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GoW 1 vs. GoW 2 - Part One

Yes! This is it!


By this somewhat detailed guide, I will break down each nook and cranny of each of the God of Wars to find it who reigns supreme of the two.


Level One-

The Aegon Sea vs. Rhodes

The Aegon Sea:

    Kratos has just lost all hope, and he casts himself off of a cliff. This is what we in the buisiness call "foreshadowing." After the first CGI cutscene of the game, the story takes you two weeks before Kratos's attempted suicide. You start out fighting the undead at the front of a ship in the middle of the water, this is for the newcomers to get use to the incredibily deep Combo System found in God of War(sarcasm), after that, you go down into the ship and through a room, and BAM! A Hydra peeks its stupid hydra head through the boat and starts a fight with you. After you stab that sucker in it's eye, your introduced into the balance system.

Hydra miniboss

    A little while later, you have to fight off yet another Hydra. Once you slap that sucker in it's face a couple of times, he runs away, and you go into the water for the first time, and climb on walls the first time while hurling off the undead. You then have to cross some more beams while in the background you find people getting attacked by Hydras, funny stuff happens. You get past the beams and low and behold, the first of many puzzles appear !.... well, the puzzles actually pretty braindead, but it takes a little skill. Soon after that, you cross ships and acquire Poseidens Rage(aka the best magic skill from God of War) from Poseiden himself. Electricute the hell out of the undead and go forword to the main boss of the level, A person I like to call, Big Momma Hydra.

Big Momma Hydra

    The boss herself is incredible, and arguably the best boss out of the whole game, which might be a bad thing, considering that it's the first level. Anyway, you have to take out the two hydras below in the same manner you took out the one earlier in the level, and then to make sure that the big one doesn't heal the two on the bottom, you have to drive a spike right through their heads(awesome..). Then its just you and the Big One. Mono-a-Mono. The Big Hydra will try her best to blow you off the ship, but eventually, you get to her and assume to put on maybe one of the best killing blows ever seen in any video game ever in the history of flippin' time.

 (See the entire boss fight here NSFW!)

     After that, you have to retrace some footsteps, and go buy another CGI cutscene, and yes, the infamous Sex Mini-Game


Overall - 9.5/10




    Kratos, The God of War, takes the same, dramatic leap, from his throne, straight to Rhodes. A with magical powers takes you giantism away from you, and awakens the Colossus of Rhodes. You begin the same way you did in God of War 1, killing of soldiers and have the game introduce you to it's wonderful combo system. After that, you open a door and travel along a road, all of this while in the background, you can see the Rhodes looking extremely pissed off at you. Eventually, you get to a rooftop and you fight more soldiers and the Colossus. Eventually you have to launch a rock at the colossus via a Ballista. Then you follow up the rock attack with... well, yourself. After giving the Colossus a couple of blades to the Eye, he'll send you flying across the city, ouch.

    Into the bathhouse you go, and here, to calm Kratos down from the huge fight with the Colossus, you can have SEX!... anyway, your introduced to swimming again and introduced to swinging via your blades. As you walk down a hallway, be sure to get ready to say hello to the Colossus foot, as it comes out of no where and you catch it and toss the Colossus back a couple of hundred feet. Then you climb up a wall while the Colossus punches holes throughout. Then you get to face off against the Colossus again and give it a couple of scratches, as once again, the Colossus sends you to another part of the city. PUZZLE TIME! The puzzle is fairly simple, it deals with moving statues and pressure points. My 6 year old cousin can get through it without looking at the TV, but I guess it's their to show you that yes, there will be harder puzzles in the game.

colossal foot

    After the puzzle, and going up an elevator, you see the Rhodes Eye, hit it a couple of times and he'll break the building your in. Zeus offers you the Blade of Olympis, and in order to get it, you must drain all your energy into it. Once you do that, Kratos will shoot a beam from the sword straight into the side of the Colossus. You must now climb from WITHIN the Colossus all the way to the head, where here, you will encounter a puzzle thats much more complicated from before, and then you cause the Colossus's head to explode, and you must jump out of the mouth right before it blows up! Anyway, Zeus betrays you and fights you while you are really friggin' weak and pathetic. Eventually killing you and having Hades to open up and take you down under.


    But after Gaia gives you a pep talk and tells you what you can do, You cut yourself free from Hades hands and climb outta there, and you tell one of the survivors to go back to Sparta and protect it, while you fly off on a Pegesas.


(see some of the fight here and here


Overall: 10/10


The first level from God of War II beats the first level of God of War I because IMO, the whole level in II is centered around the boss. I think the actual boss fight from GoWI is better, but since there is an amazing set piece(I said it) that was INSIDE the boss, I will favor the Colossus over the Hydra.

(Yes, I know that you go inside the Hydra in GoWI, but thats only to get the Captains Key and to kill Kratos's little friend, The Captain)






I'll probably go through the entirety of both games like this, and chose a winner. Hopefully people like it... maybe I'll do a video summary.. I enjoy Feedback, a lot.

Random GTA IV Impressions blog #32342

Ok, we've all see the trailer around 50 times now...


First of all, the location is promising(from my view) to try to have the full Liberty City and exact replica of New York City. There is no differences found in the Statue of Liberty in Real Life New York, and the Statue of, well, Liberty in Liberty City. This causes my some concern for me, since I thought that there could be a chance that the city was completely imaginitive, but it's not looking that way..


Graphics, when you think of GTA, you don't immediately talk about the blocky graphics, and while the character graphics still doesn't look like on the level of most high up Next-Gen game, the actual car models/building models/water/etc. looks fantastic, and the Shadows really help out too


Ok, now thats outta the way, something that was completely unnexpected, an actual Score for a GTA game, and I'll say it first, the orchastraic music in the GTA IV trailer is more interesting and lively than most movies. Here we go but,  don't remember a orchastraic melody stand out this much since yes, Star Wars


Now onto the main character, which seems like the biggest surprise.


He isn't a gangster, he isn't a mobster, he isn't even American. The dude looks like he just came from an assasination mission in Russia, and he looks like he's in his 40's to 50's. I'm glad to see Rockstar defy expectations time and time again. He's killed people and he wants change, I'm sure he might not find it in Liberty City 

The best PS3 exclusive: God of War II

Hooray! flamebait for me with the 360 toadies who will not stop doggin' me


I finally got GoW II, to complete my collection of GoW games :)


so far, I cannot, cannot, cannot stop playing the damn game. It's so perfectly paced, that there is not a dull moment in the game, your always doing something, figuring out something, or killing something


all of the puzzles so far are very creative, and it's not hard either, so I don't feel complete stupid.

The fighting is the same, but hey, thats a good thing. I'm playing on Normal right now and it gives a little challenge(not too much for me though), And the boss's are fantastic


Platform elements has just really stepped up in God of War.. whethere it's jumping from falling cliffs, riding some Pegasus, or just a simple action sequence that really bends your mind, it's simply amazing


so far, I'm about half-way through and I'm loving it 

Tournament Union news(prizes!)/stuff

ok, did you know that I had a Union thats in development? WELL NOW YOU DO! feel free to sign up and join Tournament Union

we have a really cool idea going up about prizes, so be sure to be included

uhh.. lets see whats been going on recently... I'm fiddling around with stuff with the podcast(expect to see that soon), new podcast next week(I'm planning)...

got the all-of-the-sudden popular Gamebrink, prepare to see loads more vids...


Resaw The Departed, deserved everything it got. Saw Reno 911: Miami, felt like dying...

thats about it...

Sony to take control in just a week?

ok, ok... although I do not claim myself as a complete sony "fanboy"(I hate that word), I must admit that these set of news in completely and totally awesome to hear as a PS3 owner.

ok, first order of business, Firmware update:

More refined PS Store frontend- thank God
Playstation Network integrity enhanced - we'll talk more on this later
Wallpapers from pictures- should've been on their from the get-go
Ability to change background colours- ""
Connect Store for music and movies added to the PS Store. Hundreds of
trailers/full films/song videos and mps3's available for download.- already had a blog about it and hopefully it's true
Playstation Card option in PS Store enabled.- cool
Playstation Lifeforbidden
of Emotion Engine chips in PS3's in NA and Japan to follow in April.
Reason for this is to reduce costs and focus on enhanced opportunities
via software. Benefits include the ability to upscale selected
PSone/PS2 games to 1080i/720p.- PSONE GAME IN FULL HD!

ok, now, Sony patches things up with Immersion, thus enabling rumble technology in "Sony products", many people note that it's not been official with PS3, but what are they gonna build, rumble in TV's? awesome news, and I have no prob with paying for a new rumble controller(need another one anyway)

Playstation Home, what is this? well, many people are saying it's kinda like Animal Crossing, you have your own "Virtual Avatar"(cough, Mii), and he can have a "virtual apartment", and have "virtual trophies" he's earned from games, and it has some kind of Myspace vibe going on with it too.... sounds completely awesome...

lets see, what else... oh yeah, PSN updates coming next week :) (lets hope they add more servers for all this junk)
Tekken 6 trailer - already seen it
Lair demo & trailer - AWESOME!
Rainbow Six Vegas demo- AWESOME!
EA: Skate trailer - cool, good to see competition in skating games
Battlefield Bad Company trailer - cool
Warhawk demo - YES!
Virtua Fighter 5 demo - already have game, but cool
Virtua Tennis 3 demo & trailer - YES@!
GRAW 2: trailer- no demo, but cool
Mortal Kombat 2 game-YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Killzone trailer-Is it true?


so yeah, good day for PS3

one last thing, if you dont think that going into your friends room, and listening to their music, or walking to a movie theatre with a friend and watching a new DVD release or something like that doesn't sound like a good thing, then you are retarded

~ I think I'm catching the flOw.

~ Life Could be Simple

by now, most of ya'll have no clue what I'm saying, well, it's the theme or Moral behind the latest PSN game, flOw. The game is beutiful, imaginitive, unique, sounds awesome, and does the inevitable, makes good use of Sixaxis. Sure, most reviewers are saying that it takes 2 hoursish to beat, but I don't really care, because this game is turning into an easy "pick up and don't put down" game(like that? I thought of it myself just 2 minutes ago.)

SPEAKING OF PS3!... I just got VF5, and 8.1? no no no no no, BAD GAMESPOT! This could be(gets ready shield) the best game since Street Fighter II. The fighting is so in depth and the graphics and presentation is solid, that it's just amazing how much you can "dig into" while playing the game. So far, I'm learning the arts and crafts of Lucha-Dor wrestler, El Blaze(thats The Blaze, in english). Maybe a video feature on VF soon? only time will tell.

lets see... oh yeah, I'm totally leaving tommorow. Don't worry, I'll be back before the Oscars to complain about that.. I'm going on a 3 day skiing trip with the Ol' Church... awesome

...for everyone with a PS3, buy flOw, you won't regret it.

Is Paperboy really worth $5 these days?

classics to their system from NES, SNES, N64, and even other systems, it's definantly an awesome idea.

so, my point is... why did they screw up so bad with the pricing of the games?

XBLA started the trend with bringing 20+ year old arcade games to the system for a unfair price of $5. Sure, Root Beer Tapper is a fun game, but who's gonna play it longer than maybe 2 days? Q*Bert was great back in the day,but cmon.

You can make the excuse of "Well, they have HD graphics and MUTHAFLIPPIN LEADERBOARDS!", but there is not excuse that these games are worth more than 3 dollars a pop. If you want people to establish a collection of Arcade games, then it can noticeably cut into your budget if you keep on paying $5 for Frogger sequels.

And c'mon Nintendo.. CMON NINTENDO!... what in the hell was they thinking? 5 dollars for an NES game, 8 for a SNES game? plus, with no "updates" theres nothing to differentiate these ports to ROMS and Emulators that you can get for free on the internet. And with PSN setting their PSOne games at a simple $6, the N64 prices for Nintendo's Store looks insane.

The only arcade games that should cost $5 or more is if they actually added online modes, or something to that nature(maybe a Street Fighter II game with more characters... naw)

Level 26/God of War II.

hooray, I'm level 26, Cyber-Lip(don't know the reference)

If you haven't already, go to God of War II's gamepage and watch the Pegesas video, and watch Kratos hop from one to another, cut both of the bastards wings off, snap it's neck, and hurl it to the Earth below. Overkill? maybe... but damnit, this game looks better and more entertaining than ANY of the "next-gen" games(yes, that includes Gears)

Gamespot is finally "Actively Pursuing" a tournament in Resistance, about time...

gotta go right now, Duke is whoopin' up on UNC

My Official Grammy Picks and Overview

ok, lets get this party started!

Album of The Year -
Ok, with a pretty great year in music, I think that they totally blew it with such a despicable list of nominees(I think that about a lot of the lists). If I had my say, only 2/5 albums would be understandable as albums of the year(Justin Timberlake? stop sucking his balls, Acadamy) I think that there is plenty of CD's that should be in the running, Lupe Fiasco is of coarse one, and maybe Ghostface could be considered. And with all of the critical acclaim that the guys have received(even though I'm not that big of a fan), this year should have been TV On The Radio's year(their not even nominated for anything!).
Who should win - John Mayer "Continuum"
Who would win if I had a say - TV On The Radio "Return to Cookie Mountain"

Record of the Year -
Whats the difference between Record of the Year and Song of the Year?.. anyway, another subpar nomination list, and whats up with the James Blunt love? everyone and their mothers hate that song with a passion... anyway..
Who should win  - Gnarles Barkly "Crazy"
Who would win if I had a say - Gnarles Barkly "Crazy"

Song of the Year -
you know something funny? none of the songs on the nom list are any good, Jesus Take The Wheel? Jesus should just take the mic away from Carrie Underwood(RIMSHOT!)
Should Win - Mary J. Blige "Be Without You"
Would win if I had a say - John Mayer "Waiting on the World"

Best new artist -
many new guys came onto the scene this year.... and none of the good ones are highlighted in the noms..... sigh
Should Win - Imogen Heap, I guess
Would win if I had a say - Lupe Fiasco

Best Pop album -
I wanna get this off my chest now, WHY IS JOHN MAYER NOMINATED FOR TWO GENRE AWARDS FOR PRACTICALLY THE SAME ALBUM! GET IT RIGHT!... now... pretty decent list for a genre I couldn't care less about. I guess Lilly Allen's CD was too late to be nominated(I'm really digging most of the CD that I've heard for a Pop soundtrack), anyway, here are my predictions
Should Win - Christina Agulara "Back to Basics"
Would win if I had a say - Lilly Allen

Best Rap Album -
what a crappy list of nom's... T.I. was decent at best, Ludacris was awful, Pharell was TERRIBLE. If I had a say, then Ghostface Killah would be in there, and Clipse would be in there
Should Win - Lupe Fiasco "Food and Liquor"
Would win if I had a say - Lupe Fiasco "Food and Liquor"

Best Rock Album -
once again, John Mayer is nominated, I digged 2 songs from Tom Petty's Highway Companion, Neil Young can blow me, Chilli Peppers need to retire(past their prime long ago), and Recounters are great. If I had a say, Wolfmother and TV on the Radio should be up their, and maybe The Sword.
Should Win - Reconteurs "Broken Boy Soldiers"
Would win if I had a say - Wolfmother "Wolfmother"

Best Alternative -
I don't know who Tom Yorke is, but the rest of the list actually has it down pretty right(surprise)
Should Win - Gnarles Barkly "St. Elsewhere"
Would win if I had a say - "St. Elswhere"

Best R&B -
I don't know.... Ne-Yo?

yeah... thats all I care to write now, over all, The Grammy nominees are garbage, and plenty of artists/bands got screwed out of what they deserve, and with no other real award show coming around soon, Bands will have to rely on Music Magazines/Websites to spread the truth on whats good and whats not good

Podcast Episode 3 is here!(info, news, feedback)

you can download/subscribe Here

I want as much feedback as I can! If you have suggestions, post here, if you have any opinions on our reviews(we'll try to get better :) ), post here, if you have your own Top 5, post here, I will try to read as much feedback on the next show(monthly) as possible

(note: the first segment is in stereo, meaning it sounds really f'ed up in your headphones, but thats the only part it sounds weird, and also Ish and Ryan break up everyonce in a while, that problem will be fixed by next episode)

I plan to have these shows monthly, maybe 2 times a month if its busy(Ex. March will be busy)