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I'll throw in another recommendation for nocoolnamejim. His reviews are guaranteed good reads.
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I recommend Xboxrulze for his written reviews. I think they're very well done.zgreenwell

I'll second that.

Also, I'm not sure if he's been recommended yet, but MrCHUPON has done some great work.

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Every time I act on that urge I usually get disappointed, especially if it is a 3D game from the 90s. Early 3D has not aged well, and the graphics of old PSone and N64 games make the DS 3D graphics look like a PS3. However, if I'm hankering for some old school platforming, nothing hits the spot like some classic Mario 3.
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I hate when I get through a game and want to watch a particularly awesome cutscene but I dont want to replay the game. I apprecaite when games like God of War or Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence make their cutscenes available after playing through the game.

You're not going to find every game you're looking for on the internet, but you'll find most of the popular ones. Just search YouTube.

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Tenchu Z could be comparable to the new Ninja Gaiden if it wasn't the same game it was in the late 90s. The lack of refinement has hurt the series and tarnished its reputation. The original Tenchu defined the stealth action genre (it was released before Metal Gear Solid) but it hasn't made any changes to the formula since then. I know it's impossible, but I would be perfectly happy if they just reskinned Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow with ninjas and called it Tenchu Z2. At least we'd be getting a good game.

Ninja Gaiden is only related to Tenchu because it stars a ninja. It's a completely different genre. This is like asking which game is a better spy game, Metal Gear Solid or Goldeneye.