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Why don't I ever get comments?

I haven't got comments on any of my blogs for a long time. I feel left out, and I feel that I don't even exist. I wish I could get some more comments. If anyone of you post comments, Thanks, and I will feel much better.

Long Hiatus, Future

As many of you maybe noticed, I haven't been on TV.Com for a Very Long Time. Because of this, I probably won't be on the Boards for another long time. But, I will still be checking in on the Avatar Boards to see If they are any new news concerning new episodes or other things. I will mostly be on the Blogs and I will be checking in on my friends. You all been great friends, and I actually might be leaving TV.Com in a few months.

Help Me!

I have to write a 175-200 word summary on a fiction book. I also have to write a 75-100 word saying if I would recommend that book. All my friends and classmates also have to do it. My mean reading teacher said my friends and I have to do it. Help Me.

I am so angry.

My mean reading teacher is making my class write a summary of a book. It has to be 175-200 words. Can you believe it? My reading teacher is so mean. All my friends agree with me. I feel sorry for my friends and me. My friends never watch Avatar and I don't know why. They gotta know of this great show.

One more reason why I leave the boards.

There is one more reason why I'm leaving. No one ever comments on my blogs and I am so lonely like anime. I wish more people can comment more on my blogs but since that really isn't working, I will be leaving. I will still check on you guys.

Avatar Season 3

Avatar Season 3 premeire The Awakening was awesome.It makes me hungry and curious for even more new episodes.Aang having hair is so cool and shocking.The new outfits look cool too.I also finally got to see Ozai's face.I loved it when Aang did that surfing move. I can't wait to see The HeadBand which Aang goes to firenation school and Katara and Sokka pretends to be his parents.I just saw Aang made a picture of Fire Lord Ozai out of noodles which was so funny.I also saw Zuko hire a new villan to search for Team Avatar.I can't wait to see Aang's firebending,Toph's earth and metal bending,Zuko's firebending,Iroh's new voice, and more.I can't wait to see the rest of Season 3.

Avatar Rocks.

Season 3 rocks.

Aang,Sokka,Azula,Ozai,Zuko,Toph rock.

Just got into 6th Grade.

I just went to 6th grade a few weeks.I thought middle school is a nightmare but it's not that bad.I have one more thing to say.


Speech Contest

I won a second place metal for a speech contest.I and the other contestants had a pizza party with soda,cookies and other goodies.It will be a night to remember.

Video Games: Lego Star Wars 1 and 2

A few months ago I got Lego Star Wars 1 and 2.It was so fun.I played it every weekend and on Christmas break and Spring break.I beat Lego Star Wars 1 and still have to beat Lego Star Wars 2 The Original Troilgy.Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are my favorite characters on Lego Star Wars 2.Leia,Han,C-3PO and R2-D2 are cool to.Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker,Count Dooku,General Grevious,Chewbacah are my favorite characters on Lego Star Wars 1.I still want to get Avatar The Last Airbender The Video Game.
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