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Games enjoyed in 2009

I was wondering what games have you enjoyed this year? I've had quite a busy year, but there was still time to do some gaming.

The games need not have been released this year, and as you can see, most of the games I've played have been released for quite some time now.

X-COM: UFO Defense

The Elder Scrolls: Chapter II: Daggerfall

System Shock 2

The Longest Journey

Dragon Age: Origins

I'm also looking forward to Assassin's Creed 2 on the PC, which will be released next year.

So, share your games. I haven't updated this blog in nearly 2 years, hah, but I still come on gamespot weekly.

A look back at 2007, and glancing at the near future, 2008.

Hey, long time since I've made a blog.

I was thinking about the gaming year of 2007, and thought that although lots of games were released, very few of them I was actually interested in, Mainly STALKER which I played a lot. And played just a bit of Crysis, but I'll be able to comment on Crysis next week when I buy the game. COD 4 was nice, but I got pretty bored of the single player campaign, and I myself am not interested in online gaming, so the multiplayer didn't really appeal to me. And Bioshock, well, I got tired of it pretty fast, story was great, but the gameplay was very average, the combat wore down quite fast for me!

Anyway, how was the year 2007 in terms of gaming for you? I'd really like to hear your opinions.

Also, which are the games to look out for in 2008? I read a blog of one of my friends and thought it was pretty good, but I'd like to hear more opinions.

Thanks :)

The Gaming Industry?

Does anyone think that the Gaming Industry is declining, and I don't mean in terms of the number of games being produced, but the quality of games. This year, the only two games that I really enjoyed so far were The Witcher, and STALKER. Bioshock was OK, don't really see what all that fuss was about.

Meh, so, what qualities do you want to see in future games? What qualites should game producers focus on mostly? Graphics, Gameplay, Story etc

In my opinion, Gameplay should be really focused upon.