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Best of the Year(so far) lists, YAY!

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I got bored.... so I came up with the lists....

Best CD:

"Icky Thump" - White Stripes

So far this year, pretty much all mainstream music has completely failed at putting out a worth-while CD, forcing music fans to once again findsmall CD's that aren't commercializedon TV.Sadly, this year, there has beenno big outbreakingband that came around this year like Wolfmother or Lupe Fiasco debuted last year.And all though there are critically aclaim CD's like Spoon's "Ga ga ga ga" and Arcade Fire's "Neon Bible", there has only been one CD that in my opinion, has truly stood out. Yes, the White Stripes oddly named CD, "Icky Thump" is the savior of music this year... done away with is the sappy piano music heard from "GetBehind Me Satan", and here wego again with Jack Whitedoing what he does best,playing the hell out of the guitar. This is the best CD White Stripes hasput out since "Elephant", and it puts them on top of the rock scene.


Compared to music, there have been A LOT of great movies. Hot Fuzz, Ratatoullie, Bourne Ultimatum, Knocked Up, Superbad, 300 are all considered for the best so far honor, but there was NOMOVIE EVER that left you with a feeling of excitement and pure joy like Grindhouse left you. You have 90 minutes worth of pure action and gore inRodriguez's Planet Terror, and some unbeleiveably amazing trailers fromEli Roth, Rob Zombie, Rodriguez, andEdgar Wright, and then you had one of the most amazing slasher movie you will ever see in Tarantino's Death Proof. Some might have called it too slow, some call it amazingly complex, some called it Tarantino just going wild, but everyonecan agree that the 30 minute car chase and how the movie ended made you want to jump out of your seat and yell "**** YEAH!"... Grindhouse wins.


God of War II wins. There hasn't been many outstanding games so far this year, because the game business is retarted in many ways for cluttering up the holidays(See Also: this year), but God of War II blew everything AWAY. It was a truly satisfying and well paced campaign, and it made everyone unable to wait for the next God of War on the PS3.