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its been a long time..

Damn its a long time since i posted something, but i guess there might be something i wanted to post afterall as i am bored(lol). Talking about games, the last thing i bought was resident evil 5 from the stores. Not much game for the new year but i hope that more games will be introduce to keep my virtual world alive,haha. Looking back, there were much games that was the best like resident evil or even final fantasy series where i dont even have money to buy each one but somehow i got the cash to get it lol. Those were the days where i truely enjoyed myself. Games these days doesnt attract me somehow because they are like souless 'thing' that lack creativity.( sorry for those whom i offended >

Happy 2009!!!

Happy 2009!!! Definitely wishing for more better games this year as as i feel that there are not too many nice game in 2008 :( (i am sure many people do not agree with me lol) well still looking forward to this year :)