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My Xbox 360 Wireless Controller keeps disconnecting. How can I deal with this BIG problem? Also, what is the cause of this problems? I need HELP quickely.
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Why isn't Gamecube getting any more games.It's always Xbox 360,Wii,PS2,PSP,PS3,DS.It's so unfair.Why is this happening.
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Lego Star Wars,Lego Star Wars 2 The Orginial Troilgy.I also like Super Mario Sunshine,Super Smash Brothers,Spongebob:Battle for Bikini Bottom.Spongebob:Creature from the Krusty Krab.Avatar:The Last Airbender,Spider Man 1 and 2.Shadow The Hedgehog.I am going to get more games but these are my favorites so far.

My top favorites:

1.Lego Star Wars

2.Lego Star Wars 2 The Orginial Troilgy

3.Spongebob:Battle For Bikini Bottom

4.Shadow The Hedgehog

5.Spongebob:Creature from the Krusty Krab