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I bought a Sharp 42 inch HDTV with 3 HDMI inputs

I got my SEARS disaster online F'up straightened out and then ordered a Sharp 42 inch HDTV instead of getting the receiver HDMI solution. I hope it they ship me an actual NEW product, I've become totally disillusioned with most online purchases of late... Amazon in particular. They ship used items as new especially when you're using up your rewards dollars etc, they just send you rewrapped used junk... it's really pissing me off.

Anyway I hope this Sharp ships new and safely. They had it for in store pickup but it's icy out here and I don't want to drive across state line to get it, so I just chose to ship it instead. They more than likely will ship from that location? My first HDTV was a small Sharp and I chose it for the picture quality so this should be a decent HDTV, too bad it's not 3D though.

EDIT: Well I've had this TV running for awhile, not bad for the money. My first HDTV was a Sharp and did 1080i back about 8 years or so ago but wasn't widescreen. It had a short response time compared to other HDTVs with designated gaming modes so I assumed all Sharp HDTVs featured similar performance... well, this HDTV has tremendous lag unless you use the designated gaming video settings so I guess it automatically pushes performance only in that one AV mode? I need to contact Sharp to confirm this since the downloaded manual doesn't specify. I did laugh at the return policy on this HDTV, it excludes returns based on poor performance lag when playing FPS lol. I'm glad I don't base gaming around that but this TV performs adequately enough while I tested Killzone Shadow Fall.

The movie viewing for Blu-ray is astounding for this price point(BestBuy had it for $399)... I watched Misery the Stephen King classic and it blew my mind, the movie looks entirely different than on my other HDTVs and we've got 3 one being a top of the line Toshiba. For $400 this thing kicks butt.

Long Overdue HDMI Fix

I've tried the cheap HDMI hub boxes, cables... junk. I guess I need to spend a bit on at least a decent hopefully reliable HDMI switcher solution. Ideally I'd like a receiver that offers 4K passthrough for future proofing, 4 or 5 HDMI inputs, I only need 1 HDMI output and it would be even better to have component to HDMI conversion/or upscale to at least 1080p/dream on.

I'll probably go with the lower end without the component solution for now(I still have PS2 games to beat so component conversion to HDMI would be perfect all the way into 4K)... here are a couple of choices I'm mulling over.

Sony STR-DH540

Yamaha RX-V375

...the Yamaha has component inputs but there's no benefit since it doesn't convert to HDMI it would be a useless step to connect it twice. Basically I'll have my Mac, PS3, PS4 and Wii U going into one of these things... and whatever the future brings.

I'll probably get a Toshiba HDTV with 3 HDMI inputs and just have 2 TVs in my bedroom over spending about $600 for the DH1040 Model of the Sony receiver...it upscales component and sends it through HDMI but is that really worth it?

HDMI solution?(edit...does't work with Mac or PS4,returning it)

bought this relatively cheap cable to accept 3 HDMI inputs so far it works! the 4x1 box i returned was crap so I hope this keeps working. I've got 2 HDMI inputs on the HDTV in use so my Mac in in line 1 and this 3 way in input 2 has my PS4 in input 1, my Wii U in input 2, and lastly my PS3 in input 3.

I'm getting used to posting via the Wii U gamepad, I've been playing Mutant Mudd Deluxe...frustrating yet addictive.

The cheap HDMI 3 way cable is trash, I cursed the seller for delaying my refund... bad mood, they just refunded in full and told me to keep the junk. I'm probably going to buy a Sony receiver and have that act as my rather expensive HDMI switcher. None of the affordable models upscale component to HDMI so I gave up searching for one that did, typically $500 or above... not worth it. The thing is I still have PS2 games to play so unless Sony announces almost all those for digital PSN version in the future of PS3 or PS4(don't know if I'll go for the streaming solution of Sony's yet) I'll probably need to future proof access to component to HDMI so a receiver that up converts or basic converts component input to HDMI output would be ideal for the future leading into 4K TVs.

Technological confusion

I am on the Wii U gamepad...quite an impressive system but I still cannot believe the Wii U can't control games like RE0 or other non-motion sensor games. It's just retarded to be using a Wiimote to play the game on the gamepad...vainly clutching the gamepad and realizing the dual sticks and none of the buttons work.

...then I was shopping for a simple solution for connecting my HDMI devices and come to realize it's just as ridiculous. Apparently it's cheaper to just buy another HDTV and use the HDMI inputs on it rather than spend $200/$300 on a reliable multiple input selector box. This far into HDMI tech and I can't find a basic solution for the obvious.

It really is a joke, 3D ready or not, HDMI 1.3b or 1.4?, HDMI linking or HDMI control enabled? the box I'm returning was 4x1 but never worked right...underpowered didn't come with adapter and just kept f'ing up in various inconsistent ways. I really think the best option is to just buy another HDTV for the same room and just have my Mac and PS4 hooked up to my Sony tv and my Wii U and PS3 hooked up to the new tv etc.

What I Desire From Silent Hill

I don't care about SH Downpour, i might get it and enjoy it for what it's worth. But what i desire it the Japanese handling development once again and adding that mystic goth graphical flare once again, the horror we all used to anticipate upon stepping into that horrific world. One complaint about the older original Japanese games was the controls, but i think a new aproach is needed. The disorientational control factor, the controls should be based on a fear meter a lot like the ClockTower games, the more terror the more quirky the controls are, they become less accurate, but the more times you play the game and earn experience, the more accurate your attacks ane weapons usage becomes. I wouldn't ask too much to be changed from the original goth horror vibe, make the story and characters interesting enough and then the town/towns creatures/mutants and atmosphere should fill in the rest. Silent Hill is a place that is unique in all horror, why change it too much? Boss battles, level design, music and various other atmospheric enhancements are what counts in such games. And that is only limited to the talent working on the game development. Anybody can stumble into the town of Silent Hill, and the town should be a mirror into their own idiosyncratic psyche.

Japanese gaming?

With the headlines of that Itakagi guy basing his fellow Japanese developers, i just have to wonder also what has happened to the developers i once loved. I prefer Japanese styles of gaming, but honestly they have died. Where is Fatal Frame 3D, i asked for years back? with the ghosts coming out of the screen in 3D so you'd have to blast them back inside the screen. I posted that concept on the internet before that Ring movie ever even came out in Japan. I might have given them the idea for that movie! Where's an awesome new Japanese developed Silent Hill? oh yeah the original creator took another idea i had for my own game and made Siren, yes it's true. I posted a game where a girl can't see with her eyes, but can see with her minds eye, and she's being held in labs by the government to learn how she see's with her mind, her brother comes to help her and break her out. She could tell him where the guards are and how to get in to the secret government labs and get her out. So it was to be a stealth game with the girl helping him see with her minds eye and solve puzzles, but if her brother left her for too long his mind would flash and warn him she's in danger. THe Silen Hill guy who made Siren used my idea and slightly altered it. I posted many ideas that got used in actual games, if you look at Resident Evil 4 it's says special thanks to Ray, i believe that's refering to ME, since i sent them an email long before RE4 cames out stating my concepts for a new game engine, one where the enemies could jump through windows and chase you around in a more 3D type graphics engine. And my ideas for laser sighted guns, then only thing they got wrong was the laser sights don't have a red dot on the end to highlight and triangulate distance to the target so it's too awkward. The story is not too much like what i sent them other than have a evil mastermind type situation. I also post on IGN my ideas for my favorite game designers next game, Fumito Ueda... which turned out to be The Last Guardian. I posted that he should used a giant Eagle and have a girl ride around on it's back, in Japan the last guardian actual refers to the game as a giant EAGLE, and he was going to use a girl but change his mind. I believe he read my posts or the ideas trickled down through the net and got to him etc... no matter i hope it's a good game. But i just want the Japanes to believe in their own styles of gaming once again.

That's quite a rant, but all true. I stopped posting my gaming ideas via online, since it's seems like so many of them actually got used in games and i don't get one penny from it.

Sony 3DTV and Vita

Really looking forward to buying the 3DTV and Vita. I've got the Wi-Fi Vita preordered via Amazon with Hot Shots Golf and Uncharted Golden Abyss, so that should be sweet. Plus i plan on enjoying the 24" 3DTV, which will actually be a bigger HDTV than what i've used since PS3 lauched... a Sharp 1080i HDTV only 19" lol, but i also use it as my Mac monitor. SO, the Sony 3DTV will actually be a step up for me, it's the right size for when sitting at my computer desk in my bedroom. I have a few Blu-ray 3D movies already so i'm pretty much set to enjoy the heck out of that setup. I just need a new sound system.

Finally upgrading my PS3 hard drive

320GB Western Digital 7200rpm should do. What sucks is that i had my Mac backup drive temporarily formatted to make the change for my new PS3 internal HDD which i'll get within a week... and i just installed OS X Lion on my Mac. IT CRASHED, locked disc, corrupt startup disc, clean re-install lost all my stuff since i wasn't running Time Machine with my back up hooked up to my PS3 etc. Lion is glitchy as of now, beautiful OS, but needs to be made a lot more stable.