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I agree that games are getting more difficult and more complicated. Personally, I have a tendency to overthink, over-analyze, and over-complicate things. I know I have been stuck in a game, getting frustrated. Once I get help or figure it out, I am often amazed how simple the solution was. That usually leads to a couple minutes of cussin myself out for missing the obvious lol. Especially if I had to ask for help on a msg board, I'm sure a 12 yr-old answered my question, but thought 'How did they get stuck there?'
Most of us probably started gaming on an Atari or NES (anyone else miss the ONE button controller on Atari??) I think the progression of games is against us. Meaning, most kids now started with the later systems, which are more complicated (more buttons, longer games, etc). Their learning curve is shorter, it's like they had a headstart for these more complicated next-gen consoles. Like a previous poster said, we get there, it just takes us a little longer :) 
I hope this makes sense, its 4am and I am not sure what I am thinking is actually what I am saying, y'know? lol
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I plan to pick up a Revolution, but probably not right when its released. The controller is definately a selling point, plus the backwards compatibility. Nintendo has always been my favorite as far as consoles and exclusives. I might pick up an Xbox 360, but probably after it has been out for awhile. There arent many Xbox exclusive titles I am interested in, what is probably going to determine if I get one is the online play. The PS3 is last on my list. I havent heard all that much about it, and there aren't many games that are PS exclusives that interest me. Most of the games I get are Nintendo only, or multi-console. I have all 3 consoles now, and knowing the way I am and my 'gotta have it' mentality sometimes, I will probably end up with all 3 again. :) Its definately going to be interesting to see what happens over the next year once all 3 are out.