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Okay, before you shit on me, at least hear me out. I loved dark souls 1, but one of the good things I did not have at the time of playing Dark Souls 1 was internet. No tramp stamps on the floor, no real help but also no invasions and no use for covenants. Afterwards I got my online back on but said I will just wait until Dark Souls 2 before I play it again.

So I received Dark Souls 2; two days before official release. The game was slightly challenging but I cleared most of the game. The game officially comes out, I create a new character and of course leveling is easy since I know most of the content. My first issue is the endless amount of team support from the other 2 people to do basically anything. The second issue is even if you die, you can go do a team event and almost instantly get back to human form as it increases your decayed health and also, making each boss fight simple. The third issue is farming souls, I can sit in front of a boss fight, drop the soap (Yeah yeah, save your jokes) and smash this boss that I already beat fifty times and get a ton of souls so I can carry my 30 strength weapon.

I then joined the the blue sentinels, which so far has been a bore. I have protected one person my entire 19 hours of play on my new online character (And yes the ring is equipped.) I then try using the item to punish invaded; it worked once out of 100 attempts (yes I tried in the areas that are equal to my level.) The issue is, when I finally got through (like most people), the guy I am invading is roaming with 2 other people. So what is the point of judging the invader after he probably killed someone 1v1, and I have to fight a 1v3 to avenge him.

I feel like playing offline mode is a lot more challenging and the people that play it online is really being robbed of what a challenging game is. When you can start a boss fight and sit in a corner while higher level or more experienced players smash the boss to pieces; than it robs the point of the challenge. I am going back to offline Dark Souls because the online play in Dark Souls makes the game very simple, and for those who say (Wait until you get invaded) Thx for raiding my world that I will trick you into the minions that will help me kick your ass; since I know where all of them are. I enjoy the game, it is very fun; I am just missing the fun of online hype. I feel the true dark souls should be played offline away from all the co-op and hints.

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I played this on both systems, but is it me or does it play and look worse on the PC? Everything maxed out, and if I turn Vsync off I see screen tearing because I get like 200 frames, but when I turn VSYNC on my frames get hop around from 35-54 for whatever reason.

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You win!
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I have an 8 core FX 8350 4.6ghz, GTX 770, 8GB of ram and Win 7. I guess I don't need meet the recommend requirements because of my OS. lol

It's recommending windows 8 because of the cpu optimization - http://www.bf4blog.com/battlefield-4-on-windows-8-will-have-better-cpu-optimization/
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I been ready!
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I'm tired of all websites and blogs putting up articles with something stupid or negative about Xbox, and the post next to it is something positive about PS3. Tired of hearing about power comparisons etc, I don't think I will be getting an Xbox or PS3, I love my PC, but so much negative shit about one console (No pun intended) I just wish people would be excited for both and sit back, relax and enjoy DEM GAIMZ!
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It is not a bunch of crap, watch the recent videos to better understand the Xbox One.

(Playlist includes lots of swearing, don't whip me admins)

Ah yes, so a PS4 Fanboy made a playlist, must be real!
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