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Top 5's of 2006

TV Show:
5. The Daily Show
This show will always be classic, and even though all of the correspondants arent nearly as funny as Ed Helms, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell, etc., the show will always be a great watch just because of John Stewart alone.

4. Any MTV made Realty show
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, but I had to add this to the list. Sweet 16, Tiara Girl, Next, Room Raiders, etc., it tries to be so "Hip" its just funny. I might lose all of my respect because of writing this, but o well, it entertains the crap out of me.

3. The Colbert Report
I will always prefer John Stewart over Colbert, but what can I say, this show is flat out perfect. Stephan Colbert is a great anchor and can hold attention of the TV just as much as anyone else. Some of the sketches/contests on his show is already classic, its a great followup to the Daily Show and I hope these two shows stay together for a long time.

2. South Park
What a year South Park had. Cmon, the World of Warcraft episode alone makes this show one of the best on TV, that and Cartoon Wars, the Wii episode, all of it was great, if not, perfect. South Park has been one of the best shows for 10+ years, and unlike most shows, its still great to watch, funny, and has very classic episodes

1. The Office(US)
Ok, it might not be "as good as the UK version"(matt), but still this is the best damn show on Television today, Steve Carrell is great as Michael Scott. The love story between Jim and Pam peeked at the last episode of the second season(which could have been the best TV episode I have ever seen, ever). Ed Helms was introduced this year, and is perfect in his character. A new love interest for Jim, etc. This show still has a couple of more seasons in it, and so far, every episode is a must see.

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium
ok, so what, I'm a Chili Peppers fan, but this album delivered. 2 whole CD's that could've as well been sold as 2 seperate CD's, with great songs like Dani California and Snow, this CD is a good purchase.

4. John Mayer - Continuum
John Mayer keeps on delivering different stuff every year. If you ever want to have some music to sit back and relax to, this is the CD to have

3. Ghostface Killah - "Fishscale"
Ghostface Killah has had a fantastic year overall, he put the whole Wu Tang group back on the map, he's getting a bunch of nominations, oh, and also he's released 2 very good rap albums this year. The better of the 2 is Fishscale, which has song after song great beats, with great rhymes. Each song sounds completely different that the one before it, from the 4+ minutes of straigh rapping in Shakey Dog, to the Bass heavy Beuty Jackson, to the Old School Be Easy, this CD packs a ton of songs the are very catchy and memorable.

2. Wolfmother - "Wolfmother"
Led Zep ripoff? Who cares at this point, all you need to know is Wolfmother brings the rock. Rock has been sucking more and more the past couple of years with crappy Prep Bands and Emo bands, Wolfmother brings back what made rock great so many years ago. And if you haven't seen a live performance video yet, go to youtube and see how excellent these guys are.

1. Lupe Fiasco - "Food and Liquor"
If you want to get into rap music, and are looking for a way to star out, heres your answer. Lupe Fiasco's debut album could be one of the best rap albums of all time in my opinion. THERE IS NOT ONE BAD LYRIC IN HERE THAT ISN'T THOUGHT PROVOKING. From "Kick, Push", to "I Gotcha", To "DayDreamin'", to "Hurt Me Soul", to "American Terrorist", this CD is perfect. PERFECT.

5. Slither
Slither is a great, balls out, horror movie. The thing that makes slither work is that it treats itself as an over the top horror movie, making some of the scenes in the movie, some of the funniest of the year(even funnier than Borat). The plot is definantly very creative, and the actors do a great job in their role. This movie makes James Gunn one of my favorite Writer/Directors in the movie buisiness.

4. Little Miss Sunshine
This is the little Indy hit that could. This movie is just a great way to see how characterization should be done, and at the end of it, you thing to yourself that every single actor should be nominated for something. You really owe it to yourself to see this movie sometime soon.

3. Borat
What can I say? this is one of the funniest movies ever. thats all that needs to be said.

2. Casino Royal
Daniel Craig + Great Script + Gritty + James Bond = a damn solid as hell action movie that I can't wait to see again.

1. The Departed
The best Scorsese(Sp?) movie in over a decade? definantly, with Leonardo Decaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, etc. doing a tremendous job in the movie, this is a must see, and the best movie of the year IMO

Tommorow(or Monday) I'll put up Top 5 Games, why? because I'm tired, and I wanna full write up, plus I wanna do a much better job, tell me what you think so far


about damn time...

Gamestop is presaling a PS2 controller adapter for the PS3 in February, what does this mean?

GUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITAR HERO II!!!!!!!(Even though I've been playing it for the past 2 months)

knowing this, I can finally sell my PS2... what will I get with it? a Wii??? and DS?? a 360(OMG!)....

anyway, just wanna wish a happy christ-mas, watch out for Motor Storm demo later, and GTHD demo after that, yeah

At A Glance(special written edition): Movie thoughts from me

hey guys, welcome to a somewhat special edition of At A Glance!

well, somewhat special, I just used that above sentence as a plug for my podcast, listen to it, we'll have the best of 06 show sometime this week, it's gonna be awesome!


I finally saw Brokeback Mountain today.... I really had no urge to see it or anything, but I was browsing through my HBO OnDemand and I saw it there, and I said to myself that I had to see this movie sometime, so why not now?

The movie is as good as I thought it would be, it was pretty emotionally, thought provacative, etc. but in no way that I agree with most people that it was "robbed" at the Oscars over Crash, Crash is a much better movie and much more enjoyable and emotional to watch. But if you are curious at how it is, I recommend watching Brokeback, just be prepared for butt sex.

Movie Previews:

Hey, do you want to see a trailer that will make you laugh? Then don't see the new Trailer for Epic Movie, which is yes, made by 2 of the 6 writers of Scary Movie.... I could talk about how much I hate this movie all day, but you can assume what I have to say

Bruce Willis, and Halle Berry, sounds like an interesting movie already, until you see the trailer for The Perfect Stranger, as the main point of the plot is online dating.... sigh

I will never have any respect for any Dreamworks Animated movie, why? because their cast and pop culture references is the highlight of the movie, while Pixar's movies are timeless because of its great storys, and sense of humor. So here we go, the first trailer of Bee Movie, and it doesn't even show any of the movie, it just tries to cram up a couple of lame jokes, and it says Jerry Seinfeild and Chris Rock is in it, awesome

I might hate teaser trailers, but I love Fred Claus, with 2 great actors, sitting on a couch and Talking. Vince Vaughn is being himself, and Paul Giamotti is Santa Clause, great stuff here, even though none of it will end up in the movie.

And here comes one of the movies I'm most wanting to see. From 2 of my favorite directors. Grind House, the idea is that the first half of the movie is Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror, and the Second half is Quentin Tarrentino's Death Proof.... awesome? very awesome, I can't wait for it.

and now, the best trailer in this little list... from the people that made Shaun of the Dead... Hot Fuzz...... enjoy....(DUDE KICKS GRANDMA IN THE FACE!)

I feel so bad...

... I haven't bought LocoRoco yet....

...yet another awesome free demo(christmas demo) that I have much fun with, but I still have no will to go out and buy it

ok, the developers are still making levels and they each have great level designs, I might not buy it on the PSP(maybe when it gets to 20 bucks), but Loco Roco is the best idea of a PS3 arcade game..... tilt controles, 1080p, this game would be a masterpiece for the PS Network.....

...oh, and Resistance rules


hooray for me and my PS3!

Resistance online is awesome... I can see myself getting hooked to it for a while... haven't started singleplayer yet...

Online Tag: TurboMan .... send me a friend invite.... please

Downloading MotahStorm right now.... this could take a whiles

At A Glance(New Podcast) Is UP BABY! WOOOO!!!!!




OMG! http://www.gcast.com/u/AtAGlance/main

this show is a rough cut, I hope that more shows are better fleshed out, this show was also done last friday, so it's been a while since this show has hit the web!

If you would like to send in your Top 5 games you've played so far this year, please PM me, or send me an email at xpantherx@gmail.com ... if your lucky, then we will read off your list in next weeks show(tommorrow night)

please send feedback, also...

please subscribe... its good, I promise....



In further news, I think I fractured my ankle, I'm going to the hospital now, ouch

Reason why I'm getting PS3/other things

ok, here it goes...

on most of my PS3 discussed blogs, majority of people  reply with "Xbox360"/"Wii"/"PS3 is garbage"

1. no, PS3 is not garbage
2. I like the Wii's concept, and I'll end up getting one eventually if it takes off, but untill the lineup is better(and by better, having more interesting games than Mario and SSB), then I don't care
3. Yes, I know, I need to play Gears, but to tell you the truth outside of gears/Mass Effect/Lost Planet/Bioshock, I'm not into 360 at all...

ok, here we go, why get PS3 over these? well, first of all, Sony dominates in 1st party games. Resistance/Warhawk/MotorStorm/Lair/all the mascot games that are soon to take the footsteps of Ratchet and Jak and Sly/Ratchet Jak and Sly/ Socom Series/God of War/Killzone/etc., not to mention all the exclusives Sony still has(as of now :) ) DMC4/MGS4/Virtua Tennis/Virtua Fighter/Tekken/Soul Calibur/Coded Arms/etc.

plus, it has a hella alot of features on the thing(it's a computer OMG!)

so, yea....

...ANYWAYS! I have a new review up of every extend! READ!

I will have a new First Hour up of Socom! WATCH!

soon, will be the first podcast that I have made! LISTEN!


all the stores I've called says na to having a PS3.... Toys R Us hasn't open their phone line... so their the last chance...

theres always next week

Still need more people signed up for new podcast idea(already have name for it)

Now, so far I have like 3 people 100 percent confirmed for it...

for my first show, I would like to do some reviews for Guitar Hero 2 and Gears of War... with a top 5 list for best GH2 songs from me and whoever else reviews GH2

maybe on a future show we'll have a review of Zelda if we have 2 Wii people, and maybe Resistance if I score a PS3 soon..

you can PM me and leave a comment... please get Skype if you don't have it already