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Just preorder BlazBlue for the Xbox 360 today AND got the next haruhi manga!





So yea if you preorder blazblue from Gamestop online! you will be upgraded too BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Premium Pack!!! AND you will get a 32 page Exclusive BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Art book

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Premium Pack :

  • A two-disc original soundtrack that contains 48 tracks by Guilty Gear's Daisuke Ishiwatari (19 more than the version released in Japan!)
  • Bonus video disc containing basic tutorials, expert advice, character-specific strategies, and much more!

ALL THAT FOR $60!!!!!!

Ohhh and I almost forgot I also pick me up the Haruhi manga Vol 2!

I got Persona4 and new xbl GT!

so today I got in the mail uhhhhhhhhh PERSONA 4!!! + EXTRA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea thats right! I got a brand new copy of Persona 4 With the official guide book With the limited edtion art book! ohh this is my new GT!

9 New Manga And Haruhi Complete Sound Track

Well today borders had a sell where if you buy 4 manga's you get the 5th one free! xD the deal was so good I had too get 5! So today I got the whole series of *Loveless* Vol 1-8 -Complete- (YAOI MANGA....Yea thats right YAOI. And Rosario+Rampire. I also got the Complete Character Collection of Haruhi Suzumiya album. Uhhhh Well thats it ^_^

Special Thanks too

*bulletsword* *naruto7777* *naruto_444

PS3 MGS4 Edtion / Kunai / Haruhi

So on June 12th the release of the 80GB PS3 W/ MGS4 W/ DuelShock3 (SIXAXIS) came out. So like yea I just had to grab it.  So like MGS4 is a grate game. Ive played it on the 12th and beatin the game on the 15th I played the game on (Solid Snake ~ Normal). Thats about 4 days. I complete the game at 10 Hours and 41 Mins thats a good time I must say. This game is a solid 10 out of 10. Online is really fun too. Soo yeaa thats enough for the PS3 and MGS4 MOVEING ON! So my friend Norikiyo from Japan send me some awesome stuff. I got a Naruto Kunai Dagger(11 Inch)and Haruhi playing cards.

And thats about it for today :]

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