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The "third level" of gaming.

Originally games were meant to waste time on. You know. Try your best to beat your friends highest score in the latest Atari game.

Then came along that either histrorically or currently integrated our societies doings into the game play. Examples would be: Age of Empires (playing historically correct battles) or even the Call of Duty series (which uses both history and current events).

The question arises. Are developers/manufacturers or even the gamers ready for the third level? The third level meaning games that will include societies theology, ideology, or religious views into game play. Bioshock is the fist step into that level of gaming. Those kind of games will truely reveal the potential of a gamer. Maybe they will stop calling video games "video games" anymore. Maybe one day it will turn out to be some revolutionary device that will allow the society on the indivisual level to learn about themselves and their importance in the sorrounding community.

All I am wondering is: Has gaming arrived to the doorstep to some new and phantasmagorical world to which there is no end?

Recommending reviews.

I have written several reviews on this website, however no one seems to recommend my games. I try to write a review with my opinion while still trying to keep the review's appreance unbiased.

I enjoy writing reviews. Should I start writing to please the mob or to give my opinion about the game to the general public?