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So if she had died then it would have been better? Whatever way they had chosen there can't be a completely perfect ending.. And even if the ending had been as bad as you say it is, it shouldn't lower the whole game to an 8 instead of a 9+

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I know what i don't want to see... More console exclusives.Icepick_Trotter


Please stick to PC then, because honestly; Exclusives is a great concept for both consumers and companies. Why? Because such games are usually much more optimized than multi-platform games. (Also oftenly better) without them there would be less competition between the console-manufacturers since there would be less of a reason to have more than one of them. Also, from a collector's POV, it's simply the way to go. The more exclusive games the better! Quality over quantity, there could still be loads of beautiful and interesting titles coming out for the current generation of consoles hadn't it been that they are mostly multi-platform, Basically dumbed down versions of current games... Take the Uncharted series and the coming Last Of Us, they look great and also play great! But if they had been a Pc game translated to ps3 and xbox 360.. Then it would have been half-arsed at best of a version.

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Or maybe you could stop being so cheap and buy a ps3 too. This is not your choice to make, they work with Sony and not Microsoft so deal with it. Hardly unfair, has nothing to do with specs.


Enough with console exclusive games! Its so late in the life of these consoles that it feels unfair at this point to just release a game for the PS3 or xbox360. Share the wealth! im a huge fan of zombie games and this game honestly looks like it could be on the 360 no problemo! rza_beats