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BLACK = The coolest looking game of all time..

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I just read the new preview to black... interactive cutscenes.. "heavy interrogations".. I'm having wet dreams just thinking about it...

definantly gonna preorder this game... I wonder if I could get something for preorder(besides the BFG....which will be leaked on the internet the first day of the release)

Psychonauts reviewed

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please go and read my review for Psychonauts.. and tell me if you found it helpful :)


.....meh... I HATE waiting for Christmas..

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Christmas is 9 days away... NINE DAYS!!1!!one!!!11!!

I'm waiting for my new load of games to conquer... Shadow of The Collosus, SSX On Tour, Soul Calibur III and yes.... The Game I'm MOST waiting for.. Psychonauts.....

It's so bad that I'm now playing SSX Tricky and Soul Calibur II and the demo to SOTC....

....*looks at clock*....AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

I'm making a new union..wanna be a Charter Member??

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I'm making a new union(with flair!) and I need charter members.. the union will be the Greatest Games union.. we will discuss Gamespots Greatest games and make our own greatest games monthly(voted by people in the boards)

if ya wanna join.. make a comment

I touched the 360....amaaaaaaaaazing..

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ok.. I went to the mall today, and there it was @ EB... an Xbox 360, with PGR 3 loaded up and ready to go.. no lines... nobody gathered around... just me and my friend... O Joy!!

the graphics are really damn impressive(it was on an HDTV) you can see "HD" gameplay movies on the internet... but you have to see it on an actuall HDTV to actually appretiate it...

the controller is a little sucky though IMO... I guess I might have to get use to it...

now I wonder if anyone @ school has it that I don't know about...

Weatherman Movie Review

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the second best movie poster this year(40 year old virgin is 1)

Weather Man is advertised wrongly, on the commercial, it's cheerful, and upbeat.. but the movie is very adult and very slow paced... but somehow it's one hell of a movie

The Comedy is not the best part of the movie.. but its certainly there. There are some parts of the movie that you will probably be saying for many months to come(cameltoe, tartersauce... I am Refreshing*cheesy smile*) plus, Nicolas Cage has the perfect weather man smile that makes you hate them

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The acting is the real highlight of the movie.. this could be Nicolas Cage's best movie in a LONG time.. and Michael Caine does a perfect job in the movie. The rest of the cast doesn't do a remarkable job.. but they are rememerable(especially Cameltoe/er the daughter)

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The movie is really surprisingly adult.. it has little girls straight up smokin, and child abuse(featuring a very creepy guy).. the movie is great in so many ways, it won't be one of those movies you HAVE to get on DVD, because it's so freaking slow, and after 3 times of watching it, you'll probably never want to watch it again.. It might get nominated for a couple of oscars.. but it will probably not get the recognition it probably deserves box office wise.. which is ok, because after hiring the cast, cameras, cars, and houses.. this movie probably costed about 5 bucks and 25 cents(Cup of Coffee, can of soda, Milkshake, Big Gulp, and a quarter to open the newspaper bin)

Overall, I recommend you atleast see this movie in theatres or rent it when you can :)

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I am Refreshing..

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"People don't throw stuff at me anymore, thats because I carry a bow & arrow now"

SEE THE TRAILER(Have to see Nicolas Cage sell to the chicken nuggets... priceless)