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Reserved and Now Playing...

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After months of being M.I.A, I finally decided to write a blog. It doesn't matter what has been depriving me from gaming or bloging, long as I'm back saying something, and showing that I am breathing.

My Now Playing

BioShock (Xbox360)

BioShock for the 360 is what I'm playing at the moment. I have other titles in my collection that I barely touched, but I've decided to start with this one. So far it's really fun and was worth the $8.99 that I spent on it used. I plan on buying plenty of used titles in the future after I finish what I have now.

Some other titles that i purchased that I failed to mention in other blogs are...

Dead Space (Xbox360) Assassins Creed (Xbox360) Grand Theft Auto lV:The Complete Edition (Xbox360) Borderlands (Xbox360)

Just to name a few. So now as you can see I have a few titles that will give me plenty of hours of gameplay before my most anticipated game comes out!

My Most Anticipated game of 2011

Rage (Xbox360)

I pre-ordered Rage in late May, which I believe is well worth the reserve. Out of all the times I went to GameStop and the cashier's always try and push me to pre-order something but I've always refused to. Good thing we have GameSpot right? I've been following Rage since it's debut in last years E3. (I think that was it's debut)

They have yet to disappoint me. So far, the graphics are amazing, well of course even better with the engine they are using, and the arsenal of weapons also looks cool. So anyway, I'm gonna continue to follow Rage and finish paying for it before Oct. 4 gets here.

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog, until next time.