a fantastic year! See ya!