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This website has changed a lot...

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...since I last used it on a regular basis. I kinda laughed a bit looking at some of my older blog posts again, some of the things I said were just stupid. I don't even know what half of the things I said mean anymore.

I actually like the way this place looks now, loads fast as hell. I went through my games and put my collection on here so I can keep track of it and whatnot, that worked out pretty slick. Also I left every union I used to be in, I was still an officer in three of them somehow.

If anyone reads this (which I highly doubt anyone will), drop a comment or something if you somehow remember me from an old union or whatever. And if the dude that made my sig and avatar sees this thanks again, I still think they're the **** even if you made them for me a few years ago.

Alright then.

Hype always wins

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I signed up on that giantbomb.com thing. So if you want to add me my username there is zdmetal2101 same as here. that is all.

Got suspended from Live

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Now I'm bored out of my mind and I don't even know what I did wrong. Anybody gettin GRID or Nascar 09? Well thats it I have nothin to say, have a good day...

Anyone have Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band?

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I need some peeps to play online with, especially Rock Band (GT is SPDN zdmetal send FR to that). On a side note I have reached level 21 and have finally gotten out of the dreaded level 20 yay! and about the reviews I said I am going to be writing they are going to be on GH3 and Forza 2 maybe another if I feel like it.

Long time no blog

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Well I haven't been on this site for probably a couple months now and its no wonder, oh how this site has gone to hell especially the reviews they are really behind, there hasnt been a new review for afew days, and they have complete scrubs reviewing the games who dont even appear to have profiles on the site.

Anyways I haven't done much since my last post besides the fact that I joined Speednationand in case you want to know its like aForza 2 club thingyummm....I now have like 23,000 gamerscore and I have about 20 games now.

And in alphabetical order heres a list for those of you who are really bored-

1. Assassins Creed
2. Bioshock
3. Call of Duty 4
4. Flatout Ultimate Carnage
5. Forza 2 (of course)
6. Guitar Hero II
7. Guitar Hero III
8. Halo 3
9. Madden 08
10. Mass Effect
11. Moto GP 07 (I got it for free when they had buy 2 get 1 free at gamestop)
12. MX vs. ATV Untamed
13. Need for Speed ProStreet
14. TESIV Oblivion
15. PGR4
16. Rainbow Six Vegas
17. Rock Band (the full monty)
18. Shadowrun (meh...)
19. skate.
20. The Orange Box

I will probably be writing a couple reviews so expect them soon. I also dont know if this is a comeback or not so stay tuned :)

I dont wanna go to school!!!!

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Well school is upon us or at least me, I go back the fourth. I haven't really been on this site much at all but I log in occasionally. I have done next to nothing this whole freakin summer except game and mow the lawn. The ony good thing about school this year is that im gonna have easy as hell classes so hopefully I get straight a's......pshh who am I kiddin yeah right.

Ok so I know right before I stopped coming on here I said I wanted to get 10,000 gamerscore well now Im at almost 20,000! Well 18,000 something. So yeah thats proof that I have done nothing figgin 8,000 gamerscore in one summer how rediculous. For upcoming games I am really looking forward to Skate and Stanglehold wish I had some dough.

Well ahh yea thats about it...oh the GS review for Bioshock is complete **** 9.0? everybody else gave it a nearly perfect score jesus what picky bastards

You all may as well demote me in all of your unions...

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I am never on here anymore so yea you may as well just demote me cause to make a forum post it takes roughly 10 mins. per post cause it takes so damn long to load. By the way does anybody want my union? I have pretty much moved on to another site called gametrailers.com becuase it doesn't take fourteen years to load I will still be here so if anyone ever wants to send mea pm for the hell of it feel free.

I really haven't been doing much this summer I bought a couple of games like Ridge Racer 6, Def Jam Icon, Dead or Alive 4, Forza 2, and DiRT and in a few weeks I will be getting Nascar 08. i also have gotten a few CDs too like the new Velvet Revolver and 3 inches of blood the **** rule.

How u guys doin?