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Major Blog

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So its been quite some time since i did posted last, and unfortunately no one commented for read it for that matter. In anycase, i've taken it upon myself to become more involved in the gaming community starting with my upcomming youtube channel: GamingRetrospective. I have several episodes recorded but only one posted, just as a prototype type thing. In anycase, I'm going to use this blog to talk about various purchases and game reviews starting wtih...

3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3)- Now this is the most recent purchase I've made, and my expectations are well met to say the least. Looking at my screen name you can tell that I'm a major Zelda fan; obviously. Now how does that relate to this new ATLUS title? Its very simple. 3D game heroes is a clone of Zelda, and not in a bad way by any means. This game is Zelda down to the finest detail, from various tributes and hones to actual gameplay elements. The art ****is reminiscent of retro NES games like Final Fantasy, though the characters are 3D...obviously. Cool features of this game include the ability to make your own sprites through an indepth sprite editor. It really works well. In anycase, there isnt much to say about this game other than it is truly a must own for any retro adventure and RPG fans. While it is an excellent game, it doesnt bring any groundbreaking materal to the table; then again its not supposed to.

The Verdict: 8.0/10

Lost Planet 2 (PS3/XBOX 360)- First impression: Underrated. For anyone who was a fan of the original Lost Planet, I have a few things to say. The first of which is that this game follows the original formula completely; the difference is that one can now play with up to four players. This game is very fun to play with other friends, but then again there are several underlying problems that can be found after a playthrough. Its fairly uninspired, and the campaign is fairly linear. However, there are many a fun boss fight. The story strays from that of the first game, leaving you with a collaboration of random missions from different factions of the game's world. Wayne is nowhere to be found...period. The story is, for the most part, non existant. Coop is a blast, but multiplayer matchmaking is medicore. CAPCOM fans will rejoice at this title, but those who aren't into the whole Lost Planet lore will sigh in dissapointment.(that being said i am a major CAPCOM fan)

The Verdict: 7.5/10

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)- Nothing to say about this one

The Verdict: 9.75/10

*artist: Foxleaf* on deviantart

Moving away from the game reviews, im just going to recap on some recent purchases.

Lunar 1 and 2 (PSX)

Grandia (PSX)

Tekken 6 : Limited Edition (PS3)

Ok everyone, there isn't much else to say on this blog. Im going to start posting more videos to youtube and when i do ill make a blog about it. Its not to actually have people view them as much as for my personal entertainment.

Untill next time,


Ebay Purchases

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I've been into buying games on ebay lately. My desire to purchase hard coppies of classic games has risen after watching many youtube shows like "Pete's Game Room" and "The Happy Console Gamer Show" (both of which I'm a major fan.)

As for the game's ive purchased on ebay, they are as follows.

Lunar 1 and 2 Complete- Somehow I won theese titles in a bundle together for only $100, which is absurd seeing as the next highest price for just lunar 2 was over 130 dollars. Both come in original packaging, black label, etc. Its a great buy.

Grandia- Once again, this is in the original packaging, manual, jewl case, art etc. I got this one for only $25.

Anyways that's just a breif update for now. I haven't had the motivation to make a new blog in a while because i've found myself short on free time (during which id hope to actually be playing games.) But here's a list of things that have occured since my last blog.

Started Arc the Lad Collection

Almost finished Arc the Lad 1

Imported No More Heroes Paradise

Still watching Dragon Ball Kai

Bought Okami Wii

I'm sure there are things that im leaving out, but it doesn't really matter. I hope to post a longer blog fairly soon.

Untill next time,


Happenings of Late Part 2

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Last blog I mentioned how I was about to walk to the store and pick up heart gold. So I did, and I love the game. Grew up playing Pokemon, loved Silver and Gold. So this is just a revamped version; something everyone knows already. Pokewalker is a nice touch. Though you cant get very many good pokemon, its an easy way to build your collection of guys.

Anyways whats up with me now.

So I bought God of War III at the midnight launch. Gamestop offered a few prizes for raffle drawings including kratos halloween masks (they were acutally really nice), T-shirts, and keychains. Everyone got a free poster as well. I beat the game already, clocking in at around 10 hours. A nice length for an action game in my opinion, as it felt longer than it actually was. I'm not doing any full length reviews in this blog because not enough people read them, but rest assured that the game is fantastic. Id give it a 9.5.

Today I'm heading down to gamestop to pick up Yakuza 3. I mentioned it in a previous blog, but yeah im a fan of the series so it should be lots of fun.

Alright I guess thats it for now. I'd be encouraged to write more blogs if people started commenting on them again, but I know thats alot to ask haha. Its hard to become well known on a site like this but I must say that I've lost alot of my old gamespot friends in my absence over the past two years. Tell people to check me out for when i write real blogs!!!!

Untill next time,


Happenings of Late: part 1

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Its been a while since ive posted a blog. The reason? Ive just been reading everyone elses' :P. So whats new around here... hmm well despite my oppinions on various annoucements, rumors, etc. its pretty much been a few new games. Ill start with the obvious...

FINAL FANTASY XIII: Love it. Too linear. Amazing game. Thats all im going to say.

The second part of this blog series will be longer, with my actual review of FFXIII, but im just writing this blog now

a) because i remembered to

b) because im killing time for the next hour, when im heading up to Gamestop to buy....

POKEMON HEART GOLD (not soul silver, even though im aware its better. Im buying this version for the reason that i always roll underrated > overrated).

While im doing this, im also playing the

RYU GA GOTOKU 4 demo (aka Yakuza 4 japaneese demo)

Im a fan of the series, and ill say that this one has outstandingly realistic graphics....that aside later this week ill be purchasing...


more to come on all of theese things later in the week. Ill post a full review on Final Fantasy 13: from the perspective of someone who has beaten 1, and 3 through 12. 11 hours into the newest title, and im loving it.

Keep reading my blogs! Please!


Another Update. No More Heroes 2, WoW, and more.

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Its been a while since ive been on gamespot. Why? Its simply because ive been to lazy to blog and/or haven't found the time to do so. I've been contemplating posting a blog about my top 10 games of the decade, similar to what ShadowLaguna did on his most recent blog (I believe). Unfortunately I have now lost the motivation to post such a blog, and find myself writing on my recent purchases. I'ts been a while so its difficult to recall which games ive bought recently...though one that is quite apparent in my mind is last night's purchase of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.


Suda51's newest game in the No More Heroes series is down right amazing. Now im aware that many gamers say games are amazing somewhat loosely, though my statement is irrefutable. The game is almost identical to the first one with the exclusions of an overworld and mundane job missions. Instead, the overworld has been converted into a nice, clean map of the city. From this map you can select which job you wish to complete ( the jobs give you money that you can use to purchase various items from the two shops in the game. One sells beam katanas and the other sells clothes and other collectables.) Now the minigame jobs are 8bit; something that was tinkered wtih in the first game, but never really made it past a short Galaga like shooter during one Ranked Battle. I'd just like to say that theese games are a riot. Honestly most of them are better than most ****c arcade titles like Dig Dug and Rally-X. Its really just that fun. The diversity of weapons in this game is also pleasing. You start wtih the same beam katana as you did in the first game, and the second one avalible for purchase is the final sword of the last game. As seen in the trailer for the game, you can now wield 2 at once. Its a great game. As for the story, Travis is no longer the number 1 ranked assasin *for reasons that are unexplained, and will remain so*. Instead, he is now rank 51 after killing the brother of Helter Skelter; the first ranked fight from the promotion trailer for No More Heroes 1. After the CEO of Pizza Bat has Travis' best friend bishop killed and decapitated (bishop was that guy who brought you your motorcycle when you pressed the 1 button on the overworld), he decides to to back to the world of Ranked Assassin battles. There are "50" ranked battles, but to be honest there are only about 27. This is because 25 assasins are killed at once in a giant mech battle (an event that occurs very early in the game... its not really a spoiler. Somewhat dissapointing ill be honest wtih you.) Anyways its a great game. Boss battles are still excelent, though i feel like the butchered the execution scenes ie: in the first game when you killed destroy man by slicing him in half and watching his corpse slowly peel apart. I love this game. In my oppinion it is amongst the best Wii games (something that isnt hard to do *heh heh*), but seriouslyl its a great game. Overall score... for now its a 9/10. This is subject to change as the first game also recieved a 9.0/10 from me. Perhaps a 9.3-.4 by the end of the game? It all depends on the plot twists and craziness that occurs over the course of the game. I know this game isnt comming out in the UK, Austraila, or Japan for quite some time so I recomend importing it if possible. If you have have a modded wii that can play out of reigon games, and you dont live in the I cant get enough of it.

Now moving on to a curse thats been placed upon me...


I've attempted playing this game several times in the past, though ive not had the patience to level a character past level 15. Now that many of my schoolfriends play WoW I've been sucked into the fad. Listen; this game is fun but its not up to the hype that people give it. Now that they've added Dungeon Finder, its alot easier to level. Some issues i have with the game are as follows:

- Too easy to reach end game

- Lack of story based quests

- Too easy to obtain "good gear"

- Ultimately, its far too easy

Its fun but if you're looking for a new MMO to play and really get into, just wait for Final Fantasy 14. Please. Its going to be so much better. Final Fantasy 11 is already amazing for hardcore gamers that is. Its not for the casual gamer by any means, but if you are casual just play WoW. Its fun if you have friends to play with and talk to over vent. Raids and instances are fun. Downing bosses from the lore is also fun. Im level 38 on Whisperwind. Anyone that reads this blog probably dosen't play, and the chance of being on my server is small but i figure i might as well post my info.

So thats about it for now. Just waiting for White Knight Chronicles and Final Fantasy 13. Untill next time keep posting blogs UNLESS you dont have the time like me, in which case you can just post to mine. It would be greatly appreciated.


Short Blog. Help me out.

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This is just a short blog in which im going to say a few things.

a) Finished Tales of Vesperia. Officially one of my favorite games of all time.

b) Almost completed Spirit Tracks. In the bottom three Zelda games to date *I say this after beating them all* (minus CDI games, which to be fair do not count.)

c) Now its time for the real question. I'm trying to decide between three RPGs to play as my next RPG. Do me a favor and vote for your favorite choice.

1) Dragon Quest VIII

2) Valkyria Chronicles

3) The World Ends with You

Help me out here. I own all three and they are all collecting dust on the shelf, as I haven't had the time to play them yet. Thanks.


Another Impressions Blog. Assassin's Creed 2, Devil Summoner 2, and more.

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Yet some more time has passed since my last blog, so here's an update for those who care. As one should expect, Ive purchased some more games between my last blog and now, so here's what I think about them.

Assassin's Creed II (XBOX360)- Ok, so this time im putting my favorite title on the list first. I absolutely LOVE this game and let me tell you why. First of all, I wasn't amongst the haters of the last game who complained about the tedious missions and viewpoints etc. Ive been following the A.C series since it was announced, and when I finally bought ACII, I was blown away. The presentation in this game is outstanding, despite a few minor visual glitches *emphasis on minor*. Unlike the last game where its mission after mission after mission, this game is presented in a GTA like style and let me say it suits the title incredibly. The story is another thing to mention. First a little disclaimer. I'm of Italian descent, in that my family consists of Italian imigrants. That leaves me a little biased. I LOVE this story, the characters, Ezio's character progression, EVERYTHING about the game including the boss duels and assasinations. I love the weapons, the combat, everything. Anyways thats my impression of the game. It was much longer than the original and much better. My honest 9.5/10. Needless to say, go get this game. Now.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (XBOX360)- Is this really a suprise? Who dosen't have this game? Aside from it being the most overhyped game of all time, Ill give it some credit. Its tons of fun. Not only does it have the best single player campaign of any shooter Ive played *once again im putting emphasis on single player*, the online is also a blast. Its pretty easy to pick up and play. What really gets me is when kids think they own at the game when really its all camping. Quite primative if you ask me. No skill whatsoever. Its not to say that the game isnt awesome with its realistic effects and killstreak bonusues. It improves upon everything that the last one had. Special Ops is also very fun to play with a friend. My score? 9.0/10. Its a great much as it hurts to say.

Sonic Unleashed (XBOX360)- This game.../sigh. Sonic Unleashed is everything you've heard about it from other reivewers. Im a pretty big Sonic fan, so I couldnt resist buying it even after all of the terrible reviews. Theres just something about seeing sonic in good graphics. Reminds me of the days of Dreamcast ya know? I'm a big Dreamcast fan also *just thought id put that out there*. So back to the topic. Sonic's daytime levels are great. I mean they are very very fun. The graphics are nice, the textures, the design, it all looks outstanding. The gameplay is very fast especially when you use his ring energy which makes him go insanely fast. I wish they had just made the entire game like that...but no. Theres someone at SEGA that insists that Sonic games need some type of gimick. So they aded Werefail... i mean Werehog mode. Its bugged, boring and slow. Not to mention the controlls are abysmal. Its terrible. The voice acting is also terrible and im sick of the european themed sonic games. I remember when sonic used to be in tropical areas by the water...back on Dreamcast. T.T Anyways Im still giving this game a chance. I'm able to convince myself that im enjoying the game when its bad, though sometimes I am actually enjoying the game. I don't have a solid score yet, but I think its safe to say that the 3.5 score that Gamespot gave it is a little harsh. Is it based on their dissapointment in such an EPIC FAIL? Perhaps. However, it deserves at least a 5.

Half Minute Hero (PSP)- Quite an interesting game I must say. Its acutally kind of hard for me to describe. The missions seriously do take place in 30 seconds, but there are cool things about it. Its nice to pick up and play. The graphics are really nice and suit the game well, though they are 8bit. The music is really good, and does alot for the game. Not much else to say. 30 second

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2 (PS2)- This game is very intersting as well. Unlike other Shin Megami games, this is an action RPG that takes place around WWI. You play as Raidou (or rather thats what he's called) a Devil Summoner who keeps his demons in small metal capsules under his cape. He dresses in a WWI Japaneese Military uniform, complete with revolver and katana. The gameplay is fast and involving. You dash around a small square arena with up to two demons assisting you and attack the target. While this is similar to kingdom hearts, you are also able to stop gameplay temporarially to execute complex attacks and combos. You main character attacks with both a katana and a gun. The gun serves the purpose of stunning enemies and the katana for damage dealing. When it comes to graphics, this game looks great despite the fact that its somewhat dated. The game came out in the states this year, but it had been released in japan previously. So the graphics leave a little to be desired. Outside of battle, its a detective typed game....well that is what Raidou is for the most part. You run around town asking people questions and learning stuff. Its pretty cool. I haven't gotten too far into this so I don't have a solid impression yet. Keep looking at "my raitings" for when I post it.

Anyways thats about it I think. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat lots of food, relax, and play lots of games.


More Games Purchased. Thoughts and Such.

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Well here I am again, writing another blog which will be read by few. None the less its nice to keep a record of my thoughs of games shortly after I get them, so that in the future i can look back at what I originally thought and determine wether I was right or not. In anycase, here I go.

Blue Dragon XBOX360- So this game was very underrated from the start. I had always wanted to get this game simply because of the character design. Im a huge Akira Toriyama fan, as well as a Nobuo Uematsu fan. Why hadn't I gotten this game before? Simply because there were better things to get at the time....or were there? Blue Dragon sells at gamestop for about 12 dollars now; a price which I believe is far too low for such a great game. Though this classic RPG is very simplistic and can feel dated to some, it really is a satisfying experience overall. The game was about 30+ hours in length, with a medium difficulty level. Graphics were nice, though in some cases you can see where they were somewhat cheap. Personally I thought the graphics were good. The soundtrack of the game was great. Why people hate it? I dont know. Its probably because of the boss theme which can get annoying after a while (seeing as there are many bosses in this game...something I am quite fond of). Anyways, Id recomend it to anyone who likes Dragon Quest or Chrono Trigger. I'm a fan.

Brutal Legend XBOX360- Once upon a time, I made so much fun of this game. I would look at the new screenshots and say "Wow this Jack Black game is going to be terrible." And it turns out i was completely wrong. Brutal Legend is a great game, though its short. The free world gameplay reminds me of Jak 3 (opposed to the other Jak games), and the gameplay is a mix of RTS and hack and slash. How does this work? Well it does. The game is funny and has a great story with cool characters. Visuals are nice, and voice acting is too. Jack Black did is also one of my favorite actors (which probably added to my enjoyment of the game) but really. Even if you think this game is terrible looking, just give it a shot. Rent it, wait for the price to go down, i dont care. Its worth your time.

Tales of Vesperia XBOX360- So Tales of Vesperia.... This game as many may know is somewhat uncommon in the states. The way I got this game is via ebay for a nice 30 bucks. It was in mint condition so even better. This game is great. I love the graphics, characters, story, music, gameplay, everything about this game fits me perfectly. I dont have much else to say about the game other than its my highest rated game on the list that im writing right now.

Dragon Quest 8 PS2- Why didn't I have this before? I dont know. The point is, i bought this game so that I may beat it upon my completion of Tales of Vesperia. So far im about 2 hours into the game. Music is outstanding, gameplay feels dated, graphics are great for its time, Akira Toriyama character designs again, its overally a great game. Thats all Im going to say on this game.

Left 4 Dead XBOX360- Halloween inspired me to finally pick this one up. Simple game, great gameplay, dated graphics, fun campaign and multiplayer. Nice achievements, poor versus mode. Overall great game

So thats that I think. All of theese games are great games, I'd highly recomend them all to anyone who wants to play something good. Untill next time (when hopefully more people will discover my blog),


A Breif Update

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So yeah, I still dont have many people that are viewing my blogs (not that I have written any lately) but I hope to get some back throughout my next few posts. Im writing this in school during a free so its not as well thoughtout as it could be, but its something to do wtih my free time and it prevents my procrastination in blogging.

I guess ill talk about the games ive gotten since my last blog, and my impressions on them. And I'd like to hear yours as well so if you care to post any personal thoughts feel free. Ive been reading everyone else's blogs so yeah. If you already reviewed one of theese games, don't feel obligated to say something haha.

So the first game on my list is, of course,

Dissidia: Final Fantasy- So yeah, because you've read countless blogs on this already im going to make this breif. I love this game and personally I think people hate on the story too much. After beating Final Fantasy 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12, working on 1, have a character in 11 and have beaten some spinoffs such as tactics etc, Its safe to say that the story does just enough to tie off some loose ends. I like the ballanced characters, the levels are cool *though i wish there were more*, the OST has some very nice remixes and what not. Though I would have liked to see a remix of the FFX battle theme and Otherworld, its still great. Personally I play as the Warrior of Light when im playing on AdHoc party via PS3, simply because he is mid tier and underrated.

Pokemon Platinum- Ok, this one was something different for me. I used to like pokemon alot when I was younger, (I mean who didn't?). and my friend suggested that I get this game. For some reason, I was actually eager to play this one before he suggested buying it. Anyways, the game was short and as always, far too easy. I know its meant for extras, EV training, and Battle Frontier *stuff which im working on* but overall it was short and simple. And to be honest, thats something that ive been missing in recent RPGs. So this was a very refreshing game to run through. Beating the game took me about 28 hours wtih a little exploring on the side.

Final Fantasy I: Anniversary Edition- After Dissidia came out, I chose to buy this game beacuse it was one of two FF titles in the main series that I havent plalyed through or beaten. So i bought this. Needless to say its fun and stuff. Nice ost, very nice sprites, and classic gameplay. Aside from that, the overworld, high encounter rate, and free roaming feel dated... to no suprise. However, when looking @ gamespot's review of this game, their score of a 6.5 is far too low. Afterall.... it IS a remake. What else do you want? For fans that want a remake of the game Final Fantasy I, this is a smart purchace.

BlazBlue: The Calamity Trigger- Oh. My. God. This game is my favorite fighting game of all time *not including Super Smash Brothers which i dont consider to be a fighting game, but rather a party game*. I was a fan of the Guilty Gear series and was somewhat skeptical when contemplating this purchace, but MAN was I stupid not to get this when it first came out. I mean really...

Graphics= WIN

Soundtrack= WIN

Gameplay= WIN

Characters= WIN

Story/Overall content= WINNNNN

Honestly, Gamespot's review of this game was SO underrated its not even funny. It seems like they just get random people to review games rather than actually having someone that can appreciate the genre and give games an accurate score. For fighting game fans, this is a must have. Honestly its the best fighting game to come out in the past 5 years at least. I use Jin Kisaragi and play on the PS3 for those who are wondering. Why did I buy it on ps3? Because mine is collecting dust, and when i play it on my 50 inch LCD tv *which is usually unused* its absolutely breathtaking. Besides, my trophy collection needs some improvements. I bought this on saturday so I'm not 100% finished the story yet, and no where near done with the online mode.

So yeah, thats that. In other news.... Project Needlehog. Wtf? Im so excited to see a new "2D sonic adventure on HD consoles" but im VERY VERY VERYYYY skeptical about this game. Why? Because Sonic Team can't do anything right. And as all of the fans are saying right now... "Hey, that shilouette in the logo dosen't look like Sonic!" Knowing Sonic team, it probably isnt. Why? Idk. Maybe they're affraid that people will complain when its "too much like the originals" (beacuse they definately will ), or maybe its becuae they are straight up jerks.

Anyways.... Zelda Spirit Tracks gets a release date. December 7th.... Win.

So untill next time, I hope more people will start commenting on my blogs again.


Marking my unobtrusive return to Gamespot

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It's been quite some time since I've posted a blog, though its not to say I haven't been keeping up with those of my friends. In my absence from Gamespot's forums and blogging community, I have actually kept up with reading everyone else's. Needless to say, I have decided to return to this community and I'm very excited to do so :).

Rather than making a return post without any acutal blog, I've decided to write a simple "Games I bought recently" blog. I always enjoy reading those when other users post, so maybe my game selections may entertain you (for better or worse :P). So I'll start wtih the games i purchaces within the last three months...

At the beginning of the Summer, I did alot of used game shopping mainly because I was in need of something to play and I didn't have the patience to save up a substantial amount of money to buy a newer game. Fortunately I was pleased wtih the result of my purchases.

Guilty Gear Accent Core (Wii)- So this was fun to play at first. It still is fun to play aside from its lackluster presentation and overly simplistic controlls. I had fun playing this game wtih friends, though. The sprites in GG games are always beautiful, and the characters are pretty awesome as well. Aside from the versus mode and the arcade mode, there was nothing else really other than a mediocre art gallery. Oh well, Heaven or Hell... LETS ROCK!

Chrono Trigger (DS)- Though this is a relatively new game on the DS, i bought it used so I found it appropriate to put in this section. I've always been a fan of JRPGs since I was a very little kid, but Chrono Trigger wasnt really a game that was released in "my time" (seeing as im only sixteen). I do have a SNES and a PSX but I never got around to buying Chrono Trigger. However, when I did this time, I was more than pleased to see it lived up to the great hype surrounding it. Chrono Trigger has proved to be one of my favorite JRPGs of all time. I could barely put my DS down when i was playing through it. Simply Incredible.

Armored Core: For Answer (PS3)- I got this on an excursion to gamestop one day when I had no other game in mind to buy. I had been craving a good mech game for quite some time now, and rather than look through my collection and play another JRPG like Xenogears which is heavily mech based XD, i wanted to buy a game along the lines of Chrome hounds or Armored Core. This game was a great buy at only $19.99 and with a Gamestop savings card, only $17.99. Plays like any other mech game. Not too special but at the same time very fun. Mech customization is great, and the stages and missions are very fun to pick up and play. There dosen't appear to be much of a story though, after playing for a few hours I haven't picked up on much of that... Anyways its fun ;) Play it if you want a mech game. Also the trip to Gamestop that day proved to be benefitial as well, seeing as the manager of the store had brought a copy of the FFXIII demo in with him (from his personal copy of FFACC:Japaneese import edition). Other than not understanding what the characters were saying, i was verrrrrrrrryyyyyyy pleased with the gameplay.

Megaman Network Transmission (GC)- This was a purchace mainly to humor my friend who tends to accompany me on advetnures to Gamestop. I've always been a hater when it comes to Megaman.EXE games and this was no exception. The game was only $2.00 so either way you look at it, you arent getting ripped off. It dosen't play like a normal megaman by any means really. You run like megaman, you jump like megaman, you shoot a buster like megaman... but is it megaman? Not in my oppinion. I understand that the battlechip system is supposed to differ from the previous MM installments but really its not too great. You pick up little chips that have a limit on the times you can use them. each chip serves as a temporary upgrade for Megaman so that he can use things like his saber or a tri shot megabuster. Eh... Its probably just not for me. In any case, its another cheap addition to my collection. *it does have a nice soundtrack though ;)*

This is the part of my blog where ill talk about newer games that I bought...either being NEW or simply Unopened.

Knights in the Nightmare (DS)- This game...this game...this game... Is very fun. I originally bought it as somethign tp do on the plane ride to France for a school exchange trip. Upon buying this game and going home to read the review on IGN , because it had not yet been posted on Gamespot because it was released on that day, I was unhappy to hear aoub t it extremely steep learning curve. However, this proved to be a tad bit of an overstatement. Though the learning cureve might be high, if you go through the very user friendly tutorial once, the rest of the game is a cake walk. Critics have claimed that this game has a great story but I've yet to see it. Over the course of my trip, i played it for maybe 6 hours or a little bit more and im not very impressed wtih the story. I wouldnt recomend this game to everyone but to fans of Final Fantasy Tactics, go for it. Its a great game.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (DS)- Ive always liked the Shin Megami Tensei series, and finally when one came to the DS, I had to buy it. Devil Survivor is a great game anyway you look at it. The storyline is great and keeps you on your toes, and Atlus continues to bring you the difficult challenge they always promise in their Megaten games. Its reminiscent of Dragonquest to me for some reason. Not sure why, but its story reminds me of Deathote... i also dont know why exactly. In any case, its up there as one of my favorite DS games. Top 3 or 4 I'd say. This is a must buy for any RPG fan, despite its difficulty.

Valkykria Chronicles (PS3)- Got this one in France. Why? Becaue ive always wanted to play this game and I wanted a French game to add to my international collection i suppose XD. The game itself is in english, but the writing on the box is in French. It seems stupid that I bought it overseas jsut because of that, but i dont care really. Valkyria Chronicles is a great game. Its reminiscent of Advance Wars in my oppinion with beautiful graphics and a somewhat lighthearted WWIII type story. I highly recomend it. I'm steadily making my way through this game. Slowly but surely.

New Super Mario Bros. (DS)- Got this in France as well, as something to do on the plane ride. Its not very long, seeing as I got through most of it on the ride from Maryland to London, but either way you look at it, its an outstanding game. I wish there were more of theese type games on the DS.

Nintendo DSi - Not much to say about this other than its nice system layout. I got a free copy of New Super Mario Brothers wtih this one.

Chrono Cross (PSX)- I got my hands on a new copy of Chrono Cross while i was at Otakon 2009. Because of my new found love for the Chrono Series, I knew i had to buy this game. To be honest, Im not as fond of it as I was wtih Crhono Trigger. May fans say the same thing, simply because its a very different game. Thats not to say that its a bad game by any means. It has a great story and a great soundtrack, but playing it at this day and age feels somewaht dated. Ims sure I'll get around to playing through the entire game at somepoint but for now, it shall remain as part of my Playstation 1 collection.

That about sums it up. I think thats all of the money i burned this summer =/. After reading this, hopefully i can get my old gamespot friends to read my blogs once again :). And as some of you may be able to see, my gamespot friends oppininons have influenced some of my purchaces over the summer lol. Anyways, untill next time...