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Lions and Tigers and Banners, Oh My!

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Well, yet again the end of another Banner Submission and Judging cycle at the GGBU, and while I had a few disappointments (namely, my Lego Batman banner not making it through the final judging), overall though I'd say it was a success with the majority of my entries being accepted. Can't win them all right?

Now the "Games WITH Banners" category was actually judged some time ago, so the gamespaces already have their banners in place. The "Games WITHOUT Banners" category, however, was only finished recently and the banners were expected to be live on the site by the end of Friday, but as of now they're still not up, so I guess the GS staff was too busy. I imagine they'll probably be up sometime next week. In any case, I've added pic links next to them, so you can see the banners themselves.

Anyway, on to the lists! First, the shorter one: Games WITH Banners.

Army of Two
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
Dragonquest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
Aion: Tower of Eternity
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Next, the longer one: Games WITHOUT Banners.

Batman: Chaos in Gotham (pic)
Batman: Vengeance (pic)
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (pic)
Disney's Aladdin (pic)
Bible Adventures (pic)
Earth 2150 (pic)
Earth & Beyond (pic)
Priston Tale (pic)
Flyff (pic)
R.O.S.E. Online (pic)
Scions of Fate (pic)
Gears of War (Mac) (pic)
Samurai Jack (pic)
Black Prophecy (pic)
Zu Online (pic)
Metin2 (pic)
Last Chaos (pic)
Jumpgate Evolution (pic)
9Dragons (pic)
APB (pic)
Requiem: Prelude of Blood (pic)

That's it for this round. I'm already about 15 banners into my submissions for the next round, so hopefully I can improve my acceptance statistics. :P Congrats to all those who got banners through this round; and to those that tried and didn't, don't give up! We've got a lot of people at the Union who'd be more than happy to help fine tune your banner to help get it accepted. :D And a special congrats to SuperMooseman who did actually get his Lego Batman banner accepted. :) 'Til next time...and err...sorry about there being no lions or tigers. :P