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I Am Back

I am finally back and posting from my suspension. A lot has gone on. I have 200 friends now. :wink: :D .Thanks again to all my friends out there. I am also now a "Tagger King". :)


E3 this year was great and I am excited about the next generation. In my absence I have reviewed to new games which I beat not that far apart from each other. That’s it for my, I will be posting on your profiles and around the site now.

3,000 Posts and a new emblem!

I got 3,000 posts today. It is an achievement on some level. I also got a new emblem about a week ago...Tagger Flirt...

I decided to wait until I got 3,000 to write about it I like it. 8) I can not wait till E3 I will probaby write something up about it. One last thing....What is up with the new Revolution name...Wii what are they thinking? Just my input.

Level 20!!!

I finally reached level 20, Metal Slim. I have awaited this day for a long time. One more of my many goals on Game Spot is completed. 8)

Top Ten Video Game Characters of all Time.

All of these characters are great, the elite class, the characters that all gamers should know and have touched many people's hearts.

#10 Tommy Vercetti-Game(s) that made him famous-Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

#9 Leon  Kennedy-Game(s) that made him famous-Resident Evil 4 .

#8 Kratos-Game(s) that made him famous- God of War .

#7 Sonic-Game(s) that made him famous-Sonic Adventure  and Sonic Adevnture 2 .

#6 Sam Fisher-Game(s) that made him famous- Splinter Cell

#5 Link-Game(s) that made him famous-The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda:Majora's Mask

#4 Samus-Game(s) that made her famouse-Metroid, Super Metriod, and Metriod Prime.

#3 Solid Snake-Game(s) that made him famous-Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

#2 Master Chief-Game(s) that made him famous-Halo

#1 Mario-Game(s) that made him famous-Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3,and Super Mario 64.

This is my list of the greatest video game characters of all time, feel free to comment and to add characters or make your owns list. ;)

Favorite 15 Games of All Time

These games are my favorite. These are the games I will never forget, the ones that rank top apon my collection. #15 ) Super Mario Bros. Deluxe #14 ) Speed for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 #13 ) Need For Speed: Most Wanted #12 ) Age of Empires 3 #11 ) Guitar Hero #10 ) MVP 2005 #9 ) Burnout Takedown #8 ) Mario Kart #7 ) Burnout Revenged #6 ) Splinter Cell #5 ) Grand Theft Auto Vice City #4 ) Everything or Nothing #3 ) Rise of Nations #2 ) Mario 64 #1 ) Golden Eye Feel free to add your opinion and add your own games to the list. ;)

100 friends!

I have 100 friends now. Thanks a lot to all my friends I really appreciate it.

(this is ironic as soon as I get 100 friends my popular emblems disappears, I hope I get it  back soon)

once again thanks guys

I got a DS today!

Here is a picture of it...


and here is the game I got for it...

I really under estimated the DS and the touch screen. The value is also so high I got DS, Super Mario 64 DS, and a case all for $137.70. I got it during a President's Day sale. I am happy that I did get it.

Favorite Game Series

These are my favorite game series... Splinter Cell Need for Speed James Bond Burnout MVP Baseball SOCOM Age of Empires Rise of Nations (not a series but has an expansion) Tell me what you think about the game series listed above and about my new banner :D
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