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Red Ring Of Death

the other day i thought my xbox 360 console was going to red ring of death or the abbreviation... rrod.

the strangest thing happened, the circle of lights only brought up one red light on the bottom left (my console is horizontal). still, before that happened, the whole circle flashed red and i thought my console had had its day. but, it came back to life and is working fine now since then!

i am not lieing to you, this really happened!

Cheap Games Online

it appears that my discovery of 50 cent: blood on the sand was only a one off discovery of now, $10NZ. the game is good, i am not knocking that... but i have browsed the other games on the site and all are about $100NZ. my opinion has changed about buying online or at least,from

i viewed conan and rogue warrior (even though i know it is apparently a terrible game)... i also viewed midnight club: los angeles... which seems like a fun fast paced racing simulation through los angeles. they were the only three cheap games which i guess with me, is okay. i also liked the saboteur and just cause 2, which are both action sandbox games. just cause 2 i have been playing the demo very much as of late.

i am having second thoughts about buying nrl live on september 2nd, because it will cost about $120NZ... but with a free rugby ball? not enticed to buy... i am sorry... eb games.

the search for a new game to play, after deleting all my years progress on my xbox 360... continues.

Hacked... Again...

so... my gamespot account was hacked... this must be the second or third time.

i should onlybe relieved that my password wasn't changed, locking me out of my gamespot. i think i know who is behind this.

well, little green men, you have won the battlebut not the war.


just under 4000g of gamerscore gone... it took me about a year to make that up.

being such an achievement whore so being obsessed with my gamerscore, on the bright side, this will give me a chance to start over with new games... probably starting with the national rugby league game on september 2nd then the sims 3 in late october.

i woke up yesterday morning and felt like i kind of missed all my work on my xbox over the past year... though. nevermind.

An Xbox Curse?

no, not the red ring of death. but this curse that makes me not want to play viva pinata: trouble in paradise and dead space. what am i waiting for? i just lay there on my couch and when the thought crosses my mind, i feel so tired.

i am however playing red alert 3 still. not as much as i have been, and even that game puts me off playing my xbox 360 totally sometimes. i must be going through some kind of phase of laziness when it comes to playing my xbox 360 although i still clean the house and exercise regularly. this curse hasn't found its way into those aspects of my life just yet.

plus, i don't get it. i don't get how i can get 50 cent: blood on the sand and complete most of the game in nine hours straight on the day of delivery... that must have required some strength.

i have told myself the games i will be likely playing will be like blood on the sand. tomb raider: legend, tomb raider: underworld,the saboteur... others which i am sure are on my wishlist.

another nrl game is coming out soon and for the first time on the xbox 360... one to look out for. and hey, if the new zealand warriors don't get the granddaddy prize which is the premiership after winning a grand final... then in the game, with my guidance, i can.

i need like an xbox 360 exorcist. :lol:

An Attempt At Avatar

this morning i decided to hire avatar, the game of the famous james cameron film.

well, i got it home and after an hour i thought i just couldn't be bothered playing more of the game and took it back. when i did get home after that i just laid down on my couch all tired and worn out as if i had been working hard all day.

another go at avatar will have to be left for another day.

Bang Bang You're Dead

i was able to clean up the rest of the achievements on 50 cent: blood on the sand this afternoon that i could. i have learnt that the other ten achievements that you are rewarded with by playing as a g-unit member is only co-op. i don't have xbox live and so i can't connect and play with someone else somewhere else and get those achievements. the game however has been one hell of a ride. in my review, i talk about playing for nine hours straight and after that, my body and my head were so tired. it was cool. i gave the game a seven.

for some unknown reason, the thought of playing viva pinata: trouble in paradise makes me cringe. perhaps i will leave it till last before i play other games. i rented avatar a few months ago so i might rent it again and get more gamerscore. that game is kind of like blood on the sand. do you know what? i had a dream last night in my bed that i was playing the james cameron film. gaming in my dreams? its true.

another game that makes me cringe is dead space. it is dead space and viva pinata that are making me feel like playing them is a chore. 50 cent: blood on the sand was a non-stop shoot em' up for hours on end and i enjoyed it. red alert 3 can take hours for only some missions and that makes the game immersive.

there is another good 1500g that i should be able to score with the current games on my system, which are those above. my gamerscore, by the way, if you haven't been reading my comments... is 3600. small. i have had my xbox 360 for just over a year and i get over 500g on every game but so far... viva pinata, dead space and avatar i have achieved next to nothing.

yesterday i was in eb games andi saw tomb raider legend and tomb raider underworld at bargain bin prices. if it wasn't for viva pinata and dead space, i would have bought them both and started on them when i got home. nevertheless, those two games are two i would like to play. lara croft is truly a gaminglegend.

- - - - -

what a babe.

Moving On...

last night i decided i had enough with the allied leningrad mission and decided to move on to my next challenges, the missions in the empire of the rising sun campaign. i am on mission two of that campaign.

i think that if i can never complete the leningrad mission if i try a few more times, then i will give up and move on to the next game. i want to complete viva pinata: trouble in paradise and find out exactly how to play as a g-unit member so i can complete 50 cent: blood on the sand.

also, i have dead space on my system but to be honest and i don't know why, the mere thought of viva pinata and dead space makes me ache with tiredness and so i have trouble getting motivated to play those games.

- - - - - - The Last Line Of Defence

yesterday i downloaded and printed some walkthroughs to help me with red alert 3. but, so far, i had more luck with my own strategy which was build my base behind the civilian garrisonable structures and rely on air power, my secret command protocol and superweapons. i figure that if i had of relied on timebombs and had tanya ready to paradrop onto the premiers fortress, i would have mission accomplished by now with those differences.

i am getting tired of leningrad, i really am. but i will no doubt try again soon then once i have made it, i will start on the empire of the rising sun campaign. i am completing all campaigns on the hard difficulty.

So... The Soviets Are Putting Up A Fight?

i played red alert 3 for a few hours this afternoon and got as far as the launching pad of the premier where he is about to take off to the moon. i threw one of my special weapons, two century bombers but forgot to use the cyro-blast andattempted to take it out with one athena bomber via the chronosphere but guess what? the structure has so many health points it isn't funny! i think i was almost in dis-belief.

allied mission nine, leningrad, is truly one of the most difficult missions i have ever had to fight over the entire time playing command and conquer excluding one from the first game, nod mission six or seven or something...

i am thinking about referring to an achievement guide or walkthrough to get some hints and tips because this is getting silly.