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Youtube Channel up and running

my third attempt in making a youtube channel we'll see how long this lasts lol.


ANYWAYS! check out my recent videos you'll see some of the ones i post here on the site before they banned user video uploading, also CHECK OUT MY NEW VIDEO right here at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx4dnh67_lw


I plan on starting to make some amvs, if anybody has any ideas or requests, ill start taking them, hope all is well for everybody


Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/xxlilb54AMV

New AMV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx4dnh67_lw

Are there ways to download my GS videos?

gamespot is stingy of letting me view my own videos. or maybe its just like that to everyone or just me...


anyways i dont know how to email the owner or go on the question thing, but if anyone knows how i can download my GS Amvs or if theres a downloadable thing that will dowload them, please comment or send me a message. it will be of great help since i dont have any of them on my hard drive anymore.

Happy Thangsgiving u guys

I just wanna say, i hope everyone has an amazing turkey day, be thankful, get fat, watch some football, play some games, nd most importantly, spend time with your folks.

Have a Great Thanksgiving Day Everyone!! that will be all ;)

DBZ: UT game, should they really need a 2nd one??

most of us had played this game by now or at least tried it. With that being said, gamespot destroyed this game rating it a 4. o.o. now In a way i agree, dragonball z had better games but i still enjoyed this one a bit, of course, the ps2 ones were way better in my opinion and i did my review on it.

But whats ur guys opinion on this game? should they make a 2nd one? does it need improving?should they just make a tenkaichi 4 instead , bring all the old stuff back? fighting 5tyle characters? wat do u guys think the NEXT DBZ game should be like?

ur favorite DBZ game? (bored)

choose any from console to handheld games. maybe the legacy of goku games, or the old budokai games, new games work as well :P feel free to post ur favorites nd explain why that is. :)

gonna make more AMVs

sLIKE I CARE if amvs are out of bussiness on this site, not stopping me from making them, im gonna make some either dbz or some naruto ones becuz lately ive been getting the urge to to do so, ill post them on this site, becuz i dnt trust youtube(two of my accounts hav been deleted saying so) nd theres no other site i no of that post some gud amvs, so like i said i will probably start making some again, and i dont kno who still watches amvs nowadays but if u still do, check my videos either sometime this week or next cuz ill be posting them up soon****ALSO, why are there avertisements here while im making this blog? tht doesnt make sense nd i hope thatll get fixed soon xD (or is that only me? D: ) anyways hit ur old friend up, say wats up i havent recieved much since i was active in 2008, shame on me, if u new thts cool too, feel free to talk to me, ill be doing my own thing until then, ill see ya guys later

Any thoughts on these new games?(dbz, naruto, sonic)



so DBZ has this new character creation thing nd combined gameplay fighting styyles of burst limit and raging blast wich i think is kinda sick. :D

Then we hav the new naruto game having the combination of the original naruto nd shippuden' story mode!

As well as sonic generation's combination of all the previous sonic games combined into this one, playing as either the original sonic or modern sonic!

Now idk everything about these game yet but if anybody knows more feel free to share, or let me no wat u guys think, if they are all worth to buy or not :)