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Agent Site Launched

Rockstar Games have launched Agent Playstation 3 Exclusive Website. The website doesn't have any media or Game Details yet except a Agent Logo. In the email to all the Rockstar Games subscribers it says Media and Details coming soon.

Source: Agent

GTA Chinatown Wars heading to PSP

Rockstar Games has announced Today that Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars will be heading for Playstation Portable (PSP) on UMD and for downloadable Version for PSP on Playstation Store . Chinatown Wars for PSP will have all new story Missions, Upscaled Widescreen Graphics and enhaned lighting and Animation. Chinatown Wars will be coming this fall.

"We're proud to extend this truly unique handheld Grand Theft Auto experience to PSP and offer a downloadable version of Chinatown Wars for PSP®go," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. "Rockstar Leeds has shown incredible talent in creating games that raise the bar in terms of depth and innovation on portables, and with Chinatown Wars we have a rich, fast-paced, and incredibly addictive entry into the series."

"Rockstar's work with the GTA series has been an enormous part of the success of PlayStation platforms," said Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. "We're excited to welcome the critically acclaimed Chinatown Wars to the outstanding line-up of great games headed to the PSP platform this fall."

GTA Chinatown Wars PSP BoxArt

Stay Tuned to Stargames!

Press Conference: TakeTwo

Offcial Website: GTA Chinatown Wars

Max Payne 3 Official Release Date?

Play contacted Live Playstation about Max Payne 3 Release Date. Play also said they received this Release Date by Max Payne 3 Developers (Rockstar Vancouver).

Play.com told Live Playstation:
"Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding the release date of Max Payne 3. Please be advised that the release date for this item, currently scheduled for 30/10/09, has been given to us by the developers of the game."

Now, we are not sure this is true because Live Playstation made a mistake about saying Friday, 20 November, didn't Play say 30/10/09. We will have to wait and hear more from Rockstar Games.

Source: Live Playstation

GTA IV PC Patch Released

Rockstar Games have released another PC Patch for Grand Theft Auto IV. This is a Big update because it says "-Resource management adjustments based on the operating system detected."

Maintenance Update:

-Resource management adjustments based on the operating system detected.

Manual Download: To Download this Patch download the patch we provided below save it to your home drive. Open the patch and follow the instruction to install the update. Once done Launch GTA IV.


Auto: Log into Games for Windows Live from Grand Theft Auto IV.

Download: Version

Rockstar Games Presents The Bicycle Race

Rockstar Games Sponsoring The David Walker Memorial 36th Annual Skyscraper Harlem Cyclying. The Race takes place in Marcus Garvey Park in the historic neighborhood of Harlem, NYC.

Taking Place this Sunday Father's Day June 21st, 2009. Rockstar Games will also be handing out T-shirts, Stickers and other Goodies. Don't Miss this Father's Day Bicycle Race!

Source: Skyscraper

2 New GTA Bundles

Gamestop is selling 2 New Grand Theft Auto Bundles. One is for PC Including Grand Theft Auto Trilogy (III, Vice City, San Andreas). And for Playstation 2 (PS2) GTA Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories. Both bundles are for $29.99 USD.Playstation 2 Bundle will be release June 23rd, 2009, and for PC June 30, 2009.

Grand Theft Auto LCS/VCS Bundle (PS2)

Grand Theft Auto PC Trilogy

Source: PC Trilogy, PS2 GTA Bundle

Max Payne 3 Voice Actor

Rockstar Vancouver are looking for a new Voice Actor for Max Payne 3. James McCaffrey the guy who did Max Payne 1 and 2 Voice Acting. Well if you guys are thinking why Rockstar is looking for a new Voice Actor for Max Payne because in Max Payne 3 the character is old and James McCaffrey had a younge voice so Rockstar wants a guy who has morecynical tone.

Game Informer Magazine out in July 2009.

Max will be able to take human shields, and will be able to recover from near-death with a last-minute bullet to his murderer restoring some adrenaline. You can also expect the slow-motion gunplay to expand out into more elaborate set-pieces.

The game will, however, retain a lot of the series' calling cards, despite this being the first Max Payne game developed in-house at Rockstar (the first two were by Remedy), and despite the switch of location to Sao Paolo, Brazil.

More Details coming soon stay tuned to Stargames