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The Evil Prison

They call it a prison a place for people who have done wrong or broken laws. To us it is no prison but a tomb or hell. This tomb is a place for the mentally ill those that are unfit for life with normal people. I have never been around anyone that you would call normal all the people here are either craze or are capable of inhuman fetes. Come here boy! yelled one of them. I ran as fast as my twisted and deformed legs could carry me away from them. "Stop now boy!" They continued to scrim at me. I knew what they wanted me to do they wanted me to kill they always did. The ice formed around my arms as the grabbed me and pulled me to the frozen steel. They dragged me into the room of pain to prepare me to kill. "Why did you try to run boy," asked a kind voice. "Ha ha, he wont talk to you," answered one of Them. "And why is that?" asked the Kind Voice. "He don't know how to they never get taught to talk, just to kill and listen," replied Them. The kind voice began to poke me with needles. My arms hurt like hell and burned as the acid that the kind voice put into my arm I tried to be tough but the fire in my veins killed. Salt water poured out of my eyes I tried to push the kind voice away. The club of Them hurt as it hit and hit my ribs. "Stop that right now!" Yelled the Kind Voice, "What the hell was that for you could have killed him." "They need to be beaten into place," Them continued to beat me. My body had gone limp I got used to the pain fast after enough beatings they all just felt like nothing. Them pushed me out of the room with the pointy needles and other tools of pain and into the ring. The ring has become its name because we do not now its real name. The loud thud of the gate shutting behind me snapped me into killing mod I looked around the ring and saw my enemy a creature so twisted and broken that it no longer looked like anything from this world. I pulled my broken and twisted legs up right and stud strait and upright waiting. In a flash the creature jumped high into the air toward me its feet pushing off the frozen steel earth. It only took seconds for me to change from the limp boy that could barely walk into a killer with the strength of ten men as adrenalin flow through my body. My arms clenched the beasts throat and it was over all I had to do was hold for as long as the beast had breath. The blood of this beast came from its tooth filled mouth falling upon my cold skin. I knew that was just the start I knew them would push me to my breaking point. More, hundreds, of these creatures of the underworld came at me. The howls and snapping teeth sent another wave of adrenalin down my body and all I could do was fight and fight I did. The first one to reach me meet its death by a gashing hole in its side the next meet the same fate. The battle lasted for a life time my body broken and battered and blood pushed its way through the cracks in my life less skin. I fell to the blood soaked ground knowing that I was not done, that it would never end, and that I was a mistake.