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Hi all!

Well... I haven't been here in ages, in fact... I kind of have been so busy with life and all, I just... haven't been here.

So a quick lowdown, because... well I'm at work and need to get back to it.

1. I graduated college this year! Yay! :D

2. I got a job at Gaikai (woot woot!)

3. I have a 2 year anniversary with my girlfriend coming in June

4. I have really nothing else to report.

I mean, it's been so long. I am sure there are lots of smaller details. I haven't visited Gamespot in ages... I'm surprised I remember my account information lol. I hope everyone is doing well. If you even remember who I am. I don't know if I like the new Gamespot design.

Overall, life has been going pretty good. How about you guys? :)

Welp. I should probably get back to work. :D


Catherine Review

Note: Be sure to read the FULL review at my site here: Technical Marvels

Catherine is unlike any other game out there. Simply put, this game is a player choice driven adventure game that offers a very different setting and premise unlike any other game out there. Catherine took me by surprise, and has won my heart over as one of the sleeper hits of this year. If you're one that thinks video games just aren't original, creative, or capable of telling a very engrossing and thought provoking narrative, Catherine may change that.

The Immoral Beast

Catherine puts gamers in the role of Vincent, a wishy washy indecisive man, who can't decide where he wants to go within his life with his lover Katherine. Katherine, who is Vincent's long time girlfriend, is getting impatient with our fickle minded protagonist's decision to marry her, and Vincent, who is happy with the way things currently are, doesn't want to lose Katherine. One night at the bar, Vincent gets drunk, has a weird nightmare, and the next morning wakes up next to a blonde bombshell named "Catherine." (That's right, Catherine with a "C.")

Read more here

Dead or Alive: Dimensions Review Up

Dead or Alive Dimensions (DOA: D) marks Tecmo's latest entry of their fighting game series in over six years since Dead of Alive 4, and it brings with it a wealth of content for fighting game fans and fans of the series alike. Don't let the small size fool you, DOA: D brings with it a bunch of great features that shows off the 3DS's wireless capabilities and a new chronicle mode that helps beginners ease into the game's simple yet complex fighting system. If you're new to the series or a veteran, and love fighting games, you should read on to see why this game has become one of my personal favorite 3DS titles.

The Dead of Alive series has been known for primarily two things.

  • Fast paced 3D combat with a countering system that allows you to turn the tide on your opponents in a flash.
  • Multi-tier level and Danger Zone stages that allow the fight to continue on beyond the normal "ring out" barriers. (oh and beautiful woman wearing lots of pretty clothes.)

While the series does receive criticism (for or against) about it's femme fatales protagonists, who fight in skirts, dresses, and just about almost anything where a high kick will reveal their flavor in under garments underneath, the series is also a 3D fighter that does offer a simple and intuitive fighting system to learn but plenty of room for in-depth fighting game fans to learn and master.

What makes the series unique from other fighters, is how stages are more like sprawling levels. You can throw an opponent down a flight of stairs and continue the fight, or throw an opponent out the window of a 10 story building and continue the fight on a nearby rooftop. The different tiered levels adds a layer of strategy and depth, as players have to also be aware of their surroundings and what attacks will benefit them in the right situation.

Read the review here

New Blog: 3DS Editorial: My first week with the system

The Nintendo 3DS recently has been out for some time now. It also happens to be obtaining it's first ever price drop to $169.99 come August 12th. Having owned the system, even though I was aware of the price drop happening soon, but I'm glad I got to own this system now and play with it, and if you're deciding whether or not you should buy one, I advise you to read on what I'm about to say.

The 3DS is Nintendo's next generation handheld system. Despite being touted as a glasses free 3D system, the system also offers up much more than just being able to view 3D games, pictures, and movies, it offers up some very promising features with some fun applications that could potentially make it become one of Nintendo's best handheld systems yet.

The Third Dimension

The 3DS boasts an amazing improvement over it's predecessor in terms of power, processing speed, and the ability to display 3D images without the need for 3D glasses. It's something you really need to hold to see for yourself. Some people may have issues with 3D, and it isn't for everyone, but for me I've been playing my 3DS with the 3D slider up more times than I have with it down. Normally I play at home, and when I'm on the road, I use 3D conservatively to not run the battery down. (The 3DS gets anywhere between 3 - 6 1/2 hours from my playtime with the system.) Personally this is reasonable for me, but I can see this being an issue with other people or long road trips.

Read more at my website

Got a 3DS for my Birthday! (late b-day gift)

Hey all! I know some know this, but I just thought I'd say it anyway for anyone who has a 3DS, I got mine two days ago! It was a little late birthday gift (my bday was on the 30th) and regardless I can say I'm really enjoying it. :D

I have only two games for the system, OoT and DOA: Dimensions. More so, I've been spending time playing DoA. So far I think it's really awesome, and am really loving it.

A few things I like about the 3DS, it's a lot better than I expected. I love getting new spot/streetpass notifications. Since I work at Disneyland, I've been taking my system to the parks, and have actually had some encounters with some people already. I got 1 fight for DOA (beat the crap out of this guys ghost, he was Rank C but I am rank F since I have not played online), and of course Ayane made short work of it. 8) Then I got a few Miis from people to help me save my Mii in the RPG game. Also, I acquired the maximum amount of coins in a day :o I walk around a lot :lol:

I think I may regularly take my 3DS to work now, because it's really cool getting those little notifications.

Anyway, if anyone wants to fight me in DOA or add me to their friend's list, post your FC.

Mine is: 2449-4775-2580

I usually am playing DOA often, I know the 3DS doesn't have an actual messaging system yet (so lame... they said it will come in a future update though, so here's hoping it's soon!) but I do check my friend's list here and there to see if anyone is playing... Hopefully we'll get to see each other on the battlefield if you do have DOA. :P Otherwise PM me and let me know, I've got a very sporadic schedule, but I won't mind playing some DOA here and there. :D

E3 day 1 Showfloor pics and blog

So I went to E3 for Tuesday and Wednesday, today I cannot go, but I wanted to share some pics with everyone, that I took.

Day 1 Album here: http://s14.photobucket.com/albums/a306/yoshicube64/E3%202011/

Day 2 Album here: http://s14.photobucket.com/albums/a306/yoshicube64/E3%202011%20Day%202/

(sorry GS is being stupid... won't let me Hyper Link :( )

Blogger of Day 1

I will be blogging about Day 2 soon. Sorry for the delay.

Also here are some pics to make it pretty :D

Wii U Controller

I got to play Wii U. I was quite impressed after playing the demos, and I love the concept and idea of the controller. I just wish there was more than tech demos to try out.

King Yoshi

I just had too... :D


Outside the Sonic Generations booth. It was a fun game. Enjoyed it, played the 3DS and 360 version. Both fun.

booth babes Tricky ****

SSX girls don't look like they'd be warm in the snow with that... I'll keep them warm. :D

Anarchy Reigns

This game was fun, I'm still not sure how the whole product will work though to be frank. Combat was fun but camera was sometimes finicky...

Guess who :D

I got to have a picture with Ono-san and Harada-san AND get a really cool SFxT poster signed by both :D

Choked by Chun Li

Blurry pic :( But Chun Li is my favorite SF character... this one had no thunder thighs, but still.. she was cute. :D Being choked by Chun Li is more pleasure than pain... look at my smile.. :P

Cool Marcus Fenix statue. :D

Two New Blogs: Portal 2 Review and My Latest Addiction

Hey Guys and Gals. My latest review of Portal 2 is up at my blog spot. Tell me what you think. :)

Portal 2 Review

Also I wrote a little story about why I'm in love with Showtime's Dexter series, and would love it if you take a look at it too. If you haven't watched it, perhaps I can persuade you a little... :D

Dexter Goodness

Thanks again. :) Feel free to leave any feedback of what you think, what you like or don't like.

My Ultimate Driver

Hello there world! It's been some time since I've posted a blog, but today I have news. I've recently started a blog on blogger, and here I'll be doing some details about things going on in my life. I will likely do game reviews, movie reviews, opinions (or editorials I suppose they are called?) and hopefully in the near future posting topics about game ideas, programs, and other things relating to my wishes and dreams of creating games!

So please take a moment if you can and visit my site. Tell me what you think either here or there.

Thanks a bunch! :)

The Brink of Losing Myself

I'm just going to say, there's a reason I'm posting here on GS this blog. It's kind of my only connection to anonymity left, and kind of because I have no family connections here, yet I need to just say something. I could write in a journal, I could talk to a friend, but the reason I put this here is kind of to avoid letting anyone who knows me for real know.

I feel like I'm honestly on the edge sometimes... that I'm going to lose myself here. I'm lost about what to do with myself. I'm struggling to find happiness, I'm struggling to do whatever it takes to find that happiness. I'm also struggling deep down with some other pains. I struggle with the pain of not knowing, with the pain of uncertainty, the darkness circling around me closes in. The light shining above my happy little head grows weak.

Now before you worry about me, no this is not something suicidal. I just feel like I'm a man pushed to his emotional limits sometimes, and feel like I'm ready to break down and cry sometimes. Maybe I should, maybe I need it... maybe I will.

I no longer can just smile and shrug it off, I'm unhappy. I'm depressed, I'm not happy with how things in my life are going, with how I don't know about certain things. It probably would help that I explain, but frankly it's a whole lot more than I have time for and will want to say. Maybe some day, let's just say for now I'm here to vent out. I need to let out something, maybe I'm looking for a bit of attention, I feel a bit pathetic saying that, but I do. I want to be happy, I need to be around happy people, but I can't forget why I'm sad. It's always there, reminding me, everyday....

Someday, things will be better, someday I'll find those answers, someday I'm going to be better off than I am now. However this point in time... I just can't hold my head up anymore. I feel like it's time to fall to my knees, and bow down to my maker and ask for help. I'm sorry to say... I messed up, I lost something special, I fear I may have lost another, I fear for myself that I'll lose maybe more before it gets better, and in the end... I wonder where I'll be if it does happen. I cannot bear the pain, but I have to find some new strength. I need some support, I need... to fall so I can pick myself up again.

Three Dreams, One Night.

Hey everyone, I know I haven't blogged in a while, but today isn't a boring life update. Instead, I'm using the blog function on GS today to put down I dream I just had right now. It's 9:51 AM right now, so I'm doing it while it's still fresh, and FYI I had three dream scenes, they kind of wove together but could also be very separate too.

It was well beyond the midnight hour, and the night was at it's darkest. I was in my dorm room with my girlfriend, sitting at the desk on my laptop trying to do homework. My girlfriend on the other hand was sitting on my bed, playing the PS3. I don't remember what, but it may have been Final Fantasy XIII or something. I was scouring the internet for urban legends and other myths. My report was to see what kind of common theme was used to create, or believe to create, some of the top Urban Legends.

Not too long into my research, my girlfriend came over to me, comforting me while asking if we could go out for a cup of coffee and look up at the stars. I looked at the time, it was almost 1:30, so I said, "Sure, let's go check out the commons."

We went outside, and over to the HUB, a central market place just in the middle of our dorm apartment. The Cafe was next to the bookstore, but there was also a food lounge, small grocery store, and school supply shop. As we had entered the Cafe, yes it was just called "the Cafe", I sat down next to one of the weird art pieces that decorated the room, next to the couch as my girlfriend went to go get what she wanted. She asked if I wanted anything, I replied "No thanks, I'm good." She urged me to get something for the long night, so I gave in and got up to buy a cup of hot chocolate.

As we sat back down on the couch, next to the weird artsy figure, I looked over to my girlfriend and smiled. She looked to me, smiled and began to ask me about my work and how it was going. I replied that it was going smoothly, and not too soon after I asked if she wanted to sit outside and look at the stars. She agreed and we went outside, strolling the HUB as we looked up at the stars. It was a peaceful night, the HUB had barely any people out at this time, and the silence made it feel as if we were the only ones out for the night.

It's now 3 AM, I look over to my girlfriend who's ready to fall asleep. I take her back to our room, we head back in and fall asleep. That night, I was still awake. Maybe it was the sugar from the hot chocolate, maybe it was something else, but I couldn't exactly sleep. In my mind, thoughts of urban legends, mysterious and unexplained forces began to twirl and dance in my mind.

The next morning, I wake up and head off to work. I work at Disneyland, my girlfriend has the day off from Starbucks today. So, as I head over to work, I stop by this old place I used to work. I had to pick up some papers and paycheck from them. As I left the place, an old woman with a red cloth wrapped around her head was waiting by the entrance. As she glanced at me, I asked her how she was. She didn't reply, so I tried not to make an awkward face as I smiled ack and nodded, then turned away and walked to my car. As soon as I took one step facing the other way, the lady said "Would you like some trophies?"

I stopped and turned my head back at her, "What?" She extended her hand, and in it was a piece of paper, with various offers on it. These were promotional discount tickets to Disneyland, and they were basically useless to me. "Oh, no thank you." I replied, "You should keep them for yourself." She stepped forward, reached out and said "Please, take them." So, I did, and I smiled and waved goodby as I left.

I had arrived at work, the day was just perfect, sunny, cloudless, and the energy and noise level was as high as ever today in Disneyland. After my shift had ended, it was about 3 in the afternoon, I was walking out the park in my normal clothes this time, heading to the center known as the "Esplanade." It was different though than normal, today it was almost a big green field, empty and filled with nothing. It made no sense to me why this was in my dream, but as I entered the Esplanade, I saw a helicopter in the sky. I looked as it was hovering very low and near to the ground, then noticed the guy with a sniper rifle aiming down in the middle of the Espalande. As I follwed his aim, I saw in the middle, the Army had been in a stand off.

There were five gang members, and about 7 Army units on the ground. They had two jeeps, all of them huddled nearby in position waiting to attack, and the lone sniper up above waiting to take his shot. After not realizing I was walking nearer and nearer to the standoff, I soon heard some gunfire and my instincts kicked in. I ran to my left, staying low and trying to just run out the way. I heard a few more and instinctively dropped to the ground, covering my head. After a few more bursts of fire, I got to my feet and heard some cheering. Two of the five gang members were dead, sitting in their pool of blood, and the others had been smart enough to give up.

I thought to myself, looking back, what an experience, and how did this happen?

As I walked away, I realized I had forgotten something back at my work station. I had walked into the park, and then I saw a friend entering a room for employees, but it was one we weren't allowed to enter as well. I followed her, wanting to say Hi, and also wondering why she was entering some place we weren't really supposed to. I wasn't sure what I was thinking actually, but that must have been my reason.

As I entered the room, I came into what was a standoff. Four other people were in the room, two on two, and now I walked right into the middle. On my left was my friend and another guy, to my right were men I never saw. They looked like they belonged to that gang though, with their tatted arms, and the symbol on their neck was the exact same. The men pointed their guns at me, my friends had them in their sights still. The guys threatened to shoot if they didn't let them go.

As one guy approached me, and I assume was going to take me hostage, I waited for him to draw near before I swiped his gun out of my way, he shot a fire up into the cieling. I held his wrist, as I laid my arm in his neck, holding his head up, and putting his body between me and the other guy. Soon my friends moved in on him, pointed their guns as I tried to disarm the other guy.

He tried to throw a punch to my ribs with his free arm, I managed to move to the left and reduce the blow enough. After the blow, I headbutt the guy, twist his wrist, where he let go of the gun. Then I kicked the gun to the side and soon my other friend pointed the gun at him. I went to go retrieve the gun, but just as I did, the guy with the gun charged my friend, threw him out the way, and he dove in front of me to the other gun where he soon pointed it at me. As he held the gun under his foot, he looked at me and said "C'mon, you wanna fight?" Then he kicked the gun to me, I looked at him as I felt the gun hit my foot. "Pick it up, I won't shoot ya, I promise."

I felt I had no choice, but I almost felt the instant I let my guard down, he'd fire back, so I very slowly leaned down, as he continued to point the gun at me. When I picked up the gun, I slowly eased up, thinking if I snapped up, he'd probably react and come at me. Soon I had the gun, and we stood there pointing the guns at each other. I had a dead aim on the guy's head, he had his pointed at me. I shifted my right foot, sliding it across the floor, he began to shift his and we circled each other for a few steps. Then his look became harder, his brows lower, he was focusing, just then I knew I had to take a shot. I shifted once more to my right, aimed, and fired! Just then, I felt something, he had shot me, I hit him, but I still was hit. My bullet hit him between the eyes, his scrapped my neck. At that moment, I jerk in pain, waking up from my dream.