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Engaged to cmhawk

Its been quite a while since my last GS blog and quite a lot of things changed during this time. One in particular I'd like to mention is that I grew close to someone whom I met here. We have been friends/more than friends for over 6.5 years and on 7th of this month I met her in person. She is Claire and some of you may know her better as cmhawk.

My trip has ended and there is a lot of things that needs to be done before we can be together again. We decided to get engaged on 19th Oct 2012. Despite the distance between us, our hearts will always be close.

Thank you for everything Claire ({) xxx

HaPpY BiRtHdAy tO Me!

So well lol the day just ended and it was all uber cool apart from my UPS giving troubles. :) Lemme start off with the starting lol(can't ever leave lol's outta blog :oops: ) So yesterday midnight lol a friend gave me kinda a good shock lol with a birthday song not just a friend :D Felt really good about it then was online here and there speaking to friends. As a matter of fact I was supposed to be upset lol love it the way friends can cheer you up in no time :D Oh yea how can I forget how I lazed around without studying Java that I was supposed to lol well it the same even today, lets blame it on the occasion! :oops: yea so more of friends and having fun till around morning umm lol 6 am in the morning then just slept tight for uber 3 hours properly :) It was 9 am by now and guess what wakey wakey time lol so just woke up and got wishes from everyone in the house :D Well mum was making paysam for me(sweet dish just in case u were like O.o :P). Forgot to get online and was just feeling fine about the day then I was lazing around the bed and guess what I got a Java book :shock: lol no worries lol didn't read anything again lol xD sis was just speaking me listening and trying my best not to show that I was feeling sleepy lol so that just went on for a while before I slept a bit and woke up again at 11 am. Just to realize everything was ready for me lol but apparently I didn't brush yet to pound on to the food :P so lol basic stuffs done then food and get online! Just to sleep again and realize that my net disconnected as it always does oh yea forgot to mention that I had tried calling up my admin to fix the ups problem well that was when I woke up first anyways. So were are we lol just slept till it was time for the class, which apparently no one attended except me lol so just went there and got back after checking stuffs for an hour online. LOL I am actually tell u all this lol boring u so well lol I must be a pro ;) Oh well back to the topic. Played war3 quite a bit after I got back home mostly custom games - td's ^^ Was well fun :D lol Woopsie did i tell u about my the new clothes i got? :P hehe a pair of trousers and shirt thats about it. :) So lol what else bet I missed quite a bit of stuffs oh yea Ben posted some comments on myspace saying Happy B'day, so did Neeraj message me too on xfire. lol lol How could I possibly miss this I watched lost Season3 eps19 lol I ended up mostly like I always do watching lost = O.o Then yea I got a record Birthday song(played on guitar) from another friend of mine, Sam. Thank you so much buddy :) And yea you rock with your guitar ^^ LOL last but not the least lol I just(even tho a little after my b'day) pissed off the most annoying friend of mine on msn lol xD Was so much fun lol The best part is that I was as polite as possible. lol she deserves it lol Anyways not much more on it lol :P Thats nearly all about the day leaving the gifts I got from friends :) E-cards I got were so beautiful Thanks all. :) and yea thanks for the wishes dg :) Before ending the blog lol a quick look on what's been happening in my life since my last blog lol: - New union here of war3 - Exams O.o - Java exam(Supposed to be uber tough - gl 2 me) - And lol more tests and exam at college xD - Little of war3 - Little of friends - Lots of lost and pb - A bit of movies - Studies? nah! xD - Loads of lazing around! lol thats all for now ppl! Adios amigos! psst: haven't started java yet :oops:

30th November?

What's so special about this day? May be like many people got their birthdays today. Oh yea one of these many people might be zeeton. And guess what he's three years old! lol three years old sounds funny lol

Don't know but well if you are one of those who don't have much time gaming or studying or doing w/e you like, better don't waste time reading this.

So yea this very day, 3 years back around like 1:30 pm(IST) I played my first warcraft III: tft game lol yea this is when I needed a nick and there was this name that I got even before I could think of putting my real name. Zeeton_red lol dunno many have asked me the meaning of the name. Frankly speaking me don't have a clue of the meaning lol.

So this actually happens to be three years of gaming, warcraft and my birthday :P oh yea three years since I left humanity lol no worries I just meant three years as a night elf :P hehe

There have been many ups and downs in this period well there were countless time when I felt I should quit gaming and may be that feeling still haunts me at times. Let me just split these three years in three little parts to go on with it.

Year I -
The first year, well this was when I was doing my 11th grade, kind of like the mid of the 11th grade, there wasn't much pressure of studies on me then well everyone is like 12th is the important grade 11th is just time pass kind of. I went with the tide and let the elfs of kalimdor take over me.

Well yea so basically there was this clan TG lol my friends clan but yea to get into that clan u are supposed to kick one of the best TG players. Anyways whats this TG? The_Ghosts ;) hehe Well wasn't that far since i got into the clan was like a day when this guy was there in zap(gaming center where we all friends usually play) so this guy was like lets play, I was like ok lol then it was like this guy too undead lol not his race but he was supposed to be the pro lol :P hehe me was humans lol had like a huge nub strategy in mind :P lol let me just speak about the turning point. His tower less base with me rushing with like tons of footies and mountain king lol with defend he had only feinds lol he didnt scout :P hehe ^^ lol was like a level one blot and surround for him then it was more like a gg after his tp got wasted lol tho I couldn't win other games I mean the onces I played like after that shock to him lol he was extra cautious :P

Well yea so this friend of mine nagendran this guy was new to the game too so we used to have like huge battles lol like nubs :P hehe so 1 v 1's usually.

Then later on I met this Vipin guy kinda real cool player he was asking me to play more on bnet I used to play 3 v 3 like nubs lol well later shifted to 1 v 1's. Well so improved a bit with the game.

So thats about gaming part, then came the 12th grade still gaming dunno lol to be frank had a crush on a girl lol which I deeply regret now tho. Don't know but lol another reason for me gaming more was the fact I didnt want to meet her once she stopped speaking to me... Don't know shouldn't have said it anyways. Well so kinda replaced tution classes with zap classes lol well she was there in all my tutions but maths was worse with her for someother reasons. So eventually ended up being one of the classes I attended least.

My stupidity is all I could say about it.

Well nothing much more about it...

Year II -
Well pressure showing up good, me messing classes kind of ended up with me lagging behind in maths and stuffs I don't blame anyone. My fault.

So gaming kinda decreased but then had to focus more on maths and chemistry suffered. And b4 the exams(like 2 months something) my chem teacher was like we expect 90+ from me to my mum and stuffs well ended up with a 64 and 68 in maths and chem respectively. Well kinda messed during the days of exams with gaming a little, not like I didnt study but still messed good. Well over all I got 75% in 12th grade.

Then later I got into BCA(Bach. of Comp Applications) well dad had tons of hope of getting me into engineering. All spoilt. Actually it wasn't that I didnt get the seat. I got it in my native in one of the top colleges after getting some less than 300th rank but then, my interests for engineering were all time low.

I was like I am sorry I don't want to do it. My parents were kinda like ok. Well my life I guess it's my choice. Plus yea programming was one of the things I liked too so suited me well and kept me close to the pc.

Well didn't really meet much of my other friend later dunno kinda felt different from them. Well there were hardly a few who would bother about me anyways. So didn't really make much of a change.

I got these friend, Rohit and Kp(krishna prasad) lol war3 players in zap later on. Just starters tho.

I started gaming more of custom maps of war3 like DOTA and CS too, In bliss(another gaming center) since it was closer to my house.

Around september I got my first ever PC lol not a big thing for anyone but lol was really cool thing that could happen to me. lol the first game i finished was hl on my PC lol hehe just continous gaming. Yea in my college I got this friend of mine Neeraj lol you might be knowing about him :P lol The first semester was little boring but fine. Time just passed just passed!

Year III -

Dec 17- there was a school reunion went for that and met few of my friends who turned up and teachers leaving two who had got transfered. Don't know if I missed anything behind. They got this reunion every year the same day.

Then around the end of december one day me and neeraj cut the classes and got to sify and were gaming. Once we were done playing he was browsing GS. Was pretty curious about gamers around here, thanks to him that I am here hehe nearly a year of a stay here and it has been fun staying here at times dunno some forum ppl just treated me like sh!t for my english. Remember the passion with one guy created an ot in his thread saying: I hate zeeton_red lol was funny didnt know about modding then lol dunno I think I modded him earlier for saying something to me dunno the reason I gave for modding was "Felt bad about it" may be he got modded hence he decided that ot, lol my fault after all. :$ lol well he was the one who started it.

Then there was this CS:Source intercollege tourney which we came second in. Yea there was this zap friend of mine who joined the team and gave a real boost to the team, Stop|Flint lol supposed to be a real cool player. Won some fair deal of cash there. Then later on won nearly the same about for Quake 3 tourney later on.

lol getting late for bed might have to cut this a little short.

Yea on Nov 20th I got my warcraft III: battlechest Original lol :) fun playing there leaving the my stup!d net which gets disconnected and gives ping problems.

GS dunno got something more about it. I found a couple of real good friends, whom i'd love to hug in real Naomi and Aiko dunno they have always been with me. Thank you very much both of you. Really happy that you both are my real awesome friends. lol soz about not being much of a convo maker anyways :P hehe lol smiley wars are fun.

Oh yea GS has been a little saddening for one thing... I mean we are so disunited!!! Dunno if you guys and girls realise it as well but dont u think... We gamers are out numbered already and we split ourselves and get stuck to system wars? why? :(

Before the end the last part. Yea I have had instincts of quitting war3 many times at times studies, at times boredom and at times time dunno everything but don't think that I can do it as of now lol hehe so I'll enjoy the game till I can.

And thank you all for giving me sweet stay time on GS.

love you!

psst: lol remember accidentally clicking on gs bookmark, lol happened on thankgiving day lol got a free icon for a half loaded page :P lol

good day, ciao :)

Oh yea! little near the end part of 3rd year...

Nov 29th - around 8:20 pm - I was looking at the night sky, the moon hiding behind those clouds. Hardly remember the last time I took time to see the moving clouds(lol dont involve physics I know its not only the clouds). Well I dunno I remember saying to myself, "I don't regret". Actually whats happened has happened for the good I think. Gaming still survives and through this entrance into gaming world I have got here and a real awesome friendship. :) Thanks is all I can say now!

"Everything happens for the good" - Unknown Author

May be it takes time realising it? lol dunno

End of Semester III

Yesterday me wrote my last exam of semester 3, and nothing much to really look back at.

lol dunno what else to say about it nothing much i think dunno a big huge soz to everyone for not being on much and to ppl on msn dunno i really cant think of how to make a convo lol bad at it :$ hehe havent been on much anyways

Me have been gaming for like 7 hours earlier lol hehe played like war3, rtcw and hl thats about it dunno might get to more war3 after lunch 

take care ppl
au revoir

Always bad at deciding....

Well kinda on the crossroads... lol ya the probs is that me gotta study and kinda got little works to handle... so CS seems kinda improbable and outta place..

Never had consistency with any game, guess CS would become one of it. Just wud like you opinion dunno but kinda decided about quitting CS and having only war3 as a past time i guess..

Well thats all about the gaming part of life...

Coming on to the college part exams are nearing... model exams start by 9th of this month and semester exams begin by the last day of the month. The best part of all this is that i have got no clue of even a page of any subject. Completely blank about everything. kinda feels like a blind man searching for the black cat in the dark room which is not even there. :P heard this somewhere long ago i was like lol its a dark room the colour of the cat shouldnt matter :P and lol he was blind.

Well everything else is fine.. NOT.... lol yea dunno kinda really upset atm dunno what have i done wrong lol just wondering wondering wondering all over of how life is... lol its easier to run but lol tough to learn how to run :lol:

Dunno was just wondering ppl how much pain is it that one can withstand? lol dunno..

My december - lp atm..... give it all away just have somewhere to go to... does december have meaning more than a month of the calendar year? just wondering...

take care ppl... c ya....

CS... lol dont ask

Hello people! :) Me am here again :)

Well well the cs tourney lol didnt go as expected... I really aint in a mood to b**** about what happened, but in short it was a win then a rematch cuz one guy's comp got hung and stuff
(In the second round btw).... And they won :(

So that ends there lol I dont have anything else to speak about lol

Well cuz of that defeat I was able to meet a friend after an year or so... yup! lol funny co-incidence... After getting knocked out we had loads of time to get to zap and play a bit and in the process I met that guy, shimon or void lol came to know his real name only yesterday lol :oops: well yea so he's gonna be in the clan for the WGT(world grandmasters tourney)

Yea dont you ppl think that gaming makes strangers friends with ease... for example shimon lol I only asked his name now always used to call him void lol :P dunno dont u think that gaming has the magic of friendship in it? and gaming friends kinda last longer? just wondering lol

So thats all about it for now... more updates to come later on... :)

Take care ppl,
See ya :) *waves*

Good day! :)

Quake3 tourney + a n00b in a pro clan = first prize!!! :D

You heard it right ;) :D

This all calls for a huge LOL!! Well, lemme write about the whole yesterday that'd be best for the time being. :D

I left home at around 7:30am in the morning. Well I had to reach this college which was in the ourskirts of the city. So I left around that time to the bus stop and from there I got the bus with the number M5 to get to a place called kelambakam. Phew an 1 and a 1/2 hour journey ended. Now from there to college took an auto omg lol this place was kinda a desert lol i mean not much of ppl to be see around.:P

Well this college was damn huge and walking from one department to another department wud end you saying "omfg" :P lol So then after a little deal of searching I finally found neeraj after 30 mins of search in an auditorium lol. by now the time was around 9:20.

Well then later after sometime I was informed that there is one of my friends clan playing Quake3 and are a member short ^^ time for me to enter lol good thing that I knew quite a few maps :P So then one of my friend were advising me stuffs and what to do.

It was a team DM(Death match), the major advise that was given to me was if you die and things aint going fine wait a little and click(respawn). Well they were like o_O after checking the rules it was a TeamDM of 4 v 4 and race to 15 initially. They were like it was pretty less.

Anyways we had to start like that. So now the warm round was going on and it was summat like they said now its live and refreshed. They didnt refresh the score.. o_O it was 1-7 and my friend was like wtf how when and one of my other friend was still changing settings lol initially the mouse wasnt working hence he had to change to another system(note this point). Our opponents were good too atleast 2 of them were too proish lol. Well now they were like counting the gauntlet kill lol spelt it wrong I guess. Something like meelee killing weapon lol. Well so then suddenly someone says 12-14 lol and my friend was like fuk lol he's gonna kill me and takes his best shot lol and it was summat like game over then we realised that we won the first prelims!! yipee :D 15-12 lol someone read the score the otherway round lol :P

Yippee :D lol well so far so good I got one frag in this match lol :D :oops: Well then the friend who changed the system was like whoa the systems are really awesome where as everyone else was like it sux he was like lol i got 135-140 fps lol I didnt know what it meant but others were getting some 65-90 fps according to another friend.

Well alls good that ends good. Yea so initially there were 20 teams. Now 10 go to the second prelims. Now this time everyone was a little pissed off cuz of the low frag limit and friendly fire lol.

The second prelims was at around 1 now so lotsa free time and lol more walking to the canteen and everywhere else under the sun and sore knees already lol

Well so the second round was gonna start. Now the ESWC(Electronic Sports World Cup) champ and his clan arrive late and they are like we gave the names(they were in the 20 anyways). They were like we were playing this that lol hence late. Now the organisers was like u are late ur fault and one of the other guy in their clan says we have to play cuz we are the pros o_O lol they are but lol highly over confident imo.

Well then they spoke in private and as far as I know Deka(one of them) said that he told the organiser that they own some gaming place in the city and the organiser was really polite and asked for his name lol. In turn he was like "you want to know my name just because I own a gaming center?" lol eventually they were given a by and were supposed to play us in the 2nd round of prelims.

So the game began lol and we won and the best thing is I got 1 frag again lol and that too the meelee weapon one ^^ lol was funny btw the ammo thro out the tourney was half of the usual stuff so machine gun too had only 50 bullets and stuff and in the second prelims it was Race to 10. Yea lol dont u guys wanna know the margin? :P 10 - -1(minus 1) whoa ^^ :D

Well lol those guys were no were seen around since that.

Well so now 5 teams qualified for the third round. And suddenly they were like oh well we dont have 6 teams to make proper matches so... lets bring in a team from their own college. And we were like "how cud u" and well it went on.

So in the third round it was dm6 lol first one was lol dont remember second was dm1.(map names btw might have got it wrong too) Well this round we were to play another team which have flawlessly won so far so little nervous but well lol the time each game took was so less that there wasnt enough time to be nervous :P lol in this round i got 0 frags but lol our team won 10-4. :D *hides*

Then now 3 teams left! and it was something like we play one of the other teams and the victor plays with the host's college team. Well lol my friend was pissed and was saying that they are ensuring that their college is first or second somehow lol I was kinda blank about whats happening and was nervous lol :P

Well so now we play the other team lol and was Race to 20 this time and i got 3 frags :D yippe! :D

Well so the finals wasnt a death match it was a capture the flag.

Well when the warm up began my friend was like hmm somethings worng. He was like cheaters they are taking only those systems forever and check the graphics and in my comp rocket launcher blast is kinda pixelating. And remember the part of my friend getting 140 fps that was cuz he was using one of those comps.

They played good and we got kicked 4-8 :( and apparently they were practising the map for ages. btw I got 20 frags in it but didnt help :(

Well later one of my friends told to the organiser that first of all u werent supposed to participate cuz u were conducting itself. Well after a little bit of mess they realised their mistakes and lol we got our deserving victory. lol they were scared if the other friend of mine wud ask them who won on the stage lol :P He was too bold lol wonder if I cud speak like that ever lol :oops:

Well later after a little more delay we got our 3k for 4 so I got my share of Rs 750. Later on we came back by their college buy to adyar by 5 pm.

And lol Neeraj got his treat in Zap(a gaming center) and cake world :P lol

Well by nearly 7 to 8 we got home lol :P

And that was the end of pretty tiring and a cool day ;)

Well tmrw and day after too we got CS tourney in the same college lol hope they dont mess and hope we do good! Would be a good deal of practise for our clan too :D

Well take care ppl :)
c ya.

End game...

Everything that has a beginning must end.

Well each one of you might have finished one game or the other till now rite?

Was just wondering how does it feel when you are near the End game and/or after you finish it? Dunno in my case the game just goes by me, never realised too much of emotions while near the end game. :lol: Just get it finish it :P or forget it :P

Take care ppl, byeee....

Hello there...

Current song in the playlist - Sand in my shoes.

Hi Everyone... So today I am here again to update you, with the life of someone who doesnt mean anything to anyone. Well so why this update? Dunno just dunno. May be to write out what he feels.

First of all todays online CS practise... Dunno was not feeling that good tonite and was watching lost, nice time for Neeraj to disturb with some stupid conference initially and then asking me for the clan practise. Oh well I havent learnt saying NO to anything properly. My fault! So I went for the practise, there wasnt any time where I felt proud of going for the practise it was all so Annoying! Well later almost after 2 hours another friend from GS joined Reetesh lol proper timing was kinda getting pissed off over limits. Not at Reetesh of course but well basically at myself.. So I properly was taking out my mood at Neeraj, poor him. Hey sorry about all that crap.

Hmm yea then later on was feeling low about myself. A bit low about how I am. Dunno I remember a funny fact something like one of my clan mate was like u are the best blah blah just to give me some confidence. He reckons that I am really good where as I myself admit that I am crap at that game.

Woopsie I am yet to sort out the work stuffs and yea lol yet to open my accounts book.

Later on I got myself a new avatar lol dunno why did it make me feel good. Took me hardly a few mins to make it. My favorite colours are there too ^^ red and black :) Rate it guys! :)

Well kinda getting better I guess gave one of my other friends a trouble speaking to lol I can mess up real good when I am upset lol Well sorry for that too.

Dont I say too many sorries? Was wondering about the same earlier, dunno. Well its a huge story, not so huge. :P Well for all those who dont know me much. They just'd need to know that I cant do even a single thing PERFECTLY, always end up doing some mistake or the other :( And the never so perfect me had to be sorry for all the things I did just for the same reason. Dunno never didnt want to offend anyone with my doings but well, in this path of life I must have hurt many, countless times. And to add to all this I guess I got some kinda inferiority complex, well this is the best ingredient to the problem I have. So the equation wud be like My improper work + IC = More stupid work, feeling sorry and worse.

Well anyones got any solution for me? Dunno have always been like this lol Feels so worthless. For few of those who remember that one of my friend told me quite a few months ago that I am kinda a waste of life. Well at the very moment I feel like agreeing to it lol. Phew he aint telling anything of that kind now.

Well so lifes all fine and going good at the moment apart from the above probs.

Well take care ppl... Just hoping that I dont regret writing this blog.

Take care ppl,
Good day,
C ya.

Psst: btw changed the avatar now. took quick rite? :P

Clan practise....

Remember me telling about the clan practise yesterday? D'oh I was late to wake up and couldn't go there. And one of my friend was really upset at me. :(

Day after we got the tourney coming up, well kinda ok deal of practise for it so far I guess.

Oh well we got some accounts class test, well just gonna be conducted for fun I guess :P lol well gotta be reading a little for it. So yea little studies tonite and kinda got a little bit of pending work so will have to finish it too.

Apart from that I guess everything is kinda going ok.

Well was just wondering: does popularity make ppl think that they are everything?

Kinda just came to know about an incident where it was something like a friend of mine had seen a video on tv b4 in which 1 of Avril lavigne fans wanted 2 give her a gift, so gave it 2 like the body guard person 2 give her. So he gave it and she was like "I dont want that junk." So the body guard gave it back 2 the fan...

Poor fan :( well hmm shame that such things happen but how often does such things happen? just wondering...
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