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About me

I am Yoocon's sister. I'm going to refer to myself as B. and I am taking over for him in the blogging aspect of this site. Four things you should know about me: I am a die hard fantasy fan, I like to rant, I am always looking for new things to watch and read, and I absolutely abhor twilight (it doesn't even deserve to be capitalized). I don't read anything realistic and I try to avoid historical so please don't suggest them. For movies my favorites are mid-evil/old England/Roman era movies, with a lot of fighting.

I'm absolutely in LOVE with Harry Potter! It was the best thing ever created! The only thing that even comes close to it is Lord of the Rings. I love the deep meaning of how the ring takes over the best of men and how our greed can rule even the strongest of us. Don't assume I'm just some random fan girl. I actually know what I'm talking about and would love to respond to opinions/questions/ideas and I would be happy to post blogs on any topics that you wish to speak of.

I also love writing and ever since I read Harry Potter it has been my dream to be an author and occasonally I might post stories, only if people want it though, I would appreciate reviews on them too for anyone who has time.

I'm happy to take any questions, comments or concerns. I am going to post my first blog on my own (I have already helped with a few other like the book blog and the quote blog) immeadiatly following this.

Hope everyone enjoys by blogs,