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New Emblem, New Responsibility

The new Emblem I'm referring to is, of course, that for the Tokyo Game Show 2007.

TGS07 Emblem

Virtually There: Tokyo Game Show 2007
For tuning in during GameSpot's live coverage of the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, which took place on September 20-23. We all know you only wanted to see the cosplayers anyway.

A cool emblem for sure, though not as beautiful as the 2006 version. Still, a nice one to have in my profile. :)

As for the new responsibility, well I've just been graciously promoted to Officer rank within the Gamespot's Gamespace Banner Union by our leader, rohver. I'm honoured to have been chosen, and extend my congratulations to the promotion of two fellow members to the Officer rank: carstairs and zixarga. Well-earned! :)

So all you design enthusiast or dabblers, if you want to help further a cause on Gamespot, come on by the union and help us make gamespaces beautiful.:D