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Games that were missed 2

If your reading this then welcom to another post of games that were missed games that seemed passed up but are worth a chance. They can also ease the waiteing paine of wii and or ps3.

Red Alarm (virtual boy) probley one of the gems of the vb (besides wario world and mario tennis) red alarm dose have wier frame graphics and in only red and black but the challeng this puts you up to is great. The fast pace (for vb) and you eyes trying to process whats comeing up and what things are will mess with a bit (gave me a head rush) the stages are challengeing and the boss battles will have you dogeing and fiering to victorey. Fighting with a plane is real fun on the vb.

HOOK (Sega Cd) Hok may have been a movie tie in but the game will put your sidescrolling skills to the test. Stages are well disgiend to resemble seans from the movie and they are heard. After each stage your thrown into a boss fight.Boss fighting can get you angery but requier a diffrent aproch then just hack n slash. Suer hook is on the nes ans snes but the sega cd has sound track like the movie and 3d images of the island, hooks boat and lots more. TThis is one of the sega cd's good game

WarLocked (gbc) Warlocked proves turnbase games can be done on the gbc. if you played final fantasey tactics and age of empiers til lthey were wore out then heres a new one for you. With great trops to comand smart AI and a great storey to boot your looking at a fun time here. So turn base fans look this up and get it.

Crystalis (Nes,Gbc) Sadley crystalis(remake) was on the same systom as links awakeing so it was looked at as underpar. This game accualy gives some good action and a long storey with pluntey of secrits to uncover. A grand quest passed up just cuse of zelda

Final Fantasey Adventuer (GB) If zelda had final fantasey spells ,lot more weapons, ass kicking bosses,  tear jearking moments and a masterfull score you'd get this. Thas basscily what it is. But don't be  thrown off it's not a zelda rip off it fells like it's own game. ith rpg elments and great action. FFA is one game that zelda like fans would be crazey to pass up

Well this ends another post in "Games that were missed) i hope you enjoy theas games as much or more than I did.

Games that were missed

Shadow Man (N64 PC, Dream Cast)

Shadow man is a lond action adventuer game that's scarey and  dark. it revolves around a guy named mikel (AKA Shadow man) your task is to get all the dark souls. You switch between the liveing world and the dead world. it's a leavel to leavel base game where you collcet things. The leavels are not linear but really open. Each world offers some cool leavels and some great  action (thoe i thought dead offerd better) it's a long game that should ease the wii/ps3 waiteing game.

Note: there is probley some one who will point out shadow man is for the play station but that version was done poorley so it should be avioded.

Bodey Harvest: (N64) A si fi thierd person shooter. Bodey harves also offers some good action and open ended missions, lots of weapons, cars,tanks,motercycles,planes to high jack. Each mission takes about 30 minouts to beat and will keep you runnig al over the map. The score of the game really sets the mood and one of the best I heard on the N64.

Bust A Groove (PS) Simple,Fun. Addctive. This danceing game is corkey and cheery as it gets. Ther gameplay is so simple most any bodey (not my little sisster or my little cousiens) can play it. Just press the right buttons in the right time and you get to see some awsome dance moves play out. This makes the game rewarding. The music is catchey and corkey. How could you not like a rap about hamburgers? The musci will get stuck in your head and or singing along with it. Some will be annoyied.

Toney hawlk american skate land (DS) For some reason this game is not selling. Theres hardly any one on wifi any more and it made it's way to the bargen bin. The graphics work witth shell shadeing that looks great in motion (dont let the screens thorw you off) The game is long for handheld and the multi player is great. It's just to bad it came out with mario cart ds.

Well theres some games for now. I hope I helped you with games that can pass the time til lwii and ps3 comes out.