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My Introduction

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I am interested in working in the gaming industry, and believe that I would be able to add great value and customer-friendliness to any game that I help produce. I also have professional experience in acting, so would be very keen on doing some voice-over work for a good game. I do have a good job & career in a global corporation, though, so I would not accept a job that is entry-level, full-time, and on-site all at the same time.

I do not think it is easy to profile myself as a gamer. Through the years, I absolutely loved specific games in almost every genre: some of them were known cla-ssics starting with Doom II in FPS, through C&C and Warcraft II in strategy, Baldur's Gate II & Fallout I & II in RPG, Grim Fandango in adventure, World of Warcraft in MMO, all the way to Max Payne, Half-Life and the GTA series in action. Some were general great games like Tony Hawk Project 8 and Mafia. Yet other games I really loved were ones that were not very famous and--in my opinion--underrated like Sanitarium and Vampire The Masquerade. At the same time, I was not very impressed with games like Halo, Doom III, Wacraft III, and Oblivion. I enjoyed them, of course, and would rate them highly, but would not consider them cla-ssicsand give them scores in the high 9s out of 10.

The last games that totally blew my mind away were Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 1 and 2.

A couple of things I do know about myself as a gamer, though, is that I am kind of an achiever when it comes to gaming. Like I play to discover mysteries, new things, make virtual accomplishments, etc. Secondly, I am a story junkie when it comes to gaming. So if the story is great, intriguing, and consistent, I can give a blind eye to minor problems.

Also more recently with the superb voice acting across the board in games like Dragon Age: Origins and the Mass Effect series, I discovered my fascination with good voice acting in games. It's such an awesome thing to see today that there's real emotion and real art in the voice-over acting. Having done some acting myself, perhaps that's a reason I feel very passionate about good acting in games.