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so this isent really a blog it is a suvey about what age you started gameing at then i will make it into a chart and show you guys

winter trip

So this year I went to Syracuse for Christmas. We did lots of things there and first of all we got there the day after Christmas so we opened presents there my favorite present was my nurf guns I also got a 3ds case of outer space. After that since my dad had to much work he couldn't come so I TRIED to do face time with him on my new I phone but it failed badly some reason.

On day two me and my cousins my age woke up early and we played video games (we did this every day) and we found a fun game called gun mayhem. Then we went out and played with my nurf guns (I have two) and one of my sisters played with us and how the game worked was one team got the front yard and the other the back and there was a spy for each team witch could be held hostage by the other team if shot and then the other person had the gun and the cool glasses (I think there cool) and if they got shot the game was over.

Day 3 are last day there it snowed and snowed and snowed. The first thing I did was go ice skating I was so bad I fell at least once every lap and it hurt my ankles. Then we played video games and after that WE WENT TO A SYRACUSE GAME):Dit was so fun we were 7 rows from the top but still we were in the dome (Syracuse's stadium) the game was against Seton hall witch only lost one game but we really beat them it was so fun (I am a mega Syracuse fan). Then we had to leave.the trip back was short tho.

I hope you liked my blog.

10 reasons to game

i made this because i was board so...

10. there challenging

9. they can help with hand eye coordination

8. it helps you kill time when you are board

7.it makes you feel good when you win

6. it can tell you stories

5. you can make friends

4. because it is fun to blow things up:D

3. you can be with your family if they like to game

2. it could help you learn a new language

1. it is fun

top five book series

Okay this is my first blog so bear with me i am going to talk about my top five favorite book series.

.Number five is a series called the Shadow Children Series by Margaret Peterson Haddix it is a seven book series.

.My fourth is Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

.My third third is the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan again i really like him he is my favorite author

.My second is The Lord Of The Rings seriesby J.R.R Tolkien i have not read this but my sister has and never stops talking about it

and last number one was a tough choice but in the end I said the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling

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