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EVGA GTX 670 FTW Edition

Let me review this card in bullets

  • Maxes BF3 at the Ultra preset and i get 70-90fps consistently (depending on map size and population)
  • No input lag
  • No driver issues (yet)
  • Vsync, AA, AF, AO, etc. etc. etc. never give me any issues in any game
  • It's doing all of this and I haven't even up'ed the clock to make it comparable to a 680 GTX in performance.

In conclusion: PC gaming just got 10 times smoother, faster, and overall better.

Get this card if you have $400 to spare. Steal it if you don't. Take a loan out of the bank if you don't have the money and don't want to steal it. Borrow money from your parents if you don't have the money, don't want to steal it, or don't want to take a loan out. Seriously.

i hate to do this

but im definitely going to make a pretty big comeback in a few days and i'm looking to fix up my unions and get everything back on track.


who's with me?

tool concert - february 7

i am officially going to the orlando, FL show on february 7th. i am so excited. what should i expect from a tool concert? im not sure if thats even a good question to ask, but i'd love to hear others experiences at tool shows, if anyone has any to share.


Yes. You may know me around here as a PC aficionado, but I am (as of 2 months ago) a gigging bassist. This explains my lack of being online on origin, steam, gamespot, etc. I'll be on a little more often now that the holidays are here and not much is going on.

Now to the juicy stuff. I am now an owner of the 1001rb-II bass amp head and the NEO 4x10 bass cabinet, both from Gallien-Krueger. If you don't know what this is, just think of extremely nice sounding bass gear priced at a midrange pricepoint (Tool's bassist and Flea from RHCP both use a very similar version of this amp, to put it into perspective). Very proud to own these babies and I can't wait to play my first gig with them (which is hopefully next sunday).

Just curious: any other bassists here?

i love getting moderated

especially since im pointing out that people who boycott DD services are missing out on games and getting marked with being a troll for stating an absolute fact.

thanks for reminding me why i hate non-union forums again.