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Starting over here...

My friend asked me to get back on here, so I decided to give it a go. For the longest time I couldn't remember my password, and the email I used to create this account so it's just been sitting here collecting dust haha. Anyway yeah, just posting this for no real reason other than to have something new.

Yuinode is back!!! For the... 3rd, or maybe 4th time now? O_o

Lol, keep going on and off, and it's been a while yet again since i've been here, I really believe that this time i'll be on frequently. Kinda sucks that you get swept up in things and completely forget about how much fun you had just doing simple things like chatting with friends online. Anyway yeah, blah blah blah... Life story and so on... I'm back once again, and to those of you that do remember me after so many times of being absent for like a year or two, you guys are awesome!

Well in any case, i'll be re-doing my profile and blog stuffs, so ignore all the "This image has been deleted" pictures for the moment lol! XD

wow, getting spammed on GS is sad... lol

I just got a message from someone telling me to go to this site to chat with them.... yeah i'm really that stupid...

lol just saying it's pretty bad when they are spamming GS now, I mean come on man XD

Anyway yeah i'm reporting it as "offensive" and going on with life lol >_>

Just got AIM up, and Photobucket... Lame!

Well I just got a new name for my AIM account, since I haven't used it in years... If you guys have it and want to talk sometime my name on there is "Snookies12"

Also just putting it out there that photobucket really bites! I deleted all my pics off there, but I have to wait a month before it will even show the 3 pics I left in my album... which are basically my avatar, my sig, and my banner...

lol makes me angry, oh well hope to see some of you on AIM soon :D

I've been playing Warcraft alot lately lol

My account just ended today sadly, but i'm going to be getting it back up within a few days here... Just wondering if anyone plays it? If so, what server do you guys play on?

Other than that though, I have absolutely nothing else to do, since I have no job at the moment.

Well i'll talk to you guys soon k, later

....I guess i'm back for those who remember me

I really don't know why this happened, but it seems that I was not allowed on gamespot for the longest time, I would try to go to the site, and it would tell me "I did not have permission to view this page or something" like that...

I tried getting back on for the past few months until my brothers computer came in, which is what i'm using now, which thankfully seems to work...

Anyway... I'm just telling ya'll i'm back for a while, although I will not be on much since I can't get on with my own computer :(

So, I hope you guys will still like to talk, whoever kept me in their friends list XD

Sorry I haven't been on...

I had to get a new computer, because my old one died on me a few nights ago :(

umm... I'm still setting this one up so I won't be on today either, but i'll be back tomorrow, I'll talk to you all soon :)

Well, I'm back :)

I haven't been on for like 2 days now, because my router kept messing up so I had to switch providers...

umm... other than that nothing else really going on... I think i'm just about to give up looking for my camera cord...

and for some reason i'm not getting any of the new emblems that I've met requirements for... :?

Because i've voted Twice! and I should be getting that one for rating games, but I haven't... I don't know it is kind of lame >_>

oh well, i'll see you guys on the boards :P

Yay! I'm at 50 friends now :D

I thank all my friends for being awesome :D

I would really like to thank Anbu, one of my newest friends, for helping me out with the union...

I will most likely do another of my thanking my friends blog's tomorrow, so check for that ;)

P.S. I still can't find that freakin' cord!!! :x

Ahhh! Can't find the cord... >_>

Great! I have the video on my camera, but I can't find the cord that connects it to the computer... :(

And it's not just a regular USB cord, It only works with a special thing... :x

Well, I'll post it once, I can find the darn thing.... >_>